Kids 4 Coding Company Analysis

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Kids 4 Coding Company Analysis

Kids 4 Coding is a tech startup funded by the co-founders, Denise Detamore & AnnMarie Laramee. More details about the company, including program costs, go to market strategies, competitive advantage, etc. are discussed below.


  • Kids 4 Coding was co-founded by friends, Denise Detamore & AnnMarie Laramee, in 2013. Although the company doesn't publicize its source of funds, Detamore and Laramee are the only known financial backers.

Program Cost

  • The startup offers two main programs, summer on-campus and virtual on-campus courses, to students aged 7-16. Their prices range from $329 for half-day and $599 for full-day programs.
  • As of July 6-Aug 21, 2020, half-day camp fees will stand at $359 and $579 for full-day.

Go To Market Strategy

  • The company markets its programs through Facebook and Twitter, and organizes summer-on-campus programs in Massachusetts and Georgia each year, which enables the sales team to meet their customer base face to face.
  • Kids 4 Coding places itself in the market as the provider of in-demand curriculum, teaching Java, Python, Roblox, Minecraft, Mobile App Development, Game Development AI, AR, and more.
  • They offer flexible timing options, which include full-day and half-day programs to attract more students, as per their schedule.
  • Kids 4 Coding also offers discounts, as much as 50%, for some of its virtual summer camps.

Competitive Advantages

  • Kids 4 Coding offers various virtual camps and courses in popular tech areas to students through affordable programs, "growing their computer and programming skills from any level of proficiency."
  • The company has established strategic partnerships with trailblazing organizations that help it set up "a curriculum approach and bring real-world technology scenarios to the classroom." The strategic partners include Prototype Prime, WIT, Computer Museum of America, Tech Alpharetta, and TAG-ED.
  • Kids 4 Coding has a clearly defined unique value proposition, giving it an edge over competitors. It claims to be the "Best Value STEM Program" and the only one "requiring site managers to be GA certified teachers to oversee all aspects of the day-to-day operations of supervising instruction & safety."


Program Benefits

  • Kids 4 Coding programs are designed to sharpen science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) skills and render a great sense of accomplishment among students.
  • Participants will also learn how to create computer games, animations, and interactive projects using 3D Game Development, Scratch, and Minecraft 3D.
  • Students will learn to code in Python, JavaScript, and Lua programming language.


Date: January 14, 2020

Date: May 1, 2019

Date: March 18, 2019

  • Publisher: Local Classified News
  • Overview: Kids 4 Coding announces an early bird discount of about $30 to students who apply for their coding classes early.

Date: Dec 11, 2018

Date: Jan 14, 2017

Research Strategy

The research team conducted additional research to identify any recent news articles available in the public domain about Kids 4 Coding. Our initial strategy was to determine if the company manages a newsroom page on the official website to update its clients, employees, and partners about the business activities. However, we found that Kids 4 Coding does not run such a page, but issues electronic newsletters to recipients via email. The team also researched news search engines like Newslookup and Google News, and found that there are no recent news articles about Kids 4 Coding, although it has been featured in two major ones, Entrepreneur Magazine and TechRepublic, in 2015 and 2014, respectively. Despite these limitations, we were able to obtain some recent news articles about the company from the free weekly community newspapers serving certain areas where it operates.