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Laredo Competitors

Two places that are similar to Laredo, Texas, are Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Perhaps the most attractive and significant similarity between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Laredo is the fact that Santa Fe is recognized as an epicenter in its state for its history and architecture.
  • Among Santa Fe's many notable sightseeing opportunities are Ohkay Owingeh, one of 19 federally recognized pueblos, the Spanish Colonial-era compound of Georgia O'Keeffe, and the Manhattan Project's three primary testing sites.
  • Also, Santa Fe is known as the "birders paradise" of New Mexico, with more than 200 species recorded in the city's National Audubon Society, compared with Loredo's reputation as one of the best birding destinations in Texas, with over 240 species on record.
  • Moreover, as the capital of New Mexico and the state's fourth-largest city, it offers a wide variety of amenities for travelers, including a myriad of museums, shopping opportunities, and even golf courses.
  • Considering these similarities with Laredo, as well as its close proximity to the state of Texas, Santa Fe was determined to be a similar place to visit that might attract an analogous group of visitors.

Guthrie, Oklahoma

  • Although it is a bit smaller in size than Laredo or Santa Fe, Guthrie, Oklahoma, was also identified as a place similar to Laredo, given its standing as the largest Historic Preservation District in the US.
  • In addition to the over 2,000 buildings in its historic district, Guthrie also benefits from a special atmosphere as Oklahoma's Territorial Capital.
  • Just as Laredo has a unique and complex history and is the only city in Texas that to fly seven flags, so too is Guthrie, "one of the most unique towns" in all of Oklahoma, with original buildings that have stood for more than a century and a reputation as the "most haunted" city in its state.
  • The culture and arts of this city include "one-of-a-kind" restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and local businesses.
  • Additionally, despite its somewhat smaller footprint, Guthrie offers tourists the same amenities as larger cities such as Santa Fe and Laredo, including "many museums," local shopping venues, and even golf courses.
  • One again, noting the fact that Guthrie offers very similar attractions to Laredo and is located close to Texas, Guthrie was also selected as a similar tourist destination that could attract the same potential group of visitors.

Research Strategy

For the purpose of this analysis, two cities similar to Laredo but outside of Texas were first defined as those cities and towns within states that are adjacent to Texas. The reason for this is that proximity and climate are both key limiting factors in terms of visiting a location and may impact the attractiveness and feasibility of visiting a place for groups such as the elderly or mid-to-low income travelers.

Once the potential list of places was narrowed to cities and towns in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, a more refined search was conducted for locations in these states with unique architecture and historic sites. We determined this to be the second essential factor for any location to be considered similar to Laredo, given that the architecture and historic sites of the city represent one of its most significant differentiating factors.

Finally, within this subset of remaining places, further research was conducted to confirm that any identified location would offer amenities that were commensurate with Laredo, such as shopping, museums, or golf. Based on this thorough analysis, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Guthrie, Oklahoma, were determined to be two places that are similar to Laredo and might attract a similar cohort of visitors.
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Laredo Competitor - 1

Santa Fe's potential visitors include the young, middle-aged, and the old. The city uses social media platforms and online TV for marketing its potential visitors.

Overview of Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Santa Fe is the USA's highest capital, situated in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains at 7,000 feet altitude. The city was founded between 1607 and 1610 and is the USA's second-oldest city.
  • Santa Fe is New Mexico's fourth largest city, offering a wide variety of amenities for visitors, including museums, shopping complexes/centers, and outdoor adventure sites, among other attractions.
  • In 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico, was recognized by the National Geographic through the World Legacy Award for Sense of Place Award, recognizing commitment to preservation efforts, which have allowed Santa Fe to retain its historical nature for today's visitors.

Visitor Perceptions

  • In general, Santa Fe is perceived by visitors as a 'unique city' of diverse attractions.
  • In one travel report that reviewed the city, a visitor said that "no other place in the world offers such a concentration of Native American arts, culture, and Southwestern history."
  • On Trip Advisor, several visitors have reviewed Santa Fe, many of them highlighting its restaurants, which offer diverse cuisines. For instance, Clafoutis has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence (2016-2019) for consistently earning reviews from visitors.
  • On social media, specifically Facebook, visitors who have reviewed the city have positive things to say about the city. One visitor who posted a review on 16th December 2019 said, "Brought my mom to Santa Fe for the first time (for her, for me it's my 4th time here)! Glad to say she loved it! My mom loved her carne asada from Cafe Pasquales! Everything we ate was delicious! We will visit again!".
  • Another visitor, while describing Santa Fe, posted, "A snazzy town, sophisticated people, superb restaurants. You will love it.".

Potential Visitors

  • According to Randy Randall, the Executive Director of Tourism Santa Fe, potential visitors to the city and those that are looking for unique experiences.
  • He adds that the visitors want to learn, participate, and partake in the various experiences in the city. In a message, Randall specifically said that "Our visitor wants a participatory experience, and every business that relies on tourism must ensure that some sort of unforgettable experience is a part of their offer."
  • Santa Fe's potential visitors are people of diverse ages from the young, middle ages, and the old. In the Tourism Santa Fe's page (specifically museums section), it is noted that "...whether you are 7, 17 or 70 years old, get inspired by the rich blend of history, arts and cultural heritage....".
  • According to the latest visitor survey conducted in 2015 and highlighted in the city's tourism website, potential visitors are of an older demographic.
  • The report highlights that Santa Fe is welcome and would love to introduce younger visitors to Santa Fe as an essential strategy for maintaining levels of visitation and growth.

Special Attractions

  • According to PlanetWire, some top-rated attractions in Santa Fe include the Canyon Road, Santa Fe Opera House, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture — Laboratory of Anthropology, Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Liquid Light Glass, Museum of New Mexico Complex, Plaza, El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, and Museum of International Folk Art.
  • Parks and Recreations: Genoveva Chavez Community Center is Santa Fe's largest recreational facility. It offers classes in Yoga, cycling, Pilates, and more.
  • The city also has 50 scenic parks, neighborhood rose parks and athletic parks. Specific parks and recreation centers include Camp Stoney, Cathedral Park, and Alto Park, among others.
  • Museums: The El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian, El Rancho De Las Golondrinas, Poeh Cultural Center, Santa Fe Children's Museum, and Museum Of Indian Arts & Culture are some of Santa Fe's most recognized museums rich in history, arts, and cultural heritage.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Santa Fe has a high altitude, 320 days of sunshine, and experiences all the four seasons, making it an ideal attractive as a destination for outdoor activities. It also sits 7,000 feet above sea level in the southernmost Rocky Mountains.
  • Some outdoor activities to do in Santa Fe include hiking, skiing, golf, road trips, biking, guided outdoor tours, road trips, google treks, and river rafting, among others.
  • In terms of dining, Santa Fe has earned itself a place in the world's culinary map, with diverse cuisines such as French, Italian, Asian, Indian, or Middle Eastern available.
  • Some notable restaurants in the city include Geronimo, Amaya Restaurant, Café Southside, and Clafoutis, among others.
  • Luxury hotels in the city that attract visitors to the town include the La Fonda on the Plaza, Inn of the Five Graces, and Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza.

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Laredo Competitor - 2

The City of Guthrie in Oklahoma, known for its large historic district, has been described by visitors as a beautiful and unique place with plenty of history. It is likely to attract people who enjoy visiting museums, seeing stunning architecture, and learning about history. It promotes tourism through its tourism website, social media accounts, and promotional music video.

Visitor Perceptions

  • Although there is no overall rating of Guthrie as a tourist destination, several reviews suggest that Guthrie has left a very good impression on visitors.
  • Visitors Jorene Carpenter, Dora Marie, and Patricia Taylor, for example, all sang praises on Facebook for the city and the city’s people. In their reviews, Guthrie was described as gorgeous, well-groomed, unique, and very cute, while its people were described as delightful, friendly and very nice.
  • Visitor Rowago noted on TripAdvisor that they enjoyed their recent stay in Guthrie and that Guthrie has “plenty of history.”
  • TripAdvisor shows that eight of the top ten attractions in Guthrie have a rating of at least 4.5 out of 5. This suggests that the overall perception of Guthrie as a tourist destination is positive.

Potential Visitors

  • Though Guthrie says it “blends old and new and has something for everyone,” its potential visitors are most likely people who enjoy taking a historical or arts and culture tour, seeing gorgeous architecture, visiting museums, and learning about history.
  • History is Guthrie’s selling point, so anyone who is interested in history is a potential visitor. Guthrie is unique in that it distinguishes itself as “home to many of Oklahoma’s most important milestones.”
  • People who wish to experience a slower pace of life will likely be attracted to Guthrie. According to Andrea Post, the tourism director of Guthrie who says the pace of life in the city is relatively slower compared to other cities, visiting Guthrie is like “stepping back in time but being able to enjoy modern amenities.” Also, according to Leroy Alsup, city manager of Guthrie, visiting Guthrie is like “walking back into early Oklahoma history.”
  • Guthrie's promotional music video, "Come home to Guthrie, America!," suggests that the city is urging people from all parts of the country to visit or return to Guthrie.

Special Attractions

  • Guthrie’s special attractions are the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library, the Guthrie Scottish Rite, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum, the Pollard Theatre, the Honor Park, the National Lighter Museum, the Stone Lion Inn Murder Mysteries and Dinner, Byron’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop and Music Hall, Guthrie Ghost Walk, and Tipsy Artist. These are the city’s top attractions, according to TripAdvisor.
  • Guthrie’s downtown area houses the country’s biggest Historic Preservation District. Visitors to this area are treated to the district’s fascinating history, ghost stories, unique stores, and Victorian-era structures. The city is home to several museums, the most prominent of which is the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library.
  • The Beacon Drive In Theatre, the Guthrie Ghost Walk, the Red Brick Nights, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum, the Polland Theatre, the Granny Had One Catering & Farmers Market, the Oklahoma Territorial Museum, the Apothecary Garden, the State Capitol Publishing Museum, and the Tipsy Artist are all included in Yelp’s list of the “best things to do in Guthrie.”

Online/Digital Marketing Tactics

  • The City of Guthrie has a Convention and Visitor Board and a Tourism Department that both help in promoting tourism in the city.
  • The Convention and Visitor Board oversees the Guthrie Convention and Visitor Bureau, whose responsibilities include the attraction of visitors to the city and the promotion of the city as “a meeting place and overnight visitor destination.” It appears the bureau may have the assistance of a contract service provider in activities such as the development of promotional and advertising programs and the solicitation of visitors and events.
  • The Tourism Department exists solely to promote the city as a destination for tourists. It has a website,, that serves as the department’s primary online marketing tool.
  • The department uses this website to inform actual and potential visitors of the things they could do in the city and the places where they could shop, eat, or stay. It uses this website as well to write about events. The website has a calendar that people can consult for ongoing or upcoming events.
  • The website is divided into the following sections: Home, Shop, Play, Eat, Stay, Calendar, About, and Blog. It contains links to the city’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts, and a link to the Tourism Department’s podcast Hit The Bricks, where Chris Evans and Justin Fortney discuss “everything interesting about Guthrie, OK.”
  • Though the city does not use its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts exclusively for promoting tourism, it has, in numerous instances, used these accounts to post about events, attractions, and the Hit The Bricks podcasts, and to invite people to attend these events, see these attractions, and catch these podcasts.
  • The city has 7,809 followers on Facebook, 1,372 followers on Twitter, 308 subscribers on YouTube, and 2,740 followers on Instagram. It does not appear to be running any ads on social media channels.
  • There was news in October 2018 that the City of Guthrie had collaborated with Oklahoma singer and songwriter Maggie McClure to produce the promotional music video “Come home to Guthrie, America!” The music video, which features both the City of Guthrie and McClure’s song “Coming Home,” was uploaded by the city on its YouTube channel on November 14, 2018.
  • Guthrie is featured as well on Travel OK, Oklahoma’s tourism website. Guthrie’s page on the website shows that the city has 24 listings in the Dining category, 22 listings in the Attractions category, 16 listings in the Lodging category, 12 listings in the Festivals & Events category, 10 listings in the Shopping category, 6 listings in the Arts & Culture category, 3 listings in the Campgrounds category, 3 listings in the Nature & Outdoors category, 2 listings in the Nightlife category, 2 listings in the Golf category, and 2 listings in the Industry Contacts category.
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San Antonio

Visitors' perceptions of San Antonio are typically positive. The city attracts families and friends with kids and teenagers of all ages, couples, holiday travelers, history buffs, lovers of art & culture and various indoor/outdoor sports and games, shoppers, spa-goers, and adventure-seekers.

Visitor Perceptions

  • According to the US News & World Report travel rankings, which are based on analysis of the opinions of experts and users, San Antonio is the second-best place to visit in Texas, ninth in the ranking of the best cheap vacations in the US, twelfth in both rankings of the best cheap honeymoons and best cheap vacations in the US, and the twenty-first best family vacations in the US.
  • Dozens of places, events, and activities in San Antonio have received highly positive reviews and ratings from users on TripAdvisor.
  • Based on comments on photos of attractions in the city, as posted by Visit San Antonio, the organization responsible for the sales and marketing of the city, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, visitors have a great perception of the city. Comments like "This is a must!!!," and "San Antonio is amazing; the River Walk OMG" typify the Facebook comments.

Potential Visitors

  • The city's rich history and booming modern attractions draw adventurers, families and friends, couples, holiday travelers, and history buffs.
  • Families visit San Antonio to relax and have fun with their kids, including teenagers.
  • The city's holiday events during Christmas and other holiday seasons make it attractive to holiday travelers.
  • The city's mariachi serenades, River Walk strolls, and horse-drawn carriage rides make it one of the most romantic cities in the US, making it a destination for couples.
  • San Antonio's historical sites such as the UNESCO World Heritage Missions, museums, and historic neighborhoods attract history enthusiasts to the city.
  • San Antonio is also a destination for lovers of art and culture because of its art galleries and cultural events.
  • Other potential visitors include lovers of various indoor/outdoor sports and games such as basketball, golf, rodeos, and indoor skydiving (iFly).
  • The city also attracts shoppers, people who like to unwind at spas, and adventure-seekers who participate in the tours.

Special Attractions

  • San Antonio has several unique attractions like the history-making Alamo and other UNESCO World Heritage Missions, and the Pearl, an old brewery complex, which is now "an eclectic entertainment, dining, residential, hotel, and retail destination" for thousands. There's also the River Walk, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio Zoo, SeaWorld San Antonio, cutting-edge museums like the Witte Museum (which houses dinosaur relics), as well as over 40 golf courses.
  • Adorned with historic neighborhoods, remarkable architecture, diverse culture, cuisine, active arts community, and welcoming people, San Antonio hosts several annual events such as the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival.
  • It is a buzzing music town with a "melodious history." Some of the best scenes to enjoy live tunes are JazzTX in the Pearl, the Cowboys Dancehall, and Sam's Burger Joint.

Online/Digital Marketing Tactics

  • Visit San Antonio, promotes the city via online and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, as well as via its website and sponsored articles.
  • Visit San Antonio posts photos of various attractions in the city via its social media accounts, which have thousands of followers. Its Facebook page has 533,426 likes and 525,264 followers. It has 66,689 Instagram followers, 65,485 Twitter followers, over 477,300 monthly viewers on Pinterest, and over 1,400 subscribers on YouTube.
  • On Twitter and, particularly, Instagram, Visit San Antonio attracts tourist using hashtags like #family #familytravels, #VisitSanAntonio, #livemusic, #museumselfie, #holidaymemories, #historybuff, #historicplaces, and #adventurehunt.
  • Visit San Antonio's user-friendly website is rich with information on things to do in the city, events, and how to plan a trip to the city. Website visitors can sign up for the organization's newsletter via email.
  • Its free San Antonio Visitor's Guide also has a digital version.
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Visitor perceptions of Corsicana TX are mainly positive and the city targets families, lovers, fans of art, architecture, and history.

Visitor Perceptions

  • Corsicana Texas has an overall B rating on from 41 reviews with an A+ for diversity. Its housing, nightlife, public schools, cost of living, safety are all rated B and above.

Target Visitors

  • Corsicana is a prime destination for all ages and interests. It is an ideal destination for families and those seeking romantic weekend getaways, and outdoor adventures.

Special Attractions

  • Several events in Corsicana serve as special attractions. They are the Corsicana air sho hosted by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), Derrick Days Annual festival, the Tour of Corsicana bike race, cotton harvest festival, freedom festivals, free complimentary mimosas every second Saturday, pumpkin patch, holiday tree lighting and the festival of light parade.

Online/Digital Marketing Tactics Within the Last Two Years

  • Corsicana has a fully functional and active Facebook page with 1,187 check-ins. The Facebook page features pictures from various events, major announcements and posts regarding various events with numbers to call for further details.
  • It also has an active twitter page with 116 followers. The tweets are regular and are mainly informative announcing meetings, agendas and job vacancies.


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