Jobs in Nevada Manufacturing Industry

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Jobs in Nevada Manufacturing Industry

The impact of the figures surrounding the manufacturing sector in the state of Nevada include declining unemployment rates, expanding manufacturing base, etc. Likewise, the effects of the shift in the Nevada manufacturing industry to a more tech-centric focus include the development of new technological products, increasing investments into education to enhance technical skills, among others.

I. Impact of Nevada's Manufacturing Statistics

Declining Unemployment Rates

Expanding Manufacturing Base

Strong Manufacturing Exports

  • Nevada's manufacturing exports contribute substantially to the state's economy. In 2018, manufacturing exports earned the state $10.42 billion, which boosted employment growth in the state.
  • In 2018, 87% of all exporting businesses in Nevada were small businesses. Manufacturing goods constituted 93.98% of the total manufactured goods exports. From 2010 to 2018, the manufactured good exports have grown by 104.11%.
  • The top export market for Nevada's exports in 2018 includes Switzerland importing 32.71% of the total manufactured goods exports, India 16.05%, Canada 10.78%, China 6.07%, and Mexico 5.55%.
  • Overall, Nevada's manufactured goods export figures have been climbing since 2000, and only stagnated during the recession.

Increasing Good-Paying Manufacturing Jobs

II. Shifting Nevada's Manufacturing Sector to a More Tech-centric One

Globally, there is a shift in manufacturing processes and decision-making, driven mainly by the interaction of the digital world, people, and the physical world. These changes have affected the manufacturing ecosystem, specifically regarding the incorporation of technology in manufacturing. Notable shifts in manufacturing in the state of Nevada include

Developing New Technologies

Investments in STEM

Smart Workers Working Alongside Smart Machines

  • While the prevalent rhetoric suggests that automation and robotics in the manufacturing industry will result in job losses, new research findings show that new jobs would replace today's job losses in the future.
  • Therefore, most current job roles will not cease to exist but re-emerge as new job roles requiring further training.
  • In this regard, people who may lose their jobs today will be retrained and retooled to perform new roles in the future.
  • In states like Nevada that are investing in technology in the manufacturing sector will also attract companies that will dominate the job market in the future.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways

Research Methodology

Extensive searches across Nevada's government databases, annual economic outlook reports, manufacturing economy reports, as well as industry and news articles have helped uncover information about the impact the manufacturing figures have in Nevada, along with the impact of the shift in the Nevada manufacturing industry to a more tech-centric focus. The reports examined are published by reputable institutions and companies. They include Nevada Workforce, the Western Alliance Bancorporation, the National Association of Manufacturers, Nevada Appeal, Nevada Stem Hub, and Nevada Business. These reports contain both qualitative and quantitative data, along with expert opinions. Overall, the information presented above shows some major impacts the manufacturing sector in Nevada has had on the state, along with the effects of shifting the state's manufacturing industry to a more tech-focused one.