Web Video Production Companies

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Web video Production Companies

As per the research conducted, we have provided the requested data in rows 2 to 16 of the attached spreadsheet. The DVI Group, Sparkhouse, Citizen Group, Blend, and New Pace Production are some examples of smaller web video production companies that primarily create content for the web in the US.


  • The company has over 25 employees.
  • Piotr Zapałowicz is the VP, Sales and Marketing at Studio Pegion.
  • Kate Burns is the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Chief Experience Officer at Lai Video.
  • Additional findings have been summarized in the attached spreadsheet.


The email address of some of the company's contacts could not be identified. We searched the company website and company records for data on the contact information of their executives. Some of the companies identified in the research had the email and contact information of their executives on the company websites. However, most of the companies do not display this information on their websites. For these companies, we have leveraged data from third-party sites to locate this information.

Next, we searched the Linkedin and social media profiles of the company executives for their contact email address. Here, we focused majorly on the LinkedIn profiles of the company executives because it is a professional platform. Therefore, the probability of locating such information there is higher than on social media platforms. However, while this helped to collaborate on the fact that these executives were still active in their roles with the companies, we could not identify the contact email address of the remaining company executives.

Furthermore, we proceeded to third party sites such as Hunter to identify the email address of some company executives. This search strategy was the most successful, as we were able to identify the contact email address of most of the company executives identified in the research. For the companies we could not identify the email address of their company executives, we have provided the email address of the company.

We could not also identify the exact number of employees for some of the companies. After searching rigorously on the company websites and company profiling databases such as hoovers and ZoomInfo, we have provided an estimate of their employee count as presented on each of the company profiles on Linkedin. We felt this information was not available due to the size of these companies and the fact that some of them are startups and do not have accounts or profiles on some of the profiling databases we searched for the company data.