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Kalo: Pros And Cons

From Capterra, Kalo has 24 reviews garnering an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The major theme of positive feedback is easy to use, customer support, and overall use of the software. For negative reviews, the major theme was surrounding the onboarding process and the difficulty with navigation, where it requires an extra click to get the information wanted. On GetApp, the reviews were mentioned from Capterra, whereas on Facebook, there were no reviews related to the software. Below we have provided the detail of our methodology and findings.


Capterra: From Capterra, there are only 24 reviews available on the page. We have reviewed each of the 24 reviews provided, all of which were dated within the 24-months period. From here, we have summarized the findings based on these reviews and what was mostly mentioned. While the average scores for three main criteria were already provided, we have calculated the scores for feature, functionality, and value for money based on the star rating provided by the reviewers.

Feature & Functionality: 24 reviews rated Kalo's feature and functionality. Out of these, 10 were 5 stars, six were 4 stars, and eight were 3 stars. We have added them and divided by 24:
(50 + 24 + 24)/ 24= 98/24 = 4.08 or 4.1 stars

Value for money: Only 17 reviews rated Kalo's value for money. Out of these, nine rated with 5 stars, seven with 4 stars, and one with 3 stars. We have added the ratings and divided the sum by 17:
(45 + 28 + 3)/ 17= 76/17 = 4.47 or 4.5 stars

GetApp: From GetApp, we reviewed the page and observed there were also 24 total reviews. Upon scrutinizing each review, we have confirmed that they were exactly the same as the ratings on Capterra. When looking at each review, we found that the page mentioned "Review Source: Capterra". Thus, we didn't provide separate findings for these reviews and only provided Capterra, as it is the original source.

Facebook: We checked Kalo's Facebook page for reviews. Upon scrutinizing the page, it showed the same number of likes and followers, which was 800+ for each. Their posts did not have any comments and there was no separate review page available. However, there was a "Visitor Page" (Community), where people could directly post a comment on Kalo's FB wall. In the 24-months period, there were only 10 posts, of which only five came from individual people. The other five were only mentions. None of these 10 posts were related to review of Kalo's software. Thus, there are no findings for reviews from Facebook.

None of the 24 reviews from Capterra mentioned any of Kalo's competitors. Thus, we could not provide any information on this.

Kalo: Pros And Cons

Capterra: Overview

From Capterra, Kalo has 24 reviews, garnering an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Main review areas include overall, ease of use, and customer service, which each scored 4.5 out of 5 stars. Other review areas, such as feature & functionality and value for money, have 4.1 stars and 4.5 stars, respectively.

From Consumer Standpoint:

  • PROS: The majority of individual users indicated that user experience is one of the strongest points of Kalo. The software is easy to use with clear instructions, incredibly simple, and intuitive for both the end user and admins.

  • CONS: The majority of the negative feedback provided by individual users indicated the onboarding portion of the software needs work and that they have experienced difficulty with the process. Additionally, the application was buggy or glitchy for some users, who stated the extra clicks the software required to move between data was a major pain point. The majority of reviews stated that Kalo's customer service is important.

From A Business Standpoint:

  • PROS: Most of the reviews stated that Kalo is one of the best freelance management systems they have used and that it offers a solution that positively impacts their business. It helps companies better manage their business because it provides them with a centralized location to manage contractors, which then creates a smooth relationship between workers and the business.

  • CONS: While Kalo is great once onboarding is complete, for some companies (four unique reviews), the sign up/onboarding process takes too much time, which ultimately affects the smooth flow of their business. Other than that, there are currently no negative reviews about how Kalo adversely affects businesses.

  • "Pros: User experience. It's easy to use, importing freelancers took minutes, and our freelancers themselves raved about the experience once they were invited to the platform."
  • "Pros: I like how easy it is to search on the platform, and the design of the interface is approachable."
  • "Pros: User experience - Kalo is super easy to use, our hiring managers love. Clear instructions on how to onboard a freelancer, feedback was incredibly positive from them and the freelancers after rollout. The biggest bonus is the reporting feature, it's loved by everyone from our Head of Marketing to CFO as we can now provide a consolidated dashboard showing freelancer spend by budget, cost code, business unit."
  • "Cons: Their tax form collection module is new and so a little buggy but once we complained about it, it was fixed in minutes."
  • "Cons: I think the older interface was a little more straightforward for users but I can definitely understand amping up the overall look (i.e. when you hover over the icons on the left side, the name of the section should populate--vs. having to click first to figure out which section you're navigating). "
  • "Cons: Kalo looks the same on multiple pages, this is not ideal when trying to navigate through the website and figure out the right way to move forwards in action."