K-12 Education and Parenting Influencers

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Top Education and Parenting Influencers, Part 1

The top seven top k-12 education and parenting influencers in the greater Austin, Texas area include five who talk about both k-12 education and parenting and two who only discuss parenting. Details about their websites, social links, content, and the number of followers have been provided in the attached spreadsheet. Below is an overview of the findings.

WeAreTeachers | Educators Blog

  • The blog WeAreTeachers is an online community for educators committed to one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs, which is teaching.
  • A written article in 2018, with a list of the 30 best science websites for grades K-12, gives an overview of each of the websites and why they are considered best for 12th graders.
  • A written article on parenting in 2017 stated why teaching and parenting are fundamentally similar.
  • It is considered top due to its social media following including Facebook with 1.7M and Twitter with 517k followers.

Texas Public Policy Foundation

  • The mission of the foundation is to defend and promote liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise in Texas. It achieves this by offering policymakers and the Texas public policy debate with academically sound outreach and research.
  • It researched on the poor state of the k-12 schools in Texas and how e 918k students are in attendance in those schools.
  • Regarding parenting, the foundation has a YouTube video recording of a group of panelists discussing how lawmakers can help protect parental rights while also ensuring child welfare.
  • The consideration for the foundation's top position is due to its social media following on Facebook which has over 310k followers.

Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation

  • The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through improving their education.
  • The foundation has published an article on a teacher's perspective on data inter-operability in the K-12 sector and how parents can benefit as key stakeholders.
  • It also includes, regarding parenting, a discussion by two parents, Wendy and Gaye, on how small shifts in eating and exercise habits could affect the quality of their families.
  • Their social media following includes 15k followers on Facebook.

Alt Ed Austin | Alternative Education Blog

  • Alt Ed Austin is a news blog about unique learning environments, discussions about innovative approaches, and guest posts from expert educators.
  • Alt Ed Austin has a published article on "a wicked problem," which is a maker-based experience that introduces youth to architecture through reality-based projects that tackle issues such as inadequate housing and environmental health.
  • On parenting, it discusses the life lessons learned as a special needs parent.
  • Their social media following includes 2.3k followers on Facebook.

Other Helpful Findings

Jack's Mom in Austin

  • Adriana Cantu is a feminist of Latina origin, who is a community and parenting advocate. She invites the public to follow her on her parenting adventure as she learns to maneuver through the ups and downs with a little help from parenting books.
  • For parenting, she discusses the challenges parents who have more than one child face regarding finding a place that accommodates their varying ages.
  • She has 2.5k followers on Facebook.

Life by Lee

Research Strategy

In determining the top education and parenting influencers in the Greater Austin, Texas area, we reviewed aggregated findings compiled on blogs discussing parenting and k-12 education influencers. We also reviewed articles, social media channels, and education reports determining the top influencers based on their social media following. We found a list of the top 100 education influencers with only two from the greater Austin, Texas area. Other lists of influencers reviewed include the 45 top teacher influencers, which had two teachers in Austin, Texas, but with a very low social media following. We also observed some best parent bloggers in Austin, Texas who, however, appear to not have discussions on k-12 education and instead focus on parenting.

After an exhaustive and extensive search, we found limited information on influencers that have discussed both k-12 education and parenting in the Austin, Texas area. This may largely be due to most of them either discussing parenting or family life alone, instead of education discussions surrounding k-12 graders. To try and obtain more findings on eligible influencers, we reviewed a Ballotpedia list of education influencers and were able to find only two attributed to Austin, Texas. We also reviewed EdTech, which focuses on k-12 education, and found a list of 30 k-12 IT influencers.
All other findings of the research can be obtained in the assigned spreadsheet.
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Top Education and Parenting Influencers, Part 2

We saw social media increasing in importance over the last decade. Many people inevitably look to social media influencers to help them make critical decisions. Individuals who have a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific subject are influencers in social media.

We found two websites that are focusing on new educational directives. We discovered three top bloggers who discuss parenting and family lifestyles. We found two bloggers who are nationally recognized teachers. These entities are all active in Austin, Texas. Details about their websites, social links, content, and their number of followers provided in the attached spreadsheet. Below is an overview of the findings.

The Creative Learning Initiative (CLI)

  • CLI is transforming education in the Austin Independent School District by ensuring that all students benefit from arts and creative learning in and out of school.
  • CLI was awarded 1,187 grants totaling $27.3 million to support projects that will provide Americans opportunities for arts participation, including projects that celebrate this year's Women's Suffrage Centennial. https://go.usa.gov/xdcTP #fall2020
  • 950 Followers on Twitter

Teach Thought — We grow teachers

Cherish 365

  • Helping busy parents discover creative ways to cherish every day. New blog posts to uplift you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Spreading positivity, promoting family first
  • 14,158 followers on Facebook
  • 50.8K followers on Twitter
  • 89.3k followers on Instagram

Kevin McKeever

  • Always Home and Uncool Blog
  • Kevin is the editor of City Dads Group because, you know, for kids. Once in a while, he still posts on his one-time vibrant, award-winning blog Always Home and Uncool. His work has been featured in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the New York Daily News, and landfills worldwide.
  • Kevin McKeever is a freelance writer and editor in between his duties as an at-home dad to three: boy, girl, and canine.
  • 743 followers on Facebook
  • 2,393 Followers on Twitter
  • 498 followers on Instagram Blog : Life by Dylan — Entrepreneur, Dad, Health Nut- Austin
  • Dylan is an entrepreneur, a dad, and the lifestyle blogger behind LifeByDylan.com, where he discusses topics pertaining to parenting, starting a new company, and more. He has two kids, a 3-year-old son and a 3-month-old daughter, who keep every day interesting.
  • 49.6K followers on Instagram
  • 60 followers on Facebook
  • 511 followers on Twitter

Kimmie Fink Read

  • Jan 2020 to Present — Associate Editor, Branded Content WeAreTeachers
  • Kimmie (Read) Fink is a veteran educator with 13 years of classroom experience. She currently holds a Washington State Professional Certificate in K-8 Elementary Education and K-12 Spanish Education. In 2014, she earned her master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. From 2010-2011, she lived and worked as a volunteer teacher at the on-site school of a Honduran orphanage. Kimmie became a National Board Certified Teacher (Middle Childhood Generalist) in 2009. She was also named the Puget Sound Regional Teacher of the Year in 2009.
  • Associate Editor, Branded Content at WeAreTeachers in Austin, TX.
  • Private followers on Facebook
  • 124 followers on Twitter

Research strategy

The research team scoured the web looking for the Top Educational and Parenting Influencers that hadn't already been added by previous research. We were able to find some that were impressive, and we added some that although they didn't have an impressive following on social media, were, however, well-known and respected in their fields.


From Part 01
  • "The School Board Elections project maintains articles on prominent national and state-based activists and organizations influencing American K-12 education. The activist pages contain information regarding their backgrounds, careers, political involvement and philosophies. The organization pages contain information regarding their leaderships, locations, funding, mission statements and electoral involvement. "
  • "Funded by thousands of individuals, foundations, and corporations, the Foundation does not accept government funds or contributions to influence the outcomes of its research."
  • "The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through improving their education, health and family economic stability"
  • "News about unique learning environments, discussion of innovative approaches, and guest posts from expert educators and others. Comments welcome!"
From Part 02