Jobs Board Site Design Strategy

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Jobs Board Site Design Strategy

Key Takeaways

  • is a job search company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to match job seekers with employment opportunities. Through the use of AI, the website accurately matches candidates to open positions.
  • Glassdoor is a site that hosts a huge database of salary information and anonymous company reviews, making it one of the best recruitment platforms since users can get transparent, honest information about companies.
  • LinkedIn has more than 774 million users, making it ideal for recruitment, making professional connections, and networking. Job seekers can find several job positions posted on the website and filter them based on several parameters, such as location, contract type, salary, and experience level.


Three companies that are disrupting the job search category are,, and JamieAi. The best recruitment websites are LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Details regarding job search websites have been provided in the following brief.

Disruptors in the Job Search Category

  • is a job search company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to match job seekers with employment opportunities. Through the use of AI, the website accurately matches candidates to open positions.
  • The company has automated the hiring process using blockchain technology, which eliminates recruitment middlemen.
  • In addition, does not disclose resume data to employers. Anonymizing resume data helps “increase the diversity of the job applicants who are invited to interviews.”
  • offers a signing bonus to the candidates hired through the website. When a company hires, 7% of a candidate’s base salary is paid to as a fee. From the 7%, 5% is given to the candidate.
  •’s business model, which is candidate-centric, changes the conventional job search structure since it favors the job-seeker.
  • The company has over 60 million registered users. In addition, acquired Fortus Healthcare Resources and Endevis on August 19, 2021, which added over $50 million of annual revenue to the company.

  • is a personalized job board startup that serves engineers. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and was established in 2018 to improve the hiring process for engineers.
  • is different from traditional job search sites. Instead of candidates searching for recruiting messages through email or on other job boards, which can be mixed with spam, the platform enables engineers to create a personalized page and add search filters that enable them to focus on the job opportunities of their interest. “’s software then scrapes websites, job boards, social media and other places to match employee and employer.”
  • The platform leverages the power of big data and web crawling. It acts as a recruiting assistant that actively looks for jobs on behalf of engineers and highlights opportunities that are perfectly matched to their skills.
  • is a profitable company and uses a subscription model for hiring managers and individual recruiters.


  • JamieAi is a recruitment tech startup based in London that is disrupting the job search space by using AI-driven automation and human expertise.
  • “JamieAi’s mission centers on using artificial intelligence to automate the processes of an effective, focused recruiter with extensive and deep knowledge of the applicant’s industry.”
  • The company aims to be one of the most accurate job matching platforms in the market. To achieve this, the company has employed experienced data science recruiters.
  • The company handles user data and resumes differently from the traditional recruiter. JamieAi does not allow companies to access user data and filters applications before sending them to employers to ensure that they get the right candidate. According to the CEO, “We try to base the business on a level of trust and transparency with the employee.”
  • The company has a total funding amount of $1.5 million.

Best Recruitment Websites


  • LinkedIn has more than 774 million users, making it ideal for recruitment, making professional connections, and networking. Job seekers can find several job positions posted on the website and filter them based on several parameters, such as location, contract type, salary, and experience level.
  • Job listings on LinkedIn show users if they have any existing contacts who are working or have previously worked for companies that have posted employment opportunities.
  • Using LinkedIn is a free website, but users can upgrade to LinkedIn Premium Career for $29.99 per month, where they can get more information on job listings, details on other applicants, and salary.
  • The company is considered among the best recruitment websites because of its user base, social networking ability, and features. Furthermore, the website has been ranked as one of the best recruitment platforms by industry sites, such as Consumers Advocate, Career Side Kick, and Undercover Recruiter.


  • Indeed is a recruitment platform that was established in 2004. The website has an extensive database of job listings and over 250 million users.
  • Indeed a free job search engine where users can upload their resumes. Other features of the website include a salary comparison tool, skills assessment, and company reviews from real employees.
  • Indeed posts job listings from every industry and candidates can search for jobs by location, date posted, salary range, and experience level.
  • The website’s interface is highly intuitive enabling users to search for jobs easily.
  • The company is considered one of the best because it has a huge database, millions of users, and many features. Furthermore, industry and media sites, such as Tech Radar, US News, and The Balance Careers have recognized it as one of the top websites when it comes to recruitment.


  • Glassdoor is a site that hosts a huge database of salary information and anonymous company reviews, making it one of the best recruitment platforms since users can get transparent, honest information about companies.
  • The company hosts over one million companies and has about seventy million anonymous reviews. In addition, it has over nine million job openings. Job listings on the site have information, such as work/life balance, career progression, culture, and cover salary.
  • The site has filtering options where users can find job listings based on industries, locations, ratings, size, and salary.
  • Glassdoor has been mentioned in several “top recruitment websites” lists by sites, such as Tech Radar, Quickbooks, The Balance Careers, and US News.

Technologies Leveraged By Recruiters



  • Website: PCRecruiter
  • PCRecruiter is a software that offers “comprehensive recruitment CRM and ATS functionality, including converged database, voice, email, and API interfaces using accessible, standardized technology to empower recruiters, managers, and candidates with the right information at the right time.”
  • PCRecruiter enables recruiters to create assessments for testing candidates’ skills. The assessments are scored automatically and linked to the candidate for future use.
  • Features by PCRecruiter that drive candidate engagement include email integration, mobile application, customization, voice and SMS, and email campaigns.
  • An example of a company using PCRecruiter is EMCOR Group, Inc.
  • PCRecruiter can be integrated with WordPress.



  • Website: JobScore
  • JobScore is an applicant tracking system that helps in-house recruiters find the right candidates through features, such as resume parsing scoring, referral campaigns, and on-click job posting.
  • Recruiters using the platform can increase candidate engagement by creating customized application forms, sharing on social networks, notifying the right candidates about positions, and streamlining communications by automating track notes and emails.
  • Dialpad is an example of a company using JobScore.
  • JobScore can be integrated with WordPress.


  • Website: Crelate
  • Crelate is an end-to-end staffing and recruiting software. The platform has a customizable drag-and-drop interface that helps recruiters track the progress of candidates and inbuilt tools for recording interactions, managing tasks, and communicating with candidates.
  • Crelate helps recruiters communicate with their candidates and track their engagement through its email and messaging feature.
  • Other features by Crelate that benefit recruiters include job board publishing, candidate workflows, activity tracking, resume parsing, and analytics and reporting.
  • An example of a recruiter using the tool is Allsearch Recruiting.
  • Crelate can be integrated with WordPress.



  • Website: Manatal
  • Manatal is a recruitment applicant tracking system that leverages artificial intelligence. Manatal has an AI scoring system that helps recruiters find the best candidates in their database.
  • In addition, the platform boosts candidate engagement through its chat system and email integration.
  • Through the platform, recruiters can integrate different candidate assessments including language proficiency in their recruitment system.
  • An example of a company using the platform is Unilever.
  • Manatal can be integrated with WordPress.

Tools For Social Remarketing/Retargeting


  • Website: SmartDreamers
  • SmartDreamers is a marketing automation platform that is used by recruiters to accelerate talent acquisition processes.
  • One of the platform’s features is retargeting. SmartDreamers helps recruiters retarget career page visitors by creating retargeting campaigns. Remarketing campaigns can be reviewed, measured, and analyzed.
  • SmartDreamers integrates with applicant tracking systems.
  • An example of a company using the platform is Siemens.


  • Website: Joveo
  • Joveo is a programmatic job advertising platform that enables recruiters to “buy and manage recruitment media to attract the most relevant candidates on time.” The company leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • One of the solutions offered by Joveo is retargeting. In this case, recruiters can retarget candidates that abandoned job application processes and channel them back to the recruitment funnel.
  • An example of a company using the platform is JobCloud.


  • Website: Recruitics
  • Recruitics is a data-centric recruitment marketing agency that offers solutions, such as recruitment advertising, programmatic job advertising, employer branding, and analytics and tracking.
  • Recruitics runs retargeting campaigns by leveraging contacts in existing CRMs or candidate lists and developing custom audiences for google, display, and social ads to remarket and feed them into the talent network.
  • An example of a company using the platform is Macy’s.

How Job Search Sites Provide a Good Candidate Experience


  • FlexJobs is the largest job search site for hand-screened remote jobs. The company’s dedication and specialization in finding remote working opportunities have resulted in a good candidate experience. As it stands, the company is highly ranked on several “top” lists by industry sites.
  • FlexJob charges a monthly fee for membership where members can access professionally vetted listings from 50 different categories.
  • In addition, members have access to exclusive discounts on products and services, such as professional career coaching, Dell laptops, and Quickbooks.
  • The proceeds from the company’s subscription model are used to conduct the needed research to vet all job opportunities it adds to its listing. By ensuring that all the job listings on the site are legitimate, job seekers have a better and safer experience. The company also has a refund policy if members are not satisfied with the platform.
  • Many candidates use the platform because it saves them time and energy since it is an ad-free and scam-free platform.
  • FlexJob maintains a strong brand image on social media. The company is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where it posts career advice. In addition, the company publishes job opportunities and insights on social media and engages with its users.


  • Ladders provides vetted job listings for opportunities that pay a minimum of $100,000 annually. The company is a job website, networking platform, and career newsroom.
  • Ladder focuses on connecting experienced managers with high-paying opportunities. The company provides job listings for sectors, such as data science, human resources, digital marketing, finance, among others for huge corporations like Cigna, Google, and Morgan Stanley.
  • The company offers basic and premium membership. Premium members can access curated job matches and get top placements on job postings.
  • Ladders provides free services, expert advice, and features, which improve the candidate experience. For instance, it offers expert advice on optimizing resumes and has a Resume Reviewer tool.
  • These benefits make it suitable for candidates looking for jobs in a highly competitive market.
  • Ladders has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where it posts professional career news and advice, which is in line with its brand image. Furthermore, the company brands itself as “the home of $100k careers.”

Case Studies on How Companies Integrate Social Media


  • The company uses social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where it directs its followers and other users to its website.
  • Indeed shares content like industry news and uses engaging posts with direct links to the company website.
  • In addition, Indeed utilizes hashtags so that its posts are seen by prospective candidates. The company uses hashtags that are related to recruitment and job opportunities. Examples of the hashtags used by the company include “#hiring,” “#jobinterviews,” and “#Jobseekers.”
  • Furthermore, Indeed uses images and videos in its posts to increase engagement.
  • In addition, Indeed holds live sessions on its social media pages. For instance, the company held a live session on Instagram on September 29th.
  • To drive traffic to its website, Indeed is active on social media. Its social media pages are regularly updated to create better engagement.


  • ZipRecruiter integrates social media by having a strong presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • LinkedIn is considered the go-to site for many job seekers and ZipRecruiter is active on the platform. The company makes regular posts on the professional site and directs candidates to its website.
  • In addition, the company is active on Facebook and posts videos and images that offer career advice, therefore, engaging users.
  • In 2017, Facebook integrated with Ziprecruiter “to boost the number of job ads available on its platform targeting its 2 billion monthly active users.

Research Strategy

For this research on job search websites, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information available in the public domain, including Biz Journals, PR Web, and TechRadar. It is noteworthy that we found limited information on how companies integrate social media as part of recruitment into their job applications websites. We attempted to find pre-compiled case studies on media and industry sites, such as The Balance Careers, US News, and The Undercover Recruiter but did not find relevant information. Therefore, we attempted to search for what some of the top companies were doing to integrate social media. While we found some information, data on the metrics of success was unavailable in the public domain.

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