Johnstown, CO Demographics and Psychographics

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Johnstown Psychographics

Johnstown residents have the highest level of interest for going to outdoor pools (55%), indoor multi-purpose pools (49%), hanging out in social areas with healthy snacks (45%), and indoor track (44%) in the new Community Center to be built in Johnstown, Colorado.


  • Johnstown residents have the highest level of interest for going to outdoor (55%) and indoor multi-purpose pools (49%), hanging out in social areas with healthy snacks (45%), and doing indoor track (44%) in the new community center in Johnstown, Colorado.
  • The most motivating program offerings for the residents include lap swimming (48%), water-based exercise (47%), physical rehabilitation (39%), and programs that help students succeed (33%).
  • About 33% of local households were members of some type of health club or recreation center in 2016.


  • The Town of Johnstown is a local community informative website about Johnstown, CO.
  • People visiting the Town of Johnstown website like to read about careers from the website.
  • is a county website, with Johnstown city being part of Larimer county.


  • One of the current resident of Johnstown has commented that he likes the parks, walking trails and cycling places in Johnstown.
  • Other comment by current residents of Johnstown note that the farming community of the city is amazing.


  • Johnstown residents are committed to its simple roots and a quiet lifestyle. People from around the county sell their wares, mostly in-season vegetables on Johnstown's Parish Street.
  • According to Mayor Gary Lebsack, Johnstown has got a retail area along with a historic downtown area and a friendly community, which provide a great place to live.
  • The median age of people living in Johnstown is 34 and the median household income is $85,339.

Research Strategy:

We began by looking for city profile reports on the city of Johnstown, CO on sites like Data USA and in order to find information on the habits, hobbies, interests of the people of Johnstown, Colorado. However, we were only able to find information about the age groups, income level, and occupation of the people living in the city. We also consulted local city media publications like MyJohnstownBreeze and 9news. Using this strategy, we were able to find general information about the city, with no information about people's interests and hobbies. We also went through Niche in order to scan through the reviews of the residents of Johnstown and see if they have reported any interests or activities, which has helped us find some information on the residents' interests and activities. We also found a survey report from 2016 that contained information on the interests and activities of the people of Johnstown. However, the report was limited to the activities and interests related to the new community center of Johnstown. I had thought that this strategy may work as community websites would have published information about their residents on their websites.

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Johnstown CO Traffic

Johnstown, Colorado has average daily traffic is 628,818 vehicles per day and the morning peak hour is usually from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. while the evening peak hour is from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Traffic and driving in Johnstown, CO.

  • The majority of households in Johnstown, CO have two cars.
  • The most common method of travel for workers in Johnstown, CO is driving alone, followed by those who Carpool.
  • Employees in Johnstown, CO have an average commute time of 29.9 minutes, which is longer than the normal average United States worker (25.1 minutes).
  • Also, 4.43% of the workforce in Johnstown, CO have what is known as super commute, which is usually more than 90 minutes.
  • The maximum speed limit for roads under Johnstown’s jurisdiction is 45 miles per hour (mph).
  • Rural county roads generally post speed limits of 55 mph.

Traffic patterns

  • The total average daily traffic in Johnstown, CO, is 628,818 vehicles per day.
  • The total average daily truck traffic in Johnstown, CO, is 73,516 trucks per day.
  • Approximately 738,793 vehicles per day are predicted to be the average daily traffic by 2025.

High-traffic days and times

Major roads in the community

Regional roadways

  • I-25 is an interstate freeway that provides the primary north-south connection along the Front Range of Colorado.
  • US 34 is the primary east-west expressway through Larimer and Weld Counties and provides a direct connection between Loveland, Johnstown, and Greeley.
  • SH 56 is a highway that runs east-west from I-25 to the west and provides a connection to the Town of Berthoud.
  • SH 60 runs east-west through the center of Johnstown and connects to the Town of Milliken further to the east. It is also known as South First Street through Johnstown.
  • SH 257 is a north-south highway located to the east of Johnstown.
  • SH 402 is an east-west roadway, located in the northwest portion of Johnstown’s.


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  • "Total average daily traffic 628,818 Total average daily truck traffic 73,516 Total future (year 2025) average daily traffic 738, 793"
  • "Several roadways in the Johnstown area serve as regional connections to other North Front Range communities and to the Denver metropolitan area. These regional roadways include I-25, US 34, SH 56, SH 60, SH 257, and SH 402. "
  • "The maximum speed limit for roads under Johnstown’s jurisdiction is 45 mph. Rural county roads which have posted speed limits are generally 55 mph. "