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Javara - Social Media Lessons

Social media lessons which Javara can learn from their competitors include: getting a YouTube channel, providing current crisis information, blogging, and utilizing Twitter more effectively. We have examined each of these in more depth below.

Get a YouTube Channel.

Provide Information in Crisis Situations.

Use of Blogs

  • In recent times, blogging has become a mandatory staple in a business marketing plan.
  • Blogs are the oldest social media platform and allow health care providers to provide detailed information in an informal, and narrative way.
  • PMG Research implements this social media strategy, with a page of informational posts as well as blogged testimonials.
  • Blogging increases traffic to a website, providing more content and avenues for prospective customers to find the company.
  • Providers are encouraged to think about the questions patients and consumers may have, and post consistently based on these. With those questions answered, consumers are encouraged to find out more about a business.

Utilize Twitter more Effectively.

Research Strategy

To conduct our research, we visited Javara's website to investigate the social media platforms the company utilizes. We then proceeded to reviewing the social media pages of Javara’s competitors, that is, PMG Research, Elligo Health Research, Circuit Clinical, and Theradex Oncology Experts.

We then visited Visiting PMG Research’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages where we immediately came across posts about the imminent COVID-19 outbreak currently happening. No information of this nature was found on any Javaras profiles showing a lack of focus on current and crisis events. PMG Research was also found to have a YouTube page consisting of testimonial videos from patients and physicians, informational videos, and more. This social media platform is not used by Javara.

When the social media pages of Elligo Health and Circuit Clinical were observed, more interaction was seen with its customers in comparison to Javara’s pages.

We also visited industry related websites such as Health Care Guys, Health Care Success, Patient Pop, and Convince & Convert.