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Corporations setting up in Israel - M&A and Recruiting

There are six major corporations who are setting up a new presence in Israel. This includes Urban Outfitters, Miniso, Daiso, TD Bank, Porsche, and Seldat Distribution. Another four additional companies are expanding their current operations within Israel are DropBox, Amazon, Hyundai, and Samsung. A list of these companies and a contact person is listed in this spreadsheet.

Because we were unable to find ten companies with new footprints in Israeli's market, we expanded the search to include companies who are making noticeable expansions in Israel. Therefore, we've listed the companies under Coorporations New to Israel and Growing Corporations. Each company has noted an expansion of office space and employees, making this a viable company for scouting technical talent. We were unable to find any telephone or e-mail addresses for these companies. Instead, we've utilized LinkedIn profiles for contact, and listed HR contacts for the company.

The companies are listed based off their global office footprint and large employee workforce in the thousands. A description of the company's achievements, activity in Israel, and contact person (if available) are noted below.

Corporations New to Israel

Urban Outfitters

A leading company in fashion, this brand operates in America, Canada, Europe, and Israel with over 500 stores. They are slated to open in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center Mall. The company working with Israeli fashion company Fox Wizel Ltd as a franchise operation.

Liron Dinur is the HR manager at Fox Wizel Ltd. in Tel Aviv. We were unable to find an email or phone number, so we've listed their LinkedIn account.


Miniso is opening approximately 100 stores each month, with locations in "Asia, Germany, Spain, Russia, the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Morocco, South Africa, Madagascar, and other countries."

We found no contact information, but associated employees include Gonen Cohen, Itzik and Sharon Nisanov of Hamashbir 365 Holdings Inc., Shlomi Gabai "who headed IKEA Israel for over 10 years", Gabai is responsible for poaching former IKEA talent "including Liora Ehrman Romano as VP business development and marketing and Yigal Siso as VP logistics and operations."

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any contact information for these franchise owners and employees.


Daiso has over 4,900 stores, 2,000 of which are branches operating outside Japan.

We attempted to find contact information for the franchise holder Union Group, but were unable to find any contact information or point person for this corporation. There are also no employees listed under the Daiso brand that are based in Israel at this time on LinkedIn.

TD Bank

The Canadian bank has set up a new Innovation Center in order to beef up its cyber security prowess. TD Bank is a global banking institution with "85,000 employees in offices around the world."

Julie Baker is the CEO of this new R&D branch. Her LinkedIn profile states "I'm hiring!" and would make a great point person for this company's location.


A luxury sports car manufacturer, and a well-known brand. The company continues to push to provide new models and the car of the future.

This German auto company has invested heavily in the Magma and Grove venture capital fund to help scout and support new emerging technology and startups. The fund active since 1999 focuses on automotive and artificial intelligence. They also plan on opening up a permanent office space to manage their investments, innovations, and involvement in the startup scene.

Lutz Meschke is a member of the Executive Board Finance and IT of Porsche and is on record stating "Israel is a key market for IT experts and engineers. It has more start-ups per capita than any other country in the world. This talent and technological know-how coupled with the great expertise offered by our employees creates the ideal breeding ground for future business models".

Seldat Distribution

The supply chain solutions company operates in the United States, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Ecuador, Israel, Panama and Vietnam.

Seldat Distribution expanded into Modiín in 2017.

Dana Shaked is the Recruiting Manager in Israel for Seldat Distribution Inc.

Growing Corporations


The cloud storage giant has over 500 million users and 11 years of growth in the tech industry. Dropbox recently expanded, signing a new lease with the Azrieli Sarona tower due to a growing R&D center.

Omri Grinfeld is the Technical Recruiter at Dropbox in Israel. We were unable to find an email or phone number, so we've listed their LinkedIn account.


This retail giant has gone from books to tech and is one of the leading cloud service providers and AI researchers in the world. The company is expanding into Israel to establish a bigger R&D center for their Alexa voice software.

Shir Eilat is the HR Country Lead.
Chen Tentzer-Avidan works as a Technical Recruiter.


One of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, operating for over fifty years. They sell hundreds of thousands of units each month across the globe.

The automaker is investing heavily in startups, as well as working in coordination with two universities to develop new technology. This includes Technion — Israel Institute of Technology and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Attempts to search Technion's employees lead to no clear go to person for this project. LinkedIn also does not display any R&D or HR affiliated Hyundai employees that are available for contact.


The South Korean electronics company has established a new investment and innovation office in Tel Aviv. The company has seen investments in over 40 technologies and acquired a handful of startups already.

Orit Steinberg is the Director of HR at Samsung Semiconductor Israel.


You can find your completed list of 10 expanding companies within Israel in the spreadsheet. Some of these companies are opening up their first office, usually for R&D. Israel's prominent tech landscape is an attractive location for global and leading industry companies to invest in startups and innovative tech solutions.