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Istation Profile

Istation has many awards and testimonials that show their success and credibility. Their programs have successfully raised reading and testing levels, as well as decreased intervention needs. A deeper look into the company can be found below.

Competitive Advantage

  • Istation has won multiple edTech awards including SIAA CODiE finalist, Tyton Top 50, BESSIE award, and EDIE award.
  • They show many testimonial videos, graphs, and stories that indicate they have many satisfied customers.
  • Istation has various endorsements that show their credibility. These include the Forbes Technology Council, the Council of Administrators of Special Education, and the National Center on Response to Intervention.
  • The fact that they offer both mobile and desktop versions of their program makes them more accessible to teachers who use different hardware.


  • NWEA is a company that provides personalized assessments that cater to each child's educational level and needs.
  • Nearpod is a program that allows teachers to find or create personalized, interactive lessons, and create learning plans for each child based on their needs.
  • Lexia Learning provides online programs and assessments for readers at varying levels. They offer a level-based approach and have separate resources for students who need extra help.
  • Imagine Learning provides a digital suite of programs for grades PreK-8. Their programs cover multiple subjects, but all subjects are language-focused.


  • One Idaho charter school used Istation and as a result, they saw a 50% decrease in the need for intervention in seven months.
  • A public school in Georgia used Istation for math and as a result they saw a 63% decrease in intervention needs.
  • One school used Istation reading for two years and saw an increase in Lexile scores across all grades. The scores increased anywhere from 100 to 310 points in each grade.
  • One intervention teacher saw increased test scores in her Tier 1 and 2 students, and increased reading scores in her Tier 3 students after using Istation.

Research Strategy

To find competitors of Istation, we looked on various databases that compile company information, such as Crunchbase, Owler, and G2. We found competitors that were listed on multiple sources and then verified that they provide similar services and products.

We did not find any funding information for iStation. Their press room includes articles on all kinds of partnerships, contracts, and endorsements but there is no mention of funding or investors. A general search did not find any funding information either. We switched gears and looked for revenue and other financial reports in hopes that funding or investment information might be mentioned, but we did not find anything. It is our conclusion that the company either has not received any funding, or it has not disclosed this information because they are a private company.