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John Redmond Part 1

While there is no publicly available information to fully answer the question, we've used the available data to pull together key findings: John Redmond has spoken at three conferences/events recently and has been mentioned several times in the media and press releases. The information about Redmond championing technologies, upcoming conferences and speaking engagements, and published works are not available in the public domain. Below is an outline of our research strategies to better understand why the information requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our findings.



  • Press release published on November 28, 2017: Redmond stated that the design teams for the Sunseeker Resort would “bring unmatched experience with integrated resorts in unique settings from grand-scale international hotels to coastal condo resorts and boutique spas.”
  • Article published on November 18, 2018: Redmond explained that more hotel rooms and fewer condos would be built at the Sunseeker Resort because the company is concerned that “people won’t give us [Allegiant] rooms to sell when it’s busiest and the rates are the highest.”
  • Press release published on March 18, 2019: Redmond stated that the company would “look forward to working with TSSP to develop a premier leisure destination that brings great value, world-class facilities and innovative service to our customers, brings jobs and economic opportunity to the region, and supports the evolution of Allegiant as a multi-faceted leisure travel company.”
  • Press release published on March 20, 2019: Redmond stated that the development of the Sunseeker Resort would mark “the launch of an unprecedented pairing - a world class hospitality brand with an airline at its heart which will bring synergies to our customers and spark innovation in truly transformative ways.”
  • Article published on April 25, 2019: Redmond stated that the Sunseeker Resort “is not being designed as a corporate hotel.”
  • Article published on May 16, 2019: Redmond stated that the development of the Sunseeker Resort would allow Allegiant to become “the Disney of Southwest Florida.”


  • Article published on April 27, 2018: Redmond claimed that Allegiant was “doing significantly better than prior year on all reliability metrics we and other airlines track.”
  • Article published on July 25, 2018: Redmond stated that the company has experienced “a very difficult fleet transition” during the first half of 2018.
  • Article published on December 5, 2018: Redmond was one of the executives named in a lawsuit filed against Allegiant for its airline subsidiary Allegiant Air’s alleged poor safety record.
  • Article published on July 24, 2019: Redmond cited “synergistic value” as the reason for the company’s investment into a golf course management software.


To identify the required information, we first conducted a search for press releases published by Allegiant and articles published by external media outlets that mentioned John Redmond. As there are over 50 articles published online that talked about Redmond, we have only examined the ten most interesting articles published over the past two years. Examples of conferences that Redmond has attended recently (past two years) have also been identified. However, none of the articles examined have provided any information about Redmond championing technologies, upcoming conferences and speaking engagements, and published works.
Next, we examined content published by Allegiant on its website, annual reports, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to identify information about Redmond championing technologies, upcoming conferences and speaking engagements, and published works. However, none of the sources examined have provided any other information besides Redmond’s professional career.
Lastly, we adopted different approaches to identify specific information. As Redmond does not have an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms, we examined social media posts in general to obtain information related to championing of technologies and upcoming conferences and speaking engagements. We have identified a Facebook post that announced one of his past speaking engagements. However, there are no mentions of Redmond championing technologies or announcements about upcoming conferences and speaking engagements on social media. An examination of Medium, Goodreads, and other publishing databases has revealed that Redmond has not published any article or book.
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John Redmond Part 2

We were able to find some details pertaining to John Redmond's interests/likes and dislikes. However, we couldn't find any information whatsoever about his hobbies or causes that he's passionate about. Overall, such details about him were very sparse, but all the applicable insights we found throughout our research are included below.

John Redmond's Interests/Likes & Dislikes

  • In 1980, he relocated to Las Vegas.
  • John Redmond seems to dislike formal business attire.
  • One example of his apparent dislike for formal business attire is found in a statement he made during his introductory video as President of Allegiant Airlines. We transcribed that statement from the video, which is as follows: "I've always had a passion for whatever I've done in my life and I look forward to bringing that same level of enthusiasm and passion here at Allegiant and not wearing a suit and tie doing it."
  • A second example of his dislike for formal business attire is found in a statement he made during his presentation at Allegiant Airlines's 2017 Investor Day. During that presentation, he stated: "Investor Day is always interesting, especially this is my second one. But with Allegiant, it's the one time I get to see all of our management team dress up. So this is -- what you see is what you get in this group. So it's always an interesting time to see how people get to show up in our jeans. And I even put on dress shoes for the occasion; no socks, but I did wear a dress shoes"
  • John Redmond lived in Australia for at least a year when he was CEO and Managing Director of Echo Entertainment Group, which is an Australia-based company (he held that position for "just over a year").
  • The first time John ever visited Florida was in December 2016 when he went there "for a Christmas party." He explained that in his presentation during Allegiant's 2017 Investor Day and stated that he had "never been to the [S]tate of Florida [in] my life until I joined this company [Allegiant Airlines]. I was there in December last year [2016] for a Christmas party."
  • John Redmond regularly stays at Four Points hotels and, according to him, spends about $200 per night for a hotel room.
  • He talked about Four Points hotels in his presentation during Allegiant's 2017 Investor Day and stated: "So anyone of you know that when you go on vacation, you just put yourself, whatever you spend in your hotel room, you're probably going to spend at least that amount on food and beverage. Right? So a hotel that I go down to all the time, Four Points, nothing fancy, $200 a night, right. So $200 a night. "
  • Four Points hotels is a Sheraton hotel brand.

Research Strategy

As was noted above, the only information we could find about John Redmond (of the details requested) were his interests and likes/dislikes. Despite very thorough research, we couldn't find relevant information about his hobbies or causes that he's passionate about. We looked for that information by using three different research methods. First, we checked to see if he has a Linkedin profile, but he does not. If he did, there likely would've been some relevant content about causes, interests, and/or hobbies through posts, articles, likes, and/or shares.

Since he didn't have a Linkedin profile, we proceeded to our second research strategy which was to look for articles about him. Originally, we were searching for general articles about him, but those all focused on his professional experience, which didn't provide us with the information we were looking for. Thus, we also searched for articles unrelated to business, such as about whether he has a family or hobbies. That method led us to this transcription of a presentation he made during Allegiant Airlines's 2017 Investor Day. We reviewed the entirety of his speech and found some insights about his interests/likes and dislikes, all of which we included.

In looking for the remaining information, our third strategy was to conduct wide-ranging press searches about him specific to his previous business positions (e.g. CEO of MGM Grand Resorts). We used that strategy because most of the information that we were finding about him pertained to his role at Allegiant, so we wanted to see if there was older information available, such as an interview with him from his previous employment. As a fourth strategy, we also searched for videos about him to see if he had done any interviews. The only video we found was the one we included in our findings above.

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