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Brian Katz and Family

Brian Katz, now known for being the Founder of Katz Capital and the Pineywoods Companies, has an extensive history concerning his life prior to his role at Katz Capital including his prior involvement in other companies and his education.

Educational Background

Brian Katz received his Bachelors Degree from Washington University, located in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2000. He then received his MBA from George Washington School of Business, located in Washington, D.C., in 2006.

Professional Background

In 2001, after receiving his Bachelors Degree from Washington University, Katz started his professional career by launching his own online business, Bottlebid.com. Following the launch of his business, he worked as an Associate National Bank Examiner for the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, where he was exposed to capital adequacy earnings, stability reviews, institutional risk and risk management practices examinations. This exposure provided him with his first hands on experience within the industry that he would later use as the foundation for the establishment of Katz Capital and his other various companies.
Succeeding his position with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, he worked for Goldman Sachs’ Credit Risk Management & Advisory Group, where his duties included "performing credit analysis across multiple industries to determine internal credit ratings and aggregate exposure levels for jointly managed portfolios with $5 billion of exposure". After acquiring an impressive amount of experience working for large companies in the United States, Katz decided to travel overseas.
In 2008, he traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to work as a senior consultant to the financial advisory group for a company called Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Here, he aided in managing the expansion of business plans that included economic, industry, and business analyses. Here, he also provided clients with various valuation services.

Current Business involvement

As well as being the CFA Founder and Financial Chief Officer of Katz Capital and founder of the Pineywoods Companies, he is board member at Resource Bank NA, is a member of the board of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (2013-2017), is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker Associate, and is a Resident General Lines Insurance Agent and Mortgage Loan Officer. He is also the manager of Katz Advisory Management, LLC, which is based in Tampa, Florida.

The Founding of Katz Capital

Brian Katz founded Katz Capital in 2011, worked as the company's CEO, and has nurtured the company's growth over last 6 years. No other information could be found regarding the founding of Katz Capital.

Inactive Companies Related To Brian Katz

Brian Katz was once a founder and owner of several companies that are now inactive. These companies include Katz Advisory Fund I, LLC, which was founded in 2011, Pineywoods Properties LLC, which was founded in 2012, Pineywoods Acquisition LLC, which was founded in 2012. Pineywoods Insurance Agency LLC, which was founded in 2014, and Pineywoods Florida IV LLC, which was founded in 2015. There is no information regarding the reasons behind the companies now being inactive after being founded so recently.

Negative Press Mentions

In 2015, a complaint was filed against Brian Katz by Hyde Park Cafe Properties and CPT Acquisitions. The complaint was relating to a failed real estate deal naming Katz and Pineywoods properties as one's responsible.
In 2016, Florida rejected foreclosure funds that were meant to aid struggling homeowners. Responsible for this rejection was the FHFC, which was a board of 8 members, including Brian Katz. The members voted against using the money to aid homeowners in their struggle, leaving thousands upon thousands of Floridians angry and feeling lost.

Positive Press Mentions

Brian Katz gained a positive following after he was named the Title Director for the Non Profit Florida Holocaust Museum, Inc.

Katz Family

No valid information could be found regarding Brian Katz's family.


Brian Katz has truly made a name for himself and has become a man of many talents. He has an impressive professional background including extensive work in the United States and overseas before the founding of his own company, Katz Capital. Although having bouts of negative press mentions, he is overall, viewed in a positive light and continues to be a successful business man to this day.