JetBlue Company Profile

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Jet Blue Employee Engagement

CSR initiatives and the JetBlue Scholars program are two ways in which JetBlue engages with its employees.


  • JetBlue engages its employees through several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and programs targeted at building community, including the Blue Horizons for Autism and Reaching Blue Heights, among others.
  • The company began its mission to inspire humanity through its CSR programs with its members, by crafting corporate citizenship programs that drive employee engagement effectively.
  • The company stated that its success is dependent on its crew members who work to transport people safely to their destinations. As such, JetBlue works to ensure that its crew members are positively engaged to provide a more friendly atmosphere for its customers.
  • In trying to engage its crew members, JetBlue leadership took some steps to review employee engagement in the company through the use of surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The findings from the investigation showed community as the most significant motivator for crew members in the company.
  • JetBlue then placed its CSR department under the HR department to ensure that its core areas of focus (youth and education, community, and the environment) aligned with its employee engagement initiatives.
  • The company's staff are always encouraged to volunteer for initiatives of their choosing to drive engagement.
  • One such initiative is the Blue Horizons for Autism, in which JetBlue partnered with Autism Speaks to allow families affected by autism to practice the air travel experience in a real but relaxed setting, which helps to prepare them for future travel.
  • In the first year of its conception (2015), the company-sponsored 750 children with autism at four of its airports across the country.
  • The company's crew members are in charge of simulating the flight experience while the staff volunteers meet the families at the end of the experience to greet and congratulate them.


  • Jetblue offers its employees the opportunity to acquire fully accredited undergraduate college degrees under a scholarship from the company through its JetBlue Scholars program.
  • In three years, the JetBlue Scholars program has paid for 250 degrees.
  • The program has been further expanded to allow the employees to earn Master's degrees at a discounted rate. It reduces the time and cost to obtain degrees by converting aviation and military training, as well as previously acquired professional certification to college credit.
  • JetBlue developed this program based on feedback from its crew members. The company states that the program has proven to be a "development and retention tool leading to increased employee engagement and loyalty."
  • Employees that are part of this program typically take 13 months to complete an associate degree and 16 months for a bachelor's degree.
  • The JetBlue Scholars program offers degrees in "business, aviation, liberal studies, and information technology."


To provide CSR-related programs employed by JetBlue to engage its employees, we leveraged some reports that are beyond Wonder's standard two-year timeframe. However, we used these reports considering that most source articles were published at the time in which these programs were conceived.
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Jet Blue CSR Structure

JetBlue's CSR department operates under the human resources unit to ensure that the company's CSR objectives align with its employee engagement initiatives.


  • JetBlue has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) department.
  • However, the company placed the CSR department under its human resources (HR) department to ensure that its core areas of focus are in alignment with its employee engagement initiatives.


  • JetBlue's senior leadership team, along with the CEO, are responsible for achieving the company's mission, establishing and delivering on its strategy, maintaining and inspiring its culture and crew members, inspiring and creating innovative and disruptive products, establishing accountability, and controlling risk.
  • Its senior leadership team comprises those who lead operations, the commercial team, and those leading central functions such as human resources, legal, and finance areas.
  • JetBlue's CSR department operates under the HR department.
  • Icema Gibbs is the director of corporate social responsibility at JetBlue. She is responsible for the company's corporate citizenship. She works with a small team to "enhance JetBlue’s brand platform through global cause marketing and philanthropic initiatives."


  • The department has three core commitments, and they include youth and education, community, and the environment.
  • The CSR team "supports not-for-profit organizations focusing on youth and education, environment, and community in the BlueCities they serve."
  • JetBlue carries out charitable giving through its non-profit JetBlue Foundation, as part of its community programs.
  • In 2019, the JetBlue Foundation provided 13 programs with grants worth almost $250,000 to benefit their education initiatives.