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President Jay Mehr has led and has been involved with a number of strategic initiatives at Shaw Communications such as the Total Business Transformation Initiative; corporate and operational strategy of "Focus To Deliver" program; and Shaw's next generation Video initiatives. Jay Mehr is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Contemporary Calgary and Co-Chair of the National Campaign Cabinet of Pathways to Education Canada, and both him and his wife Viviane are actively involved with charities such as Pathways to Education Canada, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Arts Umbrella and Canadian Art.

Jay mehr — President, Shaw communications: Initiatives and personal details

A) Initiatives:

1) total business transformation initiative:

2) "Focus to deliver" program:

  • Jay Mehr has led the corporate and operational strategy on Shaw Communications' "Focus to Deliver" program, which they adopted in 2014, transforming Shaw's way of planning, organizing and executing their business in order to achieve their corporate and operational strategy.
  • The "Focus to Deliver" program was designed to enhance Shaw's efficiency and growth potential by making sure that business decisions follow a customer-centric criteria. The outcome is having all aspect of their operations, which includes resource allocation, are prioritized for the impact on Shaw's valued customers.
Some changes brought by the adoption of "Focus to Deliver" by Shaw Communications in 2014 are:

3) next generation video initiative:

B) education:

C) charity involvement:

D) boards:

  • Jay Mehr is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Contemporary Calgary, which began as a collaboration of visual arts partners including Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art (IMCA), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC), and contributes to a global city of choice by engaging Calgarians through the arts.
  • As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jay Mehr was involved with the Centennial Planetarium project agreement between the City of Calgary and Contemporary Calgary.
  • Jay Mehr is the current Co-Chairman of the National Campaign Cabinet of Pathways to Education Canada.

E) Family life

F) past career path

Jay Mehr has held roles for the past 21 years at Shaw Communications, including:
Jay Mehr's other Operating leadership roles at Shaw Communications from October 1996 to October 2010 (14 years, 1 month) including: