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Home/Consumer Router Key Players-Part 1

Netgear offers the most products for home/consumer WiFi router space when compared to Cisco, Belkin, Buffalo Americas, and Amped Wireless. Netgear also offers Storage and Processing Power on the home network.


  • Netgear offers wifi routers, orbi wifi systems, nighthawk pro gaming, digital canvas, wifi range extenders, DSL modems and routers, cable modems and routers, wifi adapters, powerline, switches, mobile broadband, and network storage.
  • For wifi routers, Netgear offers a Nightgear series of routers as well as N and A series.
  • The orbi wifi system is a series of products built for family-wifi use with parental controls and all-access wifi.
  • Nighthawk is a series of pro-gaming products offered by Netgear including gaming routers, LAN switches, and entire gaming wifi systems.
  • The digital canvas is a digital art frame that allows for an endless customizable digital art library.
  • The Netgear wifi range extenders include orbi, nighthawk, and, N and A brand extenders.
  • Netgear's DSL modems and routers include Nighthawk, N and A type brands.
  • Netgear's cable modems and routers include orbi, Nighthawk, and, N and A type brands.
  • Netgear Wifi adapters also include Nighthawk N and A products.
  • The powerline with Netgear is a way to extend your home network using existing electrical wiring.
  • Ethernet switches by Netgear are offered to power small in-home offices in a more efficient way.
  • Netgears mobile broadband products include mobile routers, hotspots, and LTE modems.
  • For storage power on home networks, Netgear offers the ReadyNAS system which offers a variety of storage options from a number of supported users and bays to types of storage access and more.
  • Their largest storage capacity is 80 terabytes.
  • These storage products are ideal for photo and video back up.
  • The Nighthawk brand of products offers the most efficient processing power products.
  • It was voted to be the number one router based on its performance in 2016.
  • The Nighthawk brand of products promises speed up to 2.53Gbps with a powerful 1.7GHz dual core processor.


  • Cisco offers many products for service providers and small to midsize businesses.
  • There is no specific category for home products within Cisco's line of products.
  • The products Cisco offers that closely relate to everyday consumer products would be WAN routers, security features, network management options, and mobile network solutions such as outdoor access points.
  • Cisco offers storage power for business solutions.
  • These products include a line of Cisco Storage Servers which are high density storage machines for multilevel businesses.
  • There is also FlashStack, which is a merger product from Cisco and Pure Storage that brings an all-flash storage integrated with the already-in-place Cisco UCS powered data center.
  • Cisco has a patented flow processor which took up to 600 hours to create to speed up lengthy processing times with today's video heavy data.
  • The processors available with Cisco can provide a range of up to 5 to 100+ gbps.
  • The processors can be used with any device and on any network and still get the same high quality processing speeds.

Belkin International

  • Belkin International offers a variety of wires, routers, and adapters as products.
  • Their products range from $2.99 to $299.
  • Cables include products such as the Cisco Compatible direct connection cables for Cisco and Belkin-integrated products such as Ethernet and cross over patch cables.
  • They have multiple range extenders in the N and AC brands.
  • Wifi and router combos are also a few of the products Belkin sells.
  • While Belkin International products accepts storage devices, it does not sell any of their own.
  • Storage devices are easy to add onto Belkin devices using just the router name and password.

Buffalo Americans Inc

  • Buffalo American only offers two products to their everyday home consumers.
  • These two products are the LinkStation 500 Series and LinkStation 200 series.
  • The Linkstation 500 series is a customizable network with an attached storage device. It is designed for home consumers and allows them to keep a connected home by coming with everything needed to store, share, stream, and protect files such as digital documents, photos, music, and video files.
  • The Linkstation 200 offers a fast storage option with backup that works with PC and Mac computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Amped Wireless

  • Amped Wireless Products include the ALLY and ALLY PLUS Whole Home Smart Wifi Router and System, two products aimed at making home wifi easier.
  • They have a large range of Wifi routers including the Athena Brand, Helios, Titan, Artemis, N and A branded routers and range extenders and access points under the same name.
  • Other Products offered by Amped Wireless include adapters, pro series switches, outdoor wifi antennas, and smart home products.


Belkin Storage Power on Home Networks

We reviewed credible sources such as the Belkin International Network page for information regarding Belkin Storage Power on Home Networks. We discovered that many Belkin International products are set up to take Storage Networks and Devices but could not find any information regarding storage power offered specifically for Belkin. Then, we reviewed news sources and industry expert reports and broadened the criteria to include storage devices or services offered by Belkin International but nothing fruitful was discovered.

Belkin Processing Power on Home Networks

We began our research by reviewing the website of Belkin for information regarding their processing capabilities. However, nothing significant was found. We turned to other trusted news reports and industry expert publishing and broadened the criteria to include processing products, services, app or intergrations. But, this search attempt proved to be futile.

Buffalo Americas Inc

While reviewing the website of Buffalo Americas Inc, there was an option to view products that are offered by the company. The products are bifurcated as everyday consumer home products and large business products. We looked for data concerning everyday consumer products and found two products sold in that category which are storage options. We then focused on Processing Power available to everyday consumers. We could not find any information regarding this on their website. We believe due to the fact that they only have storage options. We continued to look through news articles and industry expert reports and extended the search to processing services, apps, and intergrations available but could not locate anything relevant.

Amped Wireless Storage Power

We began our research by reviewing the website of Amped Wireless and discovered that many Amped Wireless products are set up to take only Storage Networks and Devices. Further, we reviewed news sources and industry expert reports and broadened the criteria to include storage devices or services offered by Amped Wireless International but again could not find any information.
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Home/Consumer Router Key Players-Part 2

Additional player in the US home/consumer Wi-Fi router space are RAVPower, TrendNet and Linksys.



  • TrendNet has 418 employees and its headquarters are in California USA.
  • The company has an estimated revenue of $23.37 million.
  • TrendNet offers an array of award-winning wireless products which include routers, access points, adapters, modems, and antennas.
  • The company also offers network switches which include EdgeSmart, Web Smart, Layer 2 Managed, Layer 2+, and industrial.
  • It also offers PoE switches, injectors, extenders, splitters, access points, hardware controllers, network cameras, NVRs, and Powerline adapters.
  • In its fiber category, the company offers fiber chassis, media converters, SFPs and SFP+ modules, and adapters.
  • Additional products offered are in the KVM category which include rackmount, CAT5, and Desktop solutions, as well as KVM accessories (video splitters and extension kits).
  • On the storage front, the company offers the 3.5 USB 3.0 External Enclosure and also the 2-Bay NAS Media Server Enclosure.
  • TrendNet routers do not offer any processing power on the home network.


Research Strategy

In order to choose companies in the router space that were relevant, the team reviewed media publication expert blogs and websites that had information on popular and best routers. The team went a step further and found specific products from individual companies and checked their ratings and reviews from amazon and other online stores to determine their popularity. The team was careful to only consider companies that had their headquarters in the united states.
Using this strategy the team found that Linksys, RAVPower and TrendNet are popular companies in the Wi-Fi router space in the US. This was based on an article by PCMAG that listed Linksys and TrendNet routers being among the best. The router from Linksys had a rating of 4 based on 10,566 users while the router from TrendNet had a rating of 4 based on 1,553 users. RAVPower was considered because of its popular mobile router that had a rating of 4.5 based on 651 users on amazon.
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Home/Consumer Router Key Players-Part 3

Google, Eero, and Securifi are three additional players in the U.S. home Wi-Fi router space.


  • Product offering: Google Nest Wi-Fi and Google Wi-Fi are the router offerings of Google. Google Nest Wi-Fi is a newer model of Google Wi-Fi.
  • The Google Wi-Fi product has a 4.5-star rating out of 7,246 ratings on Amazon.
  • The product is built on mesh Wi-Fi technology and has a speaker with Google Assistant.
  • The product has a Wi-Fi throughput of 1200 Mpbs with each point covering up to 1,500 square feet.
  • Google does not provide a breakdown of its revenue by product, hence, the revenue generated from its router products is not available. However, the company's 2018 revenue was $136.819 billion, with $63.3 billion generated from the U.S. alone.
  • Google had 98,771 employees in 2018.
  • The product does not offer storage or processing power on the home network.



  • Products offering: Almond, Almond 2015, Almond 3 and Almond 3S are different versions of Wi-Fi routers offered by Securifi.
  • Almond has a 4-star rating out of 12,796 reviews on Amazon.
  • The Almond 3S has inbuilt power storage capabilities.
  • The products' network transfer speed is 300Mbps.
  • Securifi has an estimated annual revenue of $12.2 million and about 61 employees.

Research Strategy

To identify additional players in the U.S. home Wi-Fi router space, your research team identified a list of top router products in the U.S. To ascertain the popularity of these providers among U.S. consumers, we considered the ratings of these companies on Amazon from where we selected three companies with a minimum of 4-star ratings from a possible 5 over thousands of product reviews.

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