Japanese Celebrity Entertainment Suggestions

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Japanese Celebrity Entertainment Suggestions

A group of seven celebrity speakers in Japan were found that were chosen from a wide variety of backgrounds. These names include Masayoshi Son, Ken Mogi, Fuyugi Matsui, Yoichi Ochiai, Ike Nwala, Renho Murata, and Aya Kumikawa.


Our main strategy in finding the best people was to find speakers in popular industries, such as technology, science, health, art, music, etc. When we found a potential lead, we ensured that they were either speakers by trade, or have done regular speeches and performances in public. Ike Nwala is an example of a person that hasn't done many speeches per se, but is a public performer and comedian. We then looked to see how well-known and respected they were in circles outside of Japan that are also interested in Japanese culture, so we chose leads based on the number of times they were mentioned in foreign media and in Japan-related social media posts, community forums, and blogs. With each celebrity found, we looked to exclude any personality that would have circumstances preveting them from presenting at a dinner, such as when we had famous director Hayao Miyazaki and the Emperor of Japan as leads. Finally, when we found general email addresses on websites, such as info@email.com, we tried to find ones that were as specific as possible. We used a mail tester tool to ping these email addresses to make sure they actually do exist, and placed screenshots into this document. In cases where this was not possible, we included the contact page.


Contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Email: mson@softbank.co.jp

Masayoshi Son is the founder and CEO of Softbank, which is a telecom and investment firm that brought in $81 billion in revenue in 2017. He has a net worth of $22.2 billion. He lives in Tokyo.

Masayoshi Son was picked because he's one of the most influential investors not only in Japan but in the United States as well. He's invested in tech unicorns like WeWork and Uber. He is described as a passionate speaker and often holds keynote speeches.


Contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Email: kenmogi@qualia-manifesto.com

Ken Mogi is a neuroscientist, writer, and broadcaster who has published more than 30 papers on cognitive science and neuroscience. He lives in Tokyo, and has also written over 100 books covering popular science, essay, criticism, and self-help. He lives in Tokyo.

Ken has a large following and he has sold nearly 1 million copies of his books. He has also done many speaking events.


Contact information: Facebook, Email: fuyuko@matsuifuyuko.com

Fuyuko Matsui is a Japanese artist that is famous for using age-old painting techniques of Japanese art culture and creating new emotional paintings based on powerful themes. Her work has been featured in galleries in Paris, Sweden, and San Francisco.

She is an important figure in the Japanese art scene, and she was even commissioned by The Olympics. She has done many interviews and speeches in Japan and around the world.


Contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Email

Yoichi Ochiai is a computer graphics and instrumentation engineering professor at the University of Tsukuba. He is known for integrating science and art in ways that some people call 'wizardry'.

He was chosen because of the scope of his work, and because of the amount of recognition, he has gotten in the fields of computer science and media. He has spoken at many events, including TEDxTokyo.


Contact information: Instagram, Twitter, Email

Ike Nwala is a Nigerian-American comedian and entertainer that is based in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to Japan at the age of 20 for a job with Goldman Sachs but became a comedian instead.

Ike was chosen because of his diverse background and his stature in Japanese society. He was able to become successful and overcome prejudice in one of the most homogeneous countries in the world.


Contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Email: renho@renho.jp, Phone: 03-6551-0441

Renho Murata is a Taiwanese-Japanese politician who is the Budget Committee Director of the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP) Vice President and the Secretary General of the House of Councilors. She was the first female and biracial person elected as head of the country's Democratic Party (different from the CDP) before she resigned from that post due to election losses.

She was picked because Renho is an inspiration to many women because of her leadership, and she has served the House of Councilors, which is the upper house of parliament, for 15 years.


Contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Email: mail@ah-yeah.com, Phone: 03-5799-7765

Aya Kamikawa is a transgender Japanese politician and activist who sat on the council of Setagaya for 14 years. She lobbied for a change to a law in Japan that would allow transgender people to officially change their gender on the family registry certificate. It was her activism that enabled trans politicians like Tomoya Hosoda to become a city council member in 2017.

She was chosen because of her activism and position in Japanese society, and the fact that she was mentioned in many foreign LGBTQ blogs, websites, and articles.