Investor Profiles, Part 2

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Laurene Powell Jobs Profile

Residing in Palo Alto, Laurene Powell Jobs is the current President, as well as founder, of Emerson Collective where she establishes the operational directions and develops the vision of the organization. Laurene Powell Jobs is also the founder and President of College Track, a not-for-profit helping low-income students prepare for college. She serves on the boards of directors at multiple organizations such as OZY Media and Stanford University among others. Recently, Laurene has conducted multiple investments including $500 million in Monumental Sport and Entertainment and $50 million in the XQ: The Super School Project campaign. Below we have presented a detailed overview of our research strategy and additional findings on this subject.


We began our research by exploring the company database Crunchbase, where we discovered information on Laurene Powell Jobs's involvement in various companies and organizations, along with a few personal investments she has made. Next, we searched the websites of the organizations mentioned to determine their primary focus area. Afterward, we attempted to find her net worth, as well as her additional investments, using news articles published by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Business Insider, and Fortune. We also checked databases like Bloomberg for this information. Though we came across many articles that addressed her net worth, Forbes seemed to contain the most recent information on the topic. Therefore, we included the figure provided by that source.

Furthermore, we located news articles from Business Insider, the New York Times, and CNBC mentioning her investments. We selected those that seemed to be her largest investments. Although several articles mentioned that Laurene has invested in many non-profit media companies, there was no indication of the value of the investments. On Business Insider, we discovered that she has purchased a property in San Francisco and owns multiple properties. Moreover, we found another article mentioning her residence in Palo Alto.

Finally, we scanned her Twitter page to see if there was any indication of Laurene's interests. We found a few of her most recent tweets and then searched for the latest news articles, as well as interviews, she made in the past year. On YouTube, we came across a video of a speech from Laurene on climate change. We also found recent articles containing interviews and information on her views on certain topics on CNET, SF Gate, and Recode. These were the latest relevant articles or interviews we found involving Laurene.



Laurene Powell Jobs serves as the current President and founder of Emerson Collective. Emerson Collective operates as an organization focusing on education health, immigration, and additional social initiatives. At Emerson Collective, she reviews impact, establishes the operational direction, magnifies its partners' momentum, and develops the organization's vision. She also serves as the founder and President of College Track, which is a non-profit assisting low-income students in planning for college. At the organizations Conversation International, OZY Media, Teach for All, Stanford University, and NewSchools Venture Fund, Laurene works on their boards of directors.

Also, Laurene is a part of the Council on Foreign Relations, the chairwoman of XQ, and the co-founder of the Climate Leadership Council.

  • XQ Institute: It is a network comprised of educators, families, and students aiming to modify high school education in the United States so that each student is able to attain success.
  • Climate Leadership Council: This is an international institute with the goal of supporting carbon dividends framework as a possible climate solution.
  • Council on Foreign Relations: It is an independent group that aids individuals to comprehend the foreign policy in certain nations, namely the United States.


In the year 2016, Laurene Powell Jobs invested approximately $1.2 billion in the Emerson Collective Foundation. The following year, she purchased a stake in Monumental Sports and Entertainment, a sports empire, valued at $500 million. Through Emerson Collective, Laurene provided $50 million in funds to a campaign called the XQ: The Super School Project. She made personal investments in Color Genomics (2015) and OZY Media (2013) worth $15 million and $5.3 million, respectively. Finally, through Emerson Collective, Laurene has invested in multiple media companies including The Atlantic Magazine and Pop-Up Magazine Productions, along with numerous non-profit magazines such as The Marshall Project, Mother Jones, and ProPublica.


Laurene Powell Jobs has a net worth estimated at $19.9 billion, according to Forbes.


Laurene purchased a home in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Also, she owns properties in Los Altos, Woodside, and Palo Alto. Currently, Laurene resides in Palo Alto, according to SF Gate.


On YouTube, Laurene's most recent speech concerned climate change. In her latest interview, she discussed her views on social media, her involvement in various social projects, and the state of journalism in the United States. In a recent speech, Laurene stated that she wishes to invest additional funds in journalism as she believes that it is a crucial component of democracy. An article published by SF Gate contains an in-depth overview of Laurene's interests, life, and accomplishments.
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Tim Chang

Tim Chang has served as a Partner at Mayfield Fund since 2011. Chang has previously served as a Partner at Norwest Venture Partners from 2007 to 2011 and Principal at Gabriel Venture Partners from 2001 to 2007. He was the lead investment partner for Mayfield Fund’s $15.4 million investment into Grove Collaborative in April 2017. Below, we will provide a profile of Tim Chang.

Current Affiliations

Below, we will provide Chang’s current employer and also selected companies where he currently serves as an active investor and/or board member.

Past Affiliations

Below, we will provide Chang’s past employers and also selected companies where he had served as an investor and/or board member before they were acquired.

Biggest Investments

There is limited information on Chang’s philanthropic contributions. Chang has participated in charity auctions but has not contributed any large amount of donations. He has recently participated in the Executive One-on-One auction where he will accompany the winning bidder on a “Power Lunch.” Chang was also part of the lineup for the 2014 Venture Capital Master’s Auction Series. Chang has not made personal investments into any companies but has served as the lead investor three times as a Partner at Mayfield Fund.
Grove Collaborative raised $15.4 million in Series B funding in April 2017. The startup focuses on distributing natural home care products online. Pillow raised $13.5 million in Series A funding in June 2017. The startup has planned to use the new funding to launch a “new product to provide more transparency to apartment owners when renters make their apartments available on platforms like Airbnb.” Tripp raised $4 million in Series A funding in September 2017. The company focuses on creating a “native virtual reality game or experience that focuses on changing the way a person feels to help them live more happily and effectively.”

Net Worth And Properties

An extensive search did not reveal Chang’s net worth, properties, or other confidential financials such as salary. Chang has not declared his financials on any interview that he has provided. In 2017, he only stated that he has been investing in “real estate to generate passive income.” An examination of business databases such as Forbes and Bloomberg and also personal information aggregators such as My Life did not reveal Chang’s net worth or properties. There are also no documents published by Mayfield Fund or on the US Securities and Exchange Commission that provide any financial information for Chang.


Chang has provided only two interviews over the past 12 months. During an episode of The Kevin Rose Show podcast released in December 2018, Chang talked about “consciousness-hacking, the future of wearables, nootropics, diet, the ego, our favorite books and much more.” In an interview with Sassanfar Productions in February 2019, Chang talked about “reptile monkey brain, micro-dosing, and if we live in a simulation inside the Matrix [the movie].” Chang has also published an article on Venture Beat in April 2018 where he mentioned that ecommerce startups must leverage on the three Cs (curation, community, and commerce) to defeat large competitors such as Amazon.
Chang has not publicly talked about “legacy” over the past year and beyond. In a 2015 article that published on Mayfield Fund’s website, Chang talked about wellness and technology, and also mentioned that “in the realm of self-improvement, we can use technology to enhance interconnectedness and make us even more human.” Chang has not explicitly mentioned death/mortality to the press. However, in an interview with The New Yorker in 2017, he stated that he has been investing in real estate overseas that would serve as “escape havens” if a “doomsday” scenario such as a civil war or giant earthquake occurs in California.

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David Lauren Profile

According to our research, David Lauren is the current Vice Chairman of the board, Strategic Advisor to the CEO, and CIO for Ralph Lauren Corporation. Mr. Lauren donated $13.3 million to the Smithsonian National Museum’s Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project; Mr. Lauren donated $5 million to establish the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem. Mr. Lauren’s estimated net worth is $4.7 million; he owns $2,496,860 in Ralph Lauren Corporation stock; and he receives total calculated compensation of $2,504,396. Mr. Lauren owns homes in Manhattan’s West Village and in Montauk, New York.


We began our inquiry with a search of various news sites and databases. We were able to acquire the majority of our information concerning Mr. Lauren from these sites. However, we had some difficulty locating interviews with Mr. Lauren. We found that interviews with Ralph Lauren, David Lauren’s father, dominated media coverage. We expect this is because Ralph Lauren is still the CEO and face of the Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Starting with the Ralph Lauren website, we were able to find an interview where David Lauren discusses his work on cancer research. We expanded our search to business journals (e.g., Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg). However, nothing extra was forthcoming beyond the data we previously located. We expanded our search again to The New York Times, The New York Daily, News Day, and Ralph Lauren Magazine. This avenue provided only a single extra article.

Our final method was to search through his social media to find anything of interest. We consulted his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts for the last 18 months. We have included our findings in this report.

David Lauren Profile

Organization Affiliations

David Lauren holds the positions of Vice Chairman of the Board, Strategic Advisor to the CEO, and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for Ralph Lauren Corporation. He assumed the position of Vice Chairman and CIO on October 7, 2016. Previously Mr. Lauren served as the Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, & Corporate Communications from November 2010 until October 7, 2016. His other positions included Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications; Head of e-Commerce marketing; direct management for the marketing, advertising, and corporate communications divisions; Chief Creative and Marketing Officer for Ralph Lauren Media LLC. Throughout his entire tenure at Ralph Lauren Corporation, Mr. Lauren has worked on the corporation’s global digital commerce business and technology initiatives. In his current role, he is responsible for shaping the corporation’s innovations to drive brand strength and financial performance across all channels.

Previously, Mr. Lauren was the Editor-in-Chief and President of a general interest publication named “Swing.” Mr. Lauren is the current President of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation; he is a member of the board of trustees and directors, respectively, for the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and The National Museum of American History.


As the head of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, Mr. Lauren donated $13.3 million to the Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project at the Smithsonian National Museum, where he also serves as a board member. Mr. Lauren donated $5 million to establish the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem, where he is also a trustee.

Other philanthropy that Mr. Lauren is associated with includes overseeing the Pink Pony fund as part of his duties as President of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation; the Polo Jeans G.I.V.E. programme (which later became the Ralph Lauren Volunteer programme); Match Rugby (a collaboration with the Rugby Ralph Lauren brand to support young social entrepreneurs); Ralph Lauren Volunteers (a programme where Ralph Lauren employees participate in community service initiatives); and Honorary Chair of the World of Children programme.

Net Worth

According to Wallmine's latest data (June 11, 2018), David Lauren’s estimated net worth is $4.7 million. Mr. Lauren also controls 1764 units ($2,496,860) of Ralph Lauren Corporation stock; he has a total calculated compensation of $2,504,396. In 2014, Mr. Lauren purchased a home in Manhattan’s West Village. Mr. Lauren also owns a second home in Montauk, New York.

Traditional and Social Media

In this interview with Ralph Lauren Asia, Mr. Lauren discusses his work with the Pink Pony charity. The Fast Company relays another interview with Mr. Lauren during the Fast Company Innovation Festival. Mr. Lauren describes what drew him to the position of CIO of Ralph Lauren Corporation, and what he feels the role entails.

A survey of Mr. Lauren’s social media displays a focus on Ralph Lauren and his philanthropic interests. Mr. Lauren’s Twitter posts are concerned with the corporate brand; he discusses his interest in cancer prevention and research. Some of Mr. Laurent’s posts are inspirational messages. Mr. Lauren’s Instagram feed displays similar philanthropic interests and inspirational messaging.

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Ralph Lauren Profile

We have created a profile for Ralph Lauren. We included the organizations with which he has been associated, his roles, his investments and philanthropic initiatives. In addition, we have also provided sources containing his recent interviews or media mentions highlighting what he cares about and how he feels about different issues.


Ralph Lauren founded Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967. He was CEO and chairman of the board of directors from 1997 until 2015 when he resigned as CEO. He is currently the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation since 2015.


Ralph Lauren is the major shareholder in Ralph Lauren Corporation and he has 82% voting rights in the company. Ralph Lauren’s other investments include RL Restaurant, Ralph Lauren Home, a home-furnishing collection, and several fragrances.

Ralph Lauren established the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1989 in partnership with the late president of the Washington Post, Katharine Graham. The centre was a tribute to Nina Hyde, the Washington Post’s former fashion editor.
Ralph Lauren also founded the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation. The Foundation funds philanthropic initiatives on “education, healthcare in medically underserved communities, the arts and community-based initiatives” Through the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, Ralph Lauren established the Pink Pony Fund which was initially focused on funding breast cancer issues worldwide, including “screening, early diagnosis, education, treatment, research and patient navigation in medically underserved communities”.
In addition to the Pink Pony Fund, he also contributes to the funding of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Women’s Cancer Research Institute at Cedars-Sinai and the Nina Hyde Center. The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care is another philanthropic body that Ralph Lauren helped to create. It was founded by Harold P. Freeman, a cancer surgeon with the support of Ralph Lauren and Harold Varmus, another doctor who was former president and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Net worth

Ralph Lauren is number 215 on Forbes list of billionaires and his net worth is $7 billion.


Ralph Lauren’s primary home is in Bedford, New York where he lives with his family. He also owns an apartment in Manhattan, a beach house in Long Island, a ranch in Colorado, and a retreat home in Jamaica.


In 2018, Ralph Lauren celebrated 50 years of the Ralph Lauren Corporation and he discussed his achievements in an interview. He said, “I didn’t have a master plan and I honestly did not plan this. It’s been instinct and gut and love and passion and honesty”. “If you look at my past 50 years you’ll see that my work has never changed. The clothes have, but the principles haven’t”.

One of the highlights of the 50th anniversary celebration was a fashion show, which celebrated diversity and inclusion during New York Fashion Week. A large glass table in his office full of personal gifts that he received over the years revealed that he is a “perfectionist with an obsessive eye for detail”. His reputation as a pioneer was discussed. He is the only fashion designer to be awarded with all of the top honours from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). He believed that it was his tenacity and passion that kept him going. “I always believed in myself. If I had changed the ties to be narrower, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have disappeared. I didn’t know it at the time, but I carried this sentiment through into everything I do,” he said.

Another interview captured his reasons for organizing the fashion show, “For my 50th anniversary, I wanted to create and share a runway experience that was deeply personal and a summation of the style I’ve always believed in: personal, authentic, and forever, in a place so quintessentially New York and so special to me—Central Park,” said Ralph Lauren.

Another article compared Ralph Lauren to its contemporaries like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan and concludes that only Ralph Lauren’s company is still intact because he continues to dream.


From Part 01
  • "The Emerson Collective makes grants and investments that focus on immigration, social justice, and education."
  • "In 1997, Powell Jobs founded College Track, a storefront nonprofit organization that helps prepare low-income students for college through tutoring and mentoring."
  • "Emerson Collective projects include AltSchool, a venture-capital-backed school that aims to transform education by personalizing student instruction with technology."
  • "This video gives me hope. Our democracy is defined by the courage and compassion of our people."
  • "Children are moved under cover of darkness to an unregulated tent city without access to schooling or legal aid. If we are to continue to proclaim ourselves a people of justice and decency, actions like this cannot be overlooked."
  • "A girl’s achievement should only be limited by the extent of her dreams."
  • "Cancer impacts families everywhere, including mine. Only patients hold the power to share their records with researchers- records that may hold the key to groundbreaking cancer discoveries."
  • "With hope, courage, and uncompromising love, we continue the pursuit of Dr. King’s dream. "
  • "We may never know the full contributions that women have historically made to scientific achievement."
  • "We are an organization dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential. "
  • "We use a wide range of tools and strategies—partnering with entrepreneurs and experts, parents and policymakers, advocates and administrators—to develop and execute innovative solutions that will spur change and promote equality."
  • "The Teach For All network is developing collective leadership in classrooms and communities around the world"
  • "XQ is a growing and passionate network of educators, students, families, and civic-minded citizens reimagining high school education in the United States."
  • "The Climate Leadership Council is an international policy institute founded in collaboration with a who’s who of business, opinion and environmental leaders to promote a carbon dividends framework as the most cost-effective, equitable and politically-viable climate solution."
  • "I think social media, while it can be a tool for destruction and division, is also a tool for access and connection."
  • " I think being both a musician and a choreographer is a very cool thing because it probably, having both artistic outlets probably make you better at each thing."
  • "That’s actually what people do to consolidate power, to call into question a narrative that’s not their narrative,” she said. “I think the undermining of the media is, in the last two years, unprecedented and really scary, and everybody should pay attention"
  • "We have to have new leadership at this country. "
  • "The lack of ability for people to actually find relevant local news is putting our democracy at risk, putting our ability to converse with each other at risk, putting our ability to understand each other at risk"
  • "Now that we have a really beautiful portfolio of properties -- superhigh quality and important journalism -- I'm open to more."
  • "There's a sense here that failure is not the death knell, that it actually can be a badge of honor and a learning experience," she continued."
  • "I want to take on some of society's most intractable problems for the next 25 years and then pass the torch to someone else."
  • "As a philanthropist, I think the most important thing is to be awake and cognizant of that, and honest about how that wealth accumulation happened, and to be smart about how you're trying to go about changing things."
  • "And so as a philanthropist and as someone who actually now has the ability to create a different type of organization to do a certain type of work, I don't mind modeling what I think is a better way to do things, a better way to solve problems."
From Part 02
From Part 03
  • "Vice Chairman, Strategic Advisor to the CEO & Chief Innovation Officer,Ralph Lauren Corporation"
  • "Total Calculated Compensation Fiscal Year 2018- $2,504,396 "
  • "Mr. David Lauren has been Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren Corporation since October 7, 2016 and is its Strategic Advisor to the CEO. Mr. Lauren oversees Ralph Lauren’s innovation strategy, processes and capabilities to drive its brand strength and financial performance across all channels."
  • "He has been instrumental in growing Ralph Lauren ’s global digital commerce business and pioneering its technology initiatives."
  • "Since joining Ralph Lauren as chief creative and marketing officer in 2000, David Lauren, the middle child of the luxury label’s namesake designer, has overseen several of the brand’s digital campaigns and online innovations. Today, he serves as the chief innovation officer and vice chairman of the company his father founded nearly 50 years ago."
  • "Actively involved in the company’s philanthropic and charitable organisations, Lauren serves as President of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, overseeing the group’s Pink Pony fund, the Polo Jeans G.I.V.E. programme, which has evolved into the Ralph Lauren Volunteer programme, and the Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History as well as serving on the board of trustees for the Ralph Lauren Centre for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem."
  • "DAVID LAUREN Vice Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer Ralph Lauren"
  • "Stars Attend World Of Children Awards 2017 Celebrities, VIP guests and World of Children supporters in attendance included Victoria’s Secret Angels Martha Hunt (dressed in Off-White), Lindsay Ellingson (dressed in Rachel Roy), and Daniela Braga (dressed in Lurelly), plus Andy Adler (Sports Anchor, Honorary Chair), Lauren Bush Lauren and David Lauren (Honorary Chairs), "
  • "David Lauren net worth: David Lauren is an American businessman who has a net worth of $50 million"
  • "The estimated Net Worth of David R. Lauren is at least $4.71 Million dollars as of 11 June 2018. Mr. Lauren owns over 1,764 units of Ralph Lauren stock worth over $2,499,411 and over the last 3 years he sold RL stock worth over $0. In addition, he makes $2,206,520 as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board at Ralph Lauren."
  • "David Lauren NMAH Board Member, Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications, Ralph Lauren Corporation"
  • "Major corporate commitments include $13.3 million for the Star Spangled Banner Preservation Project at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and $5 million to establish the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem."
  • "David serves as President of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation and on the Board of Trustees for the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention"
  • "David spearheaded the G.I.V.E. (Get Involved Volunteer Exceed) campaign to promote service in the community and initiated the establishment of Match Rugby, a program in collaboration with the Rugby Ralph Lauren brand to support young social entrepreneurs. "
  • "David also orchestrates Ralph Lauren Volunteers, which sends Ralph Lauren employees out on community service initiatives. David holds a degree in Political Science from Duke University. He resides in New York City."
  • "Before joining Ralph Lauren Media, David was Editor-In-Chief and President of Swing, a general interest publication for Generation X."
  • "David spearheaded the G.I.V.E. (Get Involved Volunteer Exceed) campaign to promote service in the community and initiated the establishment of Match Rugby, a program in collaboration with the Rugby Ralph Lauren brand to support young social entrepreneurs. David also orchestrates Ralph Lauren Volunteers, which sends Ralph Lauren employees out on community service initiatives."
  • "The New York Post revealed today that power couple David Lauren and Lauren Bush Lauren bought celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz's West Village, New York home for $28.5 million."
  • "David Lauren believes that innovation will be key to the success of the company in the future. Industry changes have prompted Ralph Lauren to close 25% of its brick-and-mortar stores and attempt to reinvent the retail experience it provides to customers."
  • "It’s a role that makes sense for him [CIO]. He’s been a driving force behind many of the company’s tech-forward initiatives. Earlier this year, I wrote about his desire to incorporate technology into the U.S. Olympic uniforms, which eventually manifested in a flag bearer jacket that lit up during the opening ceremony. He’s also behind interactive window-shopping touch screens, smart polo shirts with biometric features, and holographic fashion shows."
  • "“It wasn’t really gadgetry that appealed to me,” he said. “This company has always been about creating compelling stories that people want to feel part of. Technology allows us to do this in new ways. I see what we’re doing more as storytelling or even movie-making.”"
  • "David wanted to create large panels that would allow customers shopping in stores to tap a few buttons on a life-size screen to purchase products. His team went directly to Spielberg’s production studio. “They laughed at us,” he said. “They said that these are just special effects, not real life. But a few months later, our team managed to create these screens.""
  • "David explained that his main goal in his new role is to inject this kind of thinking throughout the organization. “We’re the Navy SEALS, we’re special ops,” he said. “Our role is to be a catalyst, to ignite ideas, to assess whether a new tech concept is cool or not. We’re a virus, of the good kind, that will infect the rest of the company.”"
  • "He’s also trying to create a culture where employees feel free to bring ideas to the table that might, at first, seem wacky or unconventional. "
  • "The key, David Lauren explained, is to be comfortable with failing from time to time. "
  • "In 2007 she co-founded and became CEO of FEED Projects, a non-profit organization that uses proceeds from branded products like bags and accessories to feed children around the world. Each purchase comes with a stamped number on the product letting the customer know how many meals that purchase will provide."
  • "According to the official website, the effort is still going strong, with over 100 million meals provided. The company has also partnered with the United Nations, No Kid Hungry and Feeding America."
  • "We go up to watch the surfers early in the morning,” David says. “Even if it’s cloudy or rainy, it still has a romantic feeling. I like to sit with some friends or with my wife and just take in the fresh air.”"
  • "“I grew up out in Montauk,” he recalls. “I remember driving around as a kid to the fishing village and being so impressed as the fishermen brought their fish in on their great old boats. It was a very exciting time.”"
  • "Lauren Bush Lauren celebrated her 34th birthday on Monday with her husband, David Lauren, and their young sons James and Max at the Lauren family's home in Montauk, New York."
  • " The Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project began with a careful examination of the flag, accompanied by extensive consultation with Museum curators and outside advisors"