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Jessica Alba: Press Search

In the past year, there were 231 media articles published about Jessica Alba, 94 are from the past 60 days. The top media sources covering Jessica Alba's life are Daily Mail UK, HOLA! US, Yahoo! Lifestyle, US Magazine, and LatinTimes. The topics discussed the most surround her family life, her fashion style, her beauty brand The Honest Company, her hairstyle, and her public appearances. A complete analysis was included in the attached spreadsheet and a summary of our findings below.

Popular Media Sources

  • Among the many publications Daily Mail made about Jessica Alba, they covered her time shopping a Christmas Tree with her family.
  • HOLA! US made multiple mentions of Jessica Alba, including her participation in the La Familia Portrait Event and campaign to promote Mexican fashion and heritage.
  • US Magazine has made many mentions of Alba in the last days, including promotion of her The Honest Company beauty brand among the top celebrity moms who decided to start their own businesses.
  • Yahoo! Lifestyle made multiple mentions of Alba in the past month, including the new hairstyle she presented in November, a blunt short lob.
  • LatinTimes also mentioned her in many publications, including an analysis of her fashion style while shopping in LA.

Most Published Topics

Research Strategy


In order to measure the information, and organize the media mentions by its source and content, we made a list of every article in the past 60 days where Jessica Alba was mentioned, compiled, and analyzed them in a spreadsheet.

We categorized the articles by indicating Media Source and Main Topic to make it easier to count the top ones. Finally, after analyzing all 94 articles available from the past 60 days, the count was included in the "Top Sources and Topics Count" sheet of the attached spreadsheet.

Popular Media Sources

The media sources where Jessica Alba was mentioned more than once and the number of times mentioned are the following:

HOLA!: 5
Yahoo: 4

In Cheat Sheet, Closer Weekly, Global Real News, InStyle Magazine, JustJared, MarieClaire, PageSix, People, PinkVilla, RepublicWorld, Shape, She Knows, and Vogue she is mentioned two times, and only once in the past 60 days in the rest of the media sources.

With this information, we deducted that the top five most popular sources that talk about Jessica Alba, from top to bottom, are Daily Mail UK, Hola! US, US Magazine, Yahoo! Lifestyle, and LatinTimes.

Popular Topics

Following the same strategy, we classified the articles for their Central Topic and analyzed the information covered in the article. We noticed that the main five topics surrounding Jessica Alba's media mentions are:

The rest of central topics identified were Movies and TV Shows, Consumption of products, services, or places she visits, Fitness, Analysis of a statement made by her, Lifestyle, Celebrity Gossip, Person Analysis, Unrelated Mention/Mentioned as Example, Family Time and Fashion Style, Food Insights, Social Media Analysis, Beauty, and Business Collaboration s with less than seven articles each in the last 60 days.

How Has the Media Talked About Her Over the 60 days

In conclusion, from the analysis made of her media mentions in the past 60 days, we determined that the media talks about Jessica Alba in a positive light and focuses on her work as an entrepreneur, her favorable fashion sense, her family life, and her work performances and appearances.