K12 Public School Summer Programs

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K12 Public School Summer Programs

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This research presents examples of unique and innovative summer school programs for K-12 kids. This includes an overview of the summer program. The details are outlined below.

Minneapolis Public School's Summer Scholars 2022

  • The Minneapolis Public School (MPS) has a summer program called Summer Scholars 2022. The school is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Summer Scholars 2022 is an "innovative, immersive summer experience" that will allow students of every grade to discover ways to connect with their interests and friends.
  • This summer program is considered innovative because it will cause students to dream up ideas, forge their paths, and find meaning in what they create. It is not the typical classroom learning setup.
  • Summer Scholars 2022 will be held in person and will run from July 5 to July 28, 2022. This summer program is free. Participants don't need to pay anything. This is open to MPS students and students from other schools.
  • The program is for all K-12 grade levels. It also has five academies: Discovery and Learning Academy for grades K-5, GEMS/GISE STEM Academy for grades K-8, GEMS-GISE Virtual STEM Academy for MPS grades 1-8, Fast Track Academy for grade 9, and Credit Academy for grades 10-12 qualifying students.
  • The summer program's Discovery and Learning Academy will focus on Math, literacy, art, music, and physical education. It also seeks to provide emotional and social support to students of varied cultures.

Fairfax County Public School's CTE Summer Academy

  • Fairfax County Public School has a summer program called CTE Summer Academy. Fairfax County Public School is located in Fairfax County, Virginia.
  • CTE Summer Academy is a weekly "summer enrichment and skills development program" for those who are in grades 7-11.
  • This summer program is unique because it allows students to develop their skills, explore career options, and immerse themselves in Career and Technical Education or CTE program areas.
  • CTE Summer Academy's classes include Business and Information Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Marketing, Health and Medical Sciences, Trade and Industrial, and Technology and Engineering Education.
  • This program is also open to all grades 7-11 students, even to those who are not residents of Fairfax County.
  • CTE Summer Academy will run for three weeks, from July 11 to July 29, 2022. The entire program costs $275 a week.
  • This is an in-person program, and students will have four classes each day.

Great Neck Public School's Summer School

  • Great Neck Public School offers an annual summer program called Great Neck Summer School. This summer program is held at South High School in Great Neck, New York.
  • Great Neck Summer School is an in-person summer program that offers various programs such as summer enrichment, academic enrichment, and musical theater, among others.
  • Its summer enrichment is offered to students about to enter grades 5 to 9.
  • This program is unique because it offers over 30 varied courses. It has more than 30 "fun and exciting extracurricular courses" such as Rocketry, Culinary Arts, Astronomy, Sewing, Architecture, Instrumental Music, Fine Arts, Computer Programming, Forensics, Drama, First Aid, and more.
  • This is a five-week program that will run from July 5 to August 5, 2022.
  • The program costs $1,113 if one registers by May 13, and it costs $1,326 if one registers by June 3.

Gross Pointe Public School Summer Theatre Camp

  • Gross Pointe Public School System offers a Summer Theatre Camp for students entering grades 3 to 9. Gross Pointe is located in Michigan, US.
  • This in-person summer program costs $410.
  • In this Summer Theatre Camp, students will be immersed in a musical production program designed to develop positive risk-taking, teamwork, and self-discipline.
  • This summer program is unique because it is not a typical classroom set up where students will have to read, write, or take exams. In this program, students will dive into the different aspects of musical theater, such as drama, dance, script exploration, music, and character development.

Denver Public School's Summer Connections

  • Denver Public Schools has a summer program called Discovery Link Summer Camp. This is located in Denver, Colorado.
  • This summer program is designed for elementary students or students who are 5 to 12 years old.
  • This in-person summer camp costs $45 a day.
  • This program is unique because it incorporates "social, emotional, academic learning and student relationship building."
  • Discover Link Summer Camp has "outdoor programming and engaging activities in the visual and performing arts, sports, science, and cultural exploration."

Saint Paul Public School's Summer Learning Programs

  • Saint Paul Public Schools in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a summer learning program called Grades K-4 Summer Session.
  • This summer program is designed for kindergarten to grade 4 students. It lasts for 23 days.
  • This in-person program is conducted in various schools in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • This program is unique because it involves field trips for learning about Minnesota plants and animals.
  • The program supports the discovery of new skills, talents, and interests through small group literacy instruction, field trips, and enrichment opportunities from community partnerships.
  • This summer program includes coding, reading, math, economics, physical education, arts, health, and Minnesota plants and animals.
  • The program fee or enrollment cost was not disclosed.

Newport News Public School's SPARK Summer Program

  • Newport News Public Schools in Virginia has a summer program called SPARK, or Summer Program for Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge.
  • This is an in-person summer program designed for kindergartens to grade 12 students.
  • SPARK has a four-week program for kindergartens to grade 8 students. There's also a two-week CyberSTEAM Camp for grade 3 to grade 8 students and another two-week EAGERSTEM and Astro Camp for grade 6 to grade 12 students.
  • This is an innovative summer program because the Astro Camp is conducted in partnership with NASA. Through this summer program, students will have the opportunity to "explore NASA's current and future science missions through hands-on learning experiences." NASA Subject Matter Experts will join the Astro Camp classes.
  • SPARK also has the CyberSTEAM Camp, where students will be asked to code with Ozobots and Edison Robots.
  • The program cost is not publicly disclosed, but payment is made through the home school's bookkeeper.

Research Strategy

For this research on K-12 public school summer programs, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information in the public domain, including Summer School, FCPS, SBO, Equity, and Great Neck.

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