Kanab, Utah Research

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Kanab, Utah Research

Unique tourist attraction sites and a greater economic tourism impact are two reasons why Kanab is a competitor to Flagstaff, Arizona, in tourism. The town attracts many visitors annually due to many reasons, including its natural scenery, many events & festivals, etc. General sentiments regarding accommodation, attractions, and food in Kanab remain positive, with many visitor reviews indicating a great deal of customer satisfaction.

I. Why Kanab is a Competitor to Flagstaff

Unique Tourist Attraction Sites

Greater Economic Tourism impact

  • Tourism contributes to the economies of both Kanab and Flagstaff. Kane County tourism sector employed an estimated 4,000 individuals in 2017, while Flagstaff had approximately 8,000 tourism-related jobs in 2018.
  • In 2017, about $457 million was spent on domestic travel expenditures in Kane County. Likewise, in 2018, an estimated 5.5 million visitors generated about $750 million of greater economic impact in Flagstaff.
  • In 2017, state tax receipts in Kane County generated over $21 million, while local tax receipts generated more than $10 million. Flagstaff city, on the other end, spent over $14 million on arts & science, beautification, economic development, recreation, and tourism.

Interest Groups that may Visit Kanab Town

Heritage Interest Groups

  • Kanab has many historical features, monuments, museums, artifacts, etc., that are likely to attract heritage interest groups that value how today's people value the past.
  • In this regard, historic homes in Kanab, such as "The Heritage House located at 100 South & Main," is now considered a museum and affiliated with the Kanab Heritage Museum.
  • Other attraction sites that may interest heritage groups include Kanab's historical photos, geological attractions like (Paria, The Wave, and White Pocket), etc.

Wildlife Conservation Groups

  • While Kanab is not home to many wildlife animals, it has managed to attract animal conservancy groups, including a non-profit that runs a sanctuary in the area dubbed Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
  • The Sanctuary cares for various animals such as cats, dogs, goats, horses, donkeys, parrots, sheep, and wildlife.
  • The rare bighorn sheep, which can be found at the Zion National Park in Kanab, could spark interest in wildlife conservation groups that aim at preserving rare animal species that are gradually becoming extinct.

Community Groups

  • Kanab claims to be 'magically unspoiled' and prides in its naturally charming geologic structure characterized by "red rock trails, slot canyons, high mountain forests, and hikes."
  • To preserve the historical attraction sites in the region and to prevent the exploitation of the natural environment in the region could spark interest in different groups like community groups aiming to preserve their surroundings.
  • Recently, the town won against an imminent fracking sand mine near Kanab through a community group against poor planning and development projects called "Keep Kanab Unspoiled." Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) was among the other key groups fighting against the fracking sand mine.

Reasons that People Feel Compelled to Visit Kanab Town

Year-Long Events and festivals

Major Outdoor Attractions

Vibrant Restaurants, Hotels, and Shops

  • Despite being a small town, Kanab hosts many restaurants, hotels, and shops with modern amenities for tourists. Visitors can experience a broad cuisine inspired by Mexican, Southwestern, Italian, and American foods.
  • The town shops sell all the necessary accessories tourists need, including camping gear, food, etc. The town has over 24 restaurants, including major chains like Subway, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, etc.
  • Likewise, the town offers some of the best accommodation with over 86 different places to stay. Visitors can as well opt for base-camps to allow them to explore the surrounding areas easily.

II. Representative Views From Tourists

Visitors Views on Food

Visitors Views on Attractions

Visitors Views on Accommodations

Research Methodology

A thorough comparison of both towns, Flagstaff and Kanab, revealed the unique attraction sites, such as museums, trails, national parks, caves, etc., that make these areas competitors in tourism. Your research team looked into the offerings from both regions, along with the popular tourist attractions both locations offer to justify their competition. Importantly, both areas are significantly impacted by the tourism proceeds, and above all, earnings from tourism fund various projects in the regions.

Next, to identify interest groups that may visit the area, we explored recent happenings in the area regarding advocacy or activism to determine the type of interest groups likely to visit Kanab. Moreover, we looked at the various attraction sites in Kanab and discovered some are historic and likely to attract heritage groups. On that note, we matched the offerings Kanab has and the interest groups that are affiliated with such offerings to predict the three groups identified above. Lastly, we checked reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Niche to uncover visitor sentiments regarding the accommodation, attractions, and food offered in Kanab.