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Christian Millennials-Free Online Content

The top channels used for accessing free online content by Christian Millennials are blogs or websites, podcasts, and videos.

Blogs or Websites

  • Christian blogs are written Christian bloggers to help and encourage their readers on a specific issue based on Biblical advice. Usually, every blogger will also persuade readers to subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Christian blogs provide various kinds of content, such as helpful articles to help readers identifying and solving their problems.
  • The examples of well-known Christian blogs intended for Millennials are Soul Scripts and Enough.
  • Around 51% of church staff regularly posts an article or content on blogs or social media platforms.
  • Users usually spend 2 minutes and 10 seconds in visiting Soul Scripts website.
  • Soul Scripts' Jordan Lee Dooley has gained over 323,000 and 25,300 followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. Whereas Enough's Grace Valentine has 19,300 and 12,100 followers respectively on Instagram and Twitter.


  • Christian podcasts may provide contents about Biblical knowledge, words of encouragement, advice, and prayers.
  • Examples of popular Christian podcasts intended for Millennials include Daily Prayers Podcast and Truth's Table.
  • Among all population age groups in the US, Millennials (42%) listen to podcasts more than any other age group, such as Gen X (30%), Baby Boomers (10%), and elders (5%). Around 17% of Christian Millennials listen to podcasts daily.
  •, the website that provides Daily Prayers Podcast service, has gained 14,200 and 5,714 followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. Meanwhile, Truth's Table has 10,000 and 10,100 followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively.

Online Videos

  • Online video is described as content that provides sound and motion which can be accessed on the internet.
  • Christian online videos may offer entertainment, inspiration, and empowerment. Most of the Christian online video authors use YouTube as their chosen platform.
  • Examples of popular Christian videos intended for Millennials include GodTube and Pastor Greg Laurie.
  • Approximately 54% of Christian Millennials in the US watch online videos about faith and spirituality, whereas 31% of all American Millennials watch religious content online.
  • GodTube website reaches 31% in search traffic and the users spend 2 minutes and 18 seconds daily on this website.
  • Pastor Greg Laurie has gained over 17,800 subscribers. His most popular video has managed to be watched by over 491,000 viewers.

Research Strategy

To determine the top channels used for accessing free online content by Christian Millennials, our research team first began by looking through the types of medium that Christian Millennials were likely to visit to access free religious content. During our research, we found that blogs, podcasts, and videos were the most used channels by Christian Millennials to find free online content.

Our first strategy to seek the direct answer of the audience size of each channel was looking through in news, articles, reports, and studies from reputable websites, such as Statista and Barna. After extensive research on different platforms, we found that there wasn't any specific and comprehensive information related to the audience size of Christian blogs. However, we added some relatable insights to our findings to strengthen our research.

Then, we attempted to find the website traffic of selected well-known and recommended Christian blogs, podcast websites, and online video channels for Millennials, including Soul Scripts, Enough, Daily Prayers Podcast, Truth's Table, GodTube, and Pastor Greg Laurie's YouTube channel through Alexa. The only relatable information that we could acquire included search traffic percentage and daily time on site. However, the website traffic data for Enough, Daily Prayers Podcast, Truth's Table, and Pastor Greg Laurie's YouTube channel. Our research team only managed to collect limited information due to the usage of the free plan service. Paid plan service provided by reputable website traffic checkers, such as SimilarWeb or Quantcast, might offer a better result.

For our final research method, we attempted to visit each social media platform of the selected channels to collect information about viewers, followers, and/or subscribers to be added to our findings. The social media platforms that we included in our research were Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Due to the unavailability of the direct data of free Christian content providers' audience size, our research team thought that this approach would help us to acquire an accurate figure that could illustrate the audience size of each channel.
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Paid Subscription Content-Christian Millennials

In the age of instant access media streaming, several sites offer free and paid subscriptions that focus on Christian valued content. For the three top sites with a Christian theme, paid subscribers have access to all content, and can choose from a variety of paying options, such as annual or monthly. For millennials balancing their finances, having the different options can offer some flexibility on the streaming services they seek.


  • is an online Christian based movie streaming service, focusing on faith based movies for any age.
  • The PureFlix twitter account, @PureFlix, has 31.5K followers.
  • Reported having over 250,000 paying subscribers in 2017.

Up Faith and Family

  • An online streaming service that provides family friendly media content. Although it is not all Christian content, there is a definite focus on Christian valued media, with both movies and TV series.
  • The Uptv twitter account, @UPtv, has 41.6K followers.
  • The TV network, UP TV, reached an estimated 67,615 homes in 2015.

Dove Channel

  • Dove Channel provides online streaming of entertainment for the whole family, based in Christian values. This streaming service provides both movies and TV series for all ages.
  • Dove Channel, @dovechannel, has 3,043 twitter followers.
  • After launching in 2015, the Dove Channel had almost 100,000 paying subscribers, and 500,000 more accessing the free content in 2017.

Research Strategy

When researching Christian paid subscriptions, with a focus on millennial viewership, a theme of free accessibility was clear, with options such as podcasts and blogs being readily available. The difficulty in identifying paid subscribers was that the majority, including the top three listed above, were geared toward all ages. When conducting initial research, we found sources that provided either free content, articles relating to engaging millennial Christians, or the same streaming sites identified above. We then geared searches towards media content and Christian focuses, and were able to initially identify PureFlix. Searches in SimilarWeb and google advanced search were used to identify related websites, providing similar content. Once the top three channels were identified, it was triangulated that embedded within the website was millennial content, such as Millenial Minute.

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