Key Lifestyle Influencers In the Craft Candy Industry

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Key Lifestyle Influencers In The Craft Candy Industry

Nine influencers from Texas with over 15,000 followers on Instagram, who have promoted sweets/dessert brands in the past, or are likely to do so, include, but are not limited to, @TheSweetWanderlust and @BlondesWhoEat. Please read on for our findings and methodology.


Brittany Kulick, @TheSweetWanderlust 

Tanna, @CollartoCollar 

  • Followers: 26.7k 
  • Category: Lifestyle, College, Fashion  
  • Biography: Originally from Waco, Texas, Tanna currently lives in Tulsa. Her followers are 81% female, 71% are from the United States, and the vast majority are between the ages of 18 and 34. She has done past paid partnerships with Hey Sugar! Candy Store of Waco, Texas.
  • Prices: Unavailable
  • Candace Hampton, @thebeautybeau 

    Kileen, @cutenlittle 


    • Followers: 85.7K 
    • Category: Food, Lifestyle 
    • Biography: Two women from the Dallas, Texas area posting about area (and national) restaurants and food. 63% of their followers are women, 68% are located in the United States. The majority of followers are between the ages of 18 and 34. The majority of their paid partnerships are with food brands. Several dessert brands, such as HaloTop Ice Cream and Unbaked Ice cream, feature in their Instagram posts.
    • Prices: Paid posts starting at $600 

    Meg Maley, @MegMaley 

    • Followers: 84.3K 
    • Category: Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion 
    • Biography: Quirky lifestyle influencer and former reality TV star on the 17th season of CBS's Big Brother, living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 88% of her followers are from the United States, and 71% are women. Most followers are between the ages of 18-34. Although Meg has not done paid advertisements with a dessert or candy company, she has done a past paid partnership with
    • Prices: Unavailable  

    Janene Crossley, @janenecrossley 

    Jane Ko, @ATasteOfKoko 

    • Followers: 62.9k 
    • Category: Food and Drink
    • Biography: "Austin's top food and travel blogger. Official restaurant expert for Visit Austin TX." 81% of her followers are from the United States, 37% are from Austin Texas, and 77% are women. She has done past paid partnerships with a number of food and drink companies.
    • Prices: Unavailable  

    Kristin, @FoodFash 

    • Followers: 22.7k  
    • Category: Food, Travel 
    • Biography: "FoodFash documents adventures in the kitchen and beyond, sharing whole food recipes, restaurant experiences, and blurbs about travel, fashion, and music." Kristin is based in Austin, Texas. 70% of her followers are women, 55% are from the United States, and 11% are from Austin. She has done a number of food and drink partnerships, including ice cream company NadaMoo!.
    • Prices: Paid posts starting at $200 


    We began our search by first attempting to identify the type of person who is most likely to purchase "craft" toffee, in order to determine the influencers that would best "match." After searching through trusted media and research sites, as well as third party market sites, we were unable to locate information directly related to the demographics of toffee purchasing. We then expanded to general candy purchasing demographics. We were unable to find statistics directly analyzing purchasing behavior, however, we were able to locate some scholarly articles that suggested that women crave sweets, particularly candy and chocolates, at a much higher rate than men. As well, children between the ages of two and 18, on any given day, were more likely to have consumed candy than adults. Therefore, based on this information, we made the assumption that women were generally more likely to purchase candy over men. We hypothesized further that because children eat candy more often than any other age group, that women with children would also be more likely to purchase candy, as there is a greater demand. Anecdotally, this makes sense, as most advertisement for sweets and candy is geared towards women and children.

    In attempting to identify the "best" and "key" influencers whose audiences would resonate with craft caramel and toffees, we applied several criteria. Firstly, as the research criteria requested, we focused on influencers located in or originally from Texas and with follower counts of 15,000 people or more. We also analyzed these influencers's past paid partnerships, and prioritized those influencers who had done paid partnerships or collaborations with other sweets and dessert companies. If they did not have paid partnerships with sweets and dessert companies, we expanded the reach to paid partnerships with food companies in general. In order to narrow down the list of likely successful lifestyle influencers, we prioritized women and women with children. We also attempted to present a broad range of influencers, in terms of price points for paid partnerships (when this information was available) and follower count.

    We searched through both Instagram and LinkedIn for influencers that met our criteria. However, we found that the best matching candidates were on Instagram. This is likely because LinkedIn is not an influencer-heavy social media platform, and is mostly used for corporate and business engagements, and less for lifestyle and blogging. Therefore, all the influencers presented in this brief are Instagram-focused.


    • "Women appear to be more likely to crave sweets than men, coinciding with hormonal fluctuations, says Alexei B. Kampov-Polevoi, professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina. Children are even more inclined to like sweets, relating to an increase in calorie use associated with growth. "
    • "...women report more craving for sweet foods (e.g., chocolate, pastries, ice cream... Further, men may crave different types of sweets than women do (e.g., sugar-sweetened beverages, but not chocolate... Consistently, a few studies have shown that more than 92 percent of those who experience strong cravings for chocolate are female..."