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Language Learning Solutions Research

Key players in the language solutions space providing human tutors and services for enterprises according to market reports are Learnlight, Fluent City, Fluentify, Lingoda and goFluent.


  • Founded in 2007, Learnlight is an EdTech using cutting-edge technology to optimize instructor-led training (ILT). The company uses a human-centric approach in its language training and approach to technology.
  • The learning platform offers face-to-face training, digital interactive self-study service, and virtual training services to enterprises.
  • Solutions provided include global language training, specialized language courses, professional soft skills training, intercultural training and competency assessment tools.
  • Some clients of the company are Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Hyundai, BAE Systems.
  • Pricing is available upon request and the company also offers a demo.


  • Founded in 2013, Lingoda is an on-demand online language learning platform based around live teachers and virtual classrooms. The company offers English, Business English, German, French, and Spanish language training.
  • The platform is used by some of the top companies in the world including Google, Adidas, Siemens, Publicis Groupe.
  • The platform costs $9.5 per class for a monthly subscription and $6.75 per class for marathon courses. Free trial is also available upon request.
  • Lingoda also a three-month flexible intensive 15 classes per month learning sprint billed at $216 per month for English, French and Spanish Sprint classes and $252 per month for German, Business English classes. The Super Sprint classes which is a three-month intensive learning class with 30 classes offered per month is billed at $372 per month for English, French and Spanish languages and $445 per month for German and Business English.


    • Founded in 2013, Fluentify is a cutting edge SME operating a state-of-the-art tutoring platform for teaching English, French, Spanish, German and professional Italian.
    • Fluentify provides its services to over 200 companies some of which includes Zambon, Diageo, Burger King, Colliers International.
    • Solutions provided are one-to-one lessons, academy (self-study course) and blended learning.
    • For individuals, Fluentify's Three Session Pack costs 36, 10 Session Pack costs 109, and 25 Session Pack costs 261. For corporates, pricing information is available upon request and a free trial is also available.


  • Founded in 2000, goFluent provides corporate language training programs on the most useful languages for business: English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • The platform provides learning tools like eLearning portal, eWriting, mobile learning, virtual Classes, live lessons, and group lessons.
  • goFluent serves customers in the automotive, energy, technology, apparel, aviation, food & beverage, healthcare, technology and banking/finance industries. Some of its clients are EY, BMW, Nissan, Valeo.
  • goFluent pricing is not public. Free trial is available and pricing is available upon request.

Fluent City

  • Founded in 2011, Fluent City is an innovative language training company that offers language training to individuals, groups, and companies. Fluent City offers a contemporary curriculum and highly immersive approach through in-person workshops, online resources, and corporate training, making it one of the fastest-growing language companies.
  • Fluent City provides a customized eLearning program using a conversation-based approach based on the customers' needs. Languages offered are Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Some of the company's clients include Bloomberg, Calvin Klein, AppNexus, Duff & Phelps.
  • Fluent City offers two main packages (monthly and prepaid) which are billed monthly.
    • The Monthly study plan is a subscription to online private lessons that are customized for learning goals and taught by a real instructor. The Starter pack cost $49 for one-hour of training per month, Basic pack costs $189 for four-hours of training per month, Plus pack costs $299 for eight hours of training per month and the Premium package costs $399 for 12 hours of training per month.
    • The Prepaid package allows for the purchase of 12, 48, 96, or 144 hours of private lessons at one time. The Starter pack cost $47/hour for 12 hour lessons, Basic pack costs $45/hour for 48 hours lessons, Plus pack costs $36/hour for 96 hours lessons and the Premium package costs $32/hour for 144 hours lessons.

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