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Jason Russ Professional Profile

Jason Russ is the Head of Experiential Marketing for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) US. He has been involved with the Chrysler Group (which includes the Dodge brand) since at least 2011. Mr. Russ does not have an accessible LinkedIn profile or public biography, making it difficult to track his career history. However, a profile of projects in which he has participated has been compiled and is based on a series of comprehensive searches.


In 2011, Mr. Russ was involved in a month-long national campaign promoting the Dodge Journey crossover vehicle. Despite the vehicle's launch in 2008, it did not gain significant, initial interest among consumers, prompting the launch of this unique marketing campaign. Using a computer analogy, the company encouraged consumers to "hit the road to find the first search engine for the real world", and created a treasure hunt of sorts by hiding three vehicles in different locations in the United States. Clues as to the vehicles' locations were provided on social media (particularly through YouTube, ad-style videos), and consumers had to both identify the geographic locations and personally reach the vehicle first to win. In additional to the excitement created by the challenge, the first week's results included more than five million YouTube views with each averaging 25 minutes long.

Regarding the campaign, Mr. Russ indicated, “We’ve been talking about what to do with the Journey since it came out, and we realized awareness was very low, so we needed to do something big and creative, more than just a TV ad. We feel it was a success.”

Further evidence of Mr. Russ's role with Dodge in 2011 (i.e., Director of Dodge Advertising) can be found in this Dodge Charger car chase ad listing.


In November 2012, Ad Age named the Chrysler Group their Marketer of the Year. The attached article primarily focuses on Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois and his successful efforts in turning around Chrysler sales; however, Jason Russ is pictured as part of the team, and identified as "head of Dodge brand advertising".


A 2013 Dodge campaign put a new spin on the concept of wedding gifts and registries by suggesting that givers consider contributing to the purchase of a new car (specifically, a Dodge Dart), with each giver sponsoring different car parts. By way of a 30-second commercial, engaged couples were encouraged to enroll in the “Dodge Dart Registry” online to select options for their potential new cars. Though less than 20 couples enrolled, Jason Russ, "head of Dodge brand advertising" stated, "I’m sure you’ve seen ads that run during the holiday season with a car with a bow on top. What makes this different is that nobody has really taken a car and dissected it into different parts.


Each year, FCA US runs a yearlong, multi-brand campaign and contest where eligible consumers can win a $45,000 credit towards the purchase of a new Chrysler brand vehicle. Consumers enter by participating in interactive, experiential events, typically at Chrysler-branded booths. These experiences often include test drives and/or conversations with product specialists.

The 2015 winner of the Giveaway was Kevin Arias, a Chicago fireman. In a press release, Jason Russ stated, “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to gift one of our event attendees with an FCA vehicle. Given how Kevin Arias heroically serves his community as a Chicago fire fighter, it gives us great pleasure to present him with his new Dodge Challenger. We anticipate that he will have many years of joy from his brand new muscle car.”

The 2016 Giveaway winner was Sandra Moussiaux, a retired science teacher from the Detroit area. “The FCA US LLC National Sweepstakes is always an exciting time for us and truly one of the best parts of the job,” explained Jason Russ, Head of Experiential Marketing, FCA US. “Sandra is a dedicated educator who equips our children with the knowledge they need to succeed in the classroom each and every day. With our U.S. headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, FCA is very proud to reward a local resident like Sandra with a new Dodge Durango that she deserves.”


In 2016, the "PacifiKids" online digital ad campaign was launched as a means of marketing Chrysler's new Pacifica minivan. Three children were selected as “PacifiKids” and kicked off the campaign during a spring gathering of Chrysler and Dodge owners. In addition, a "dealership takeover" was implemented for two days at a California dealership, turning it into a "kid-friendly and kid-operated dealership, equipped with a ball pit, slide and full staff of children salespeople".

According to Jason Russ, head of experiential marketing, for FCA US, "It really was an experiment for us to see if we could pull it off. I’m really proud of what we came out with.


Wrapping up, there is little public information about Jason Russ, Head of Experiential Marketing for FCA US, though he is often quoted in connection with innovative brand marketing campaigns. He has been with the Dodge brand since at least 2011.