What are the key competitors to Slack.com, the massaging app?

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What are the key competitors to Slack.com, the massaging app?

Thank you for your question about Slack's competitors! For this competitive analysis, I have provided you with data on market cap, location and advertising strategies of Slack and seven of its main competitors (a Wonder list compiles 7-10 results per request).

Slack and its competitors focus specifically on online messaging in the workplace, although many are now focusing on outside app integration.

Market Cap: $2.8 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Advertising: Since its founding, Slack has been focused on positioning itself as a complementary platform for a range of functions from administrative tasks to projects. As a result, 97 percent of its clientele are referrals. The company now wants to generate growth, allotting an estimated $250 million on print advertising, sponsorship and online marketing.

What is it? HipChat was one of the first workplace messaging apps around, and their user experience is similar to Slack.
Market Cap: $4.95 billion (Subsidiary of Atlassian, Inc.)
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Advertising: HipChat began its advertising in 2010 shortly after its founding. The company famously released the meme billboard, " Y U NO USE HIPCHAT" well before the use of memes was popular. On Feb. 25, 2015, it was announced that "Office Space" actor Gary Cole would star in HipChat's first major campaign, including one 90-second video along with additional 15- and 30-second spots for the web as well as banner ads.

What is it? At its core, Yammer is a free workplace messaging app, although its premium features come at a cost.
Market Cap: $1.2 billion (acquired by Microsoft in 2012)
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Advertising: Yammer launched its first ad campaign in 2012. Since then it has released a steady stream of online and banner ads.

What is it? Campfire is an online messaging app that integrates with Basecamp, an online project management program.
Market Cap: Owned by Basecamp, which is valued at $100 billion
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Advertising: I wasn't able to find any information on advertising specifically for Campfire. However, Basecamp, its owner, seems to be concentrating its efforts on video and text-based testimonials featured on the tour section of its website.

What is it? Lua aims to integrate team messaging, conference calling and file sharing on one app. It's focused on mobile.
Market Cap: $10 million in 2014
Headquarters: New York, New York
Advertising: I could not find any information about how Lua is using advertising to further its objectives. However, the company has stated that it's focusing on three specific industries - healthcare, logistics, and security - and has case studies for each proving its effectiveness. In additional, it appears the company regularly grants press interviews, and uses its big-name clients, like Kaiser Permanente, to establish credibility.

What is it? Bitrix24 is very similar to Slack, but offers additional features and a selection of lower-priced plans.
Market Cap: Being as Bitrix24 is privately owned, I was unable to find market cap
Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
Advertising: I could not find any information about how Bitrix24 is using advertising. However, like Lua, it relies heavily on positive press coverage and affiliate links in blogs like the MarketingTech blog listed here.

What is it? Pie's focus is on what they call "normal" people - people out there who want to use a workforce messaging app but aren't necessarily tech-savvy people.
Market cap: $1.2 million, but it was acquired by Google in February of 2016
Headquarters: Singapore
Advertising: Pie is focusing its advertising dollars and efforts on the Japanese market, while relying on "word-of-mouth and viral reach" to attract members in the U.S. market.

What is it? Glip offers various free and premium plans depending on companies' needs. It claims to combine the messaging features of companies like Slack with the project management capabilities of apps like Basecamp.
Market cap: I was unable to find a market cap figure from my research, although it was acquired by RingCentral in 2015
Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL
Advertising: Glip is relying on good press and PR stunts to gain attention and traction in the market. In 2014, it launched a "hackathon" targeted at advertising agencies. According to SocialTech, Glip "offer(ed) up $5,000 to creative agencies to help create the company's brand mascot, as well as free subscriptions for teams and more." It's also offered free migration services for Salesforce's do.com users and Bitcoin integration.

Of course, there is a handful of messaging apps out there that could be considered secondary competitors of Slack. These messaging apps don't focus on workplace messaging specifically but are still wildly popular. These include apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Google Chat, and Facebook messenger.

In conclusion, Slack does have competition from a handful of similar apps and websites. Although the apps are similar, they each have unique features and a wide range of market values. While some do use advertising, it seems like most of these companies rely on word of mouth and good press.

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