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J. Eric Field Bio

John "J." Eric Field is a 47 year-old "Financial, Consulting, and Management expert" who was the National Strategic Accounts Manager for Russell Investments from 2015 to 2018. His Advisor Representative registration with Russell lapsed on February 26 of this year due to him leaving the organization; he has not been involved in any events which would require disclosure. He has been careful to avoid publicizing his private life or personal beliefs in any form that could be traced back to his professional life.
Below you will find a deep dive of our findings.


John Eric Field, age 47, is a self-described "Financial, Consulting, and Management expert, known for growing existing relationships that help clients strategically prepare for the next phase of business, which includes business planning, succession planning, and practice management consulting."
He currently resides at 20567 NE 31st St., Sammamish, WA 98074-4355, and is registered to vote in King County. Field has no known political party affiliation.


Field began attending Brigham Young University in 1994 and graduated with a BA in Chinese (he claims fluency in both Cantonese and Mandarin). He worked various jobs to put himself through school, including C.M.S. Casuals, the Nicolsen Corp., and Blockbuster Video. His first professional job was at Everen Securities in 1998. He moved on to become an Investment Officer at Indiana Trust Company, where he remained from 1999-2005 before moving on to Russell Investments.
He moved from Fishers, IN (a suburb of Indianapolis) in or after 2010, after serving Russell Investments as an Associate Regional Sales Director for nearly five years. He has remained with Russell Investments, rising to become their National Strategic Accounts Manager. Russell Investment currently has $40.5 billion total assets under management, 271 employees, and 56 accounts. Field apparently left Russell Investments in 2018, and has not yet added a new job to his LinkedIn portfolio.
Field was registered as an Advisor Representative with Russell Investments starting on January 26, 2006, but this registration lapsed on February 26, 2018. We were unable to determine any untoward reason for the lapse, and believe it simply marks his departure from the firm. According to the disclosure information, Field has no reported events involving "certain criminal charges and convictions, formal investigations and disciplinary actions initiated by regulators, customer disputes and arbitrations, and financial disclosures such as bankruptcies and unpaid judgments or liens."
A search of Russell Investments' Newsroom page did not reveal any articles highlighting J. Eric Field's contributions to the company, nor any blog posts under his name. We also reviewed the company's YouTube channel but did not find any videos in which Field was interviewed. Two of the company's introductory videos are in Mandarin and Cantonese, respectively; Field may or may not have been involved in their production.
Since a general search did not turn up any other articles regarding Field and he has been with Russell Investments for over a decade, we did not attempt to individually search the sites of his previous employers.


His known or suspected past addresses include:
22626 NE Inglewood Hill Rd #822, Sammamish, WA 98074-5010
14254 Brooks Edge L., Fishers, IN 46040-0028
11180 Plum Hollow Cir., Fishers, IN 46037-9137
3930 Edison Lakes Pkwy., Mishawaka, IN 46545-3418
He has also lived in Granger, IN; Maple Valley, WA; Provo, UT; and Issaquah, WA.
He may be or may have been associated with the following phone numbers: (317) 336-0576, (425) 413-4049, (574) 271-0374, (425) 641-1072, (317) 336-0225, (317) 594-0576, and (574) 247-0984.


While Field has a very public professional life, there is little personal information available in public sources. He has a Facebook page, but it is either little-used or the majority of it is available only to friends. However, from the Friends list, he appears to have three children, all pre-teen: Jessica Robbyn Field, Emily S. Field, and Joe Field. We were unable to determine from the available data if he is currently married. The only other public pictures are in an album named "Roots" and appear likely to be pictures of himself as a child. Field does not seem to have a Twitter account, making LinkedIn and Facebook his primary social media accounts. It is possible that he has separate personal social media accounts that are not connected to his legal name, but we were unable to locate them. A thorough search also failed to turn up any articles written under the name "J. Eric Field" (his preferred professional name).
We therefore conjecture that J. Eric Field is a very prudent man who is predominantly focused on his career and family. He has carefully maintained his professional online persona separate from any personal interests and/or beliefs.


J. Eric Field appears to be the consummate professional who rose high in the ranks of Russell Investments despite having his degree in another field. The reason for his departure in February 2018 is not known. As of now, he has no reported events disclosed against his license, such as might arise from malfeasance or financial issues. He has been very cautious about his personal details, which makes his willingness to openly "friend" his children on Facebook indicative of how important they are to him.