Investor Magazines: Utah and California

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Investor Magazines: California

Examples of publications/magazines that focus on investing in California include; Los Angeles Business Journal, Orange County Business Journal, California Buildings News, California Real Estate Magazine, and California Broker Magazine.


  • Los Angeles Business Journal focuses on Los Angeles' economy and provides insights on economic prospects and business community dynamics. The journal topics include news and analysis, local business actions, investments, finance, and detailed company profiles and statistics.
  • The journal is published on a weekly basis.
  • The journal has a weekly circulation of 22,000 and weekly readership of 98,500.
  • An analysis of the journal readers indicates that t54% are millionaires, 77% hold top management positions, and about 300,000 page views in California.
  • The research suggested that compared to other business journal distributed in California, the Los Angeles Business Journal has the highest circulation of about 21,393 in 2019.



  • California Buildings News magazine focuses on the building industry throughout California, which includes industry operations, design, services, buildings associations, economic environment, general business, and real estate.
  • In addition, the magazine covers various association news, industry trends, government issues, companies, industry leaders, and new products and services in the building industry.
  • The magazine has a print and digital readership of over 29,000.
  • The magazine is published on a quarterly basis.
  • About 29,000 readers receive the printed magazine via direct mail and distribution through various industry associations in California, while the digital issue is distributed to about 12,000 readers via email and social media networks.


  • California Real Estate Magazine is published by the California Association of Realtors and provides timely and precise information on trends and issues facing California’s real estate industry and potential business opportunities.
  • The magazine is published seven times a year; January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September, October and November/December.
  • The magazine is available in both print and digital formats.
  • In 2019, the magazine has an estimated circulation of 210,000, 2 readers per copy, and a readership of 336,000.
  • An analysis of the magazine readers indicate that the average age of the readers is 53.9 years, the majority (57%) are women, and 43% are male.


  • California Broker Magazine focuses on life/health insurance agents, financial planning, and other related topics, such as industry outlook, income-oriented investment strategy, benefits guides, among other topics.
  • The magazine is published monthly.
  • California Broker Magazine has a monthly circulation of 25,000 and about 50,000 readers.
  • Also, the magazine produces an annual directory with about 600 listings and profiles of the health and insurance benefit carriers, general agents, and service providers in California.


To provide publications/magazines that focus on investing in California, the research team began by reviewing credible articles that featured real estate investment and general investment magazines and journals. Sources such as the New York Times, Southern California News Group, Los Angeles Times, among others, provided some useful insights.

Next, we filtered the search results to focus on real estate investment journals and then later expanded to general investment journals due to the limited search findings. We then explored magazines and journal website to extract data on distribution numbers, readership, partnerships, and insights into the type of content they published. Based on this search effort, we were able to get detailed media kits that had detailed data on the readership, circulation, and distribution. However, there was minimal information on awards/recognition. The research revealed that there was no noteworthy mention of awards to the magazines and journals.

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Investor Magazines: Utah

Some examples of publications/magazines that focus on investing in Utah include Utah Valley Business Quarterly, Utah Business Magazine, Salt Lake Realtor Magazine, Collections Magazine, Real Estate & Home Property Listings, and Zions Bank Community Magazine. Below are details on these publications/magazines.


  • The magazine highlights successful entrepreneurs, businesses and trends, lessons learned from business leaders and other business resources in Utah.
  • The Utah Valley Business Quarterly (UVBQ) magazine is published quarterly. 
  • Notable partners include the Utah Valley Home Builders Association and the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association.
  • An analysis of the UVBQ magazine's readers indicates that the magazine had a total readership circulation of 46,063 and a press run of 13,161 in 2016.
  • The magazine has about 2,426 followers on Twitter.


  • The magazine published by the Salt Lake Board of Realtors is mailed to 7,700 realtors and businesses in the Salt Lake Valley.
  • Its content includes real estate, trends, statistics, education, the marketplace, and realtor awards, amongst other topics.
  • The current issue of the magazine includes Realtor 500 Awards and housing forecasts.
  • The magazine's target audience includes realtors, affiliates, and businesses.
  • It is printed once a month. 


  • Utah Business Magazine focuses exclusively on investment and business news from the state of Utah.
  • The magazine's target audience includes e-business leaders, professionals, and executives.
  • Utah Business Magazine releases its printed issue once a month. 
  • The magazine has a monthly circulation of 18,609 copies.
  • In general, the average age of the magazine leader is 44 years, the majority (82%) of whom are male, and 18% female.
  • The publisher, Utah Media Group, has affiliations with the Chamber of Commerce, Realty and Home Builder Associations.
  • In 2016, Utah Business Magazine had an average monthly circulation of 20,978 and 125,000 monthly readers in 2016.
  • It has over 18,300 followers on Twitter.


  • Collections Magazine, Utah's Luxury Real Estate magazine by Summit Sotheby's International Realty, focuses on real estate, including luxury real estate, homes, estates and lifestyles of Utah.
  • The publisher has strategic partnerships with Utah Business Magazine, Zion's Bank Community Magazine, The St. George Spectrum, and The Salt Lake Tribune.
  • The partnerships aid the magazine distribution directly to over 77,000 to subscribers and also its availability in about 400 distribution locations. It distributes about 115,000 copies across the state.
  • The magazine has about 1,732 followers on Twitter.


  • The Real Estate Home & Property Magazine by Utah home magazine is a real estate, home, and property resource.
  • The magazine publishes and advertises for real estate agents in Southern Utah and surrounding areas.
  • It is distributed in over 700 locations.


  • The magazine focuses on travel, health, food, education, local businesses, and finance, amongst other topics.
  • It is distributed to over 50,000 Zions Bank customers, key account holders, and business clients in the region.
  • The magazine content includes topics related to lifestyle, economics, business, and the community, and is produced six times a year.
  • The magazine's publisher has about 3,636 followers on Twitter.
  • An analysis of the magazine readers indicates that about 23% are 19 – 40 years, 35% are between 41 and 60 years, while 42% are over 61 years.
  • Majority of the readers in the region are upper-income consumers.
  • The magazine has a total readership of 150,000 and overall circulation of 50,000 households.
  • About 35,500 copies of the magazine are mailed to Zions Bank's upper-income account holders, 6,000 to business account holders, 4,500 to employees, 3,500 copies distributed to bank branches with about 500 copies distributed via other non-mailed circulation.


To provide publications/magazines that focus on investing in Utah, the research team began by reviewing credible websites, articles, and press articles that featured real estate investment and general investment magazines and journals in Utah. We searched for information via sources such as Issuu, City Weekly, Salt Lake Chamber, GlobeNewswire, Homes and Land Magazine Directory, and Utah Media Group. While this approach yielded limited results, we were able to identify some relevant magazines and journals.

Next, we explored the magazines' websites to get exact data on distribution numbers, readership, partners, and some insights into the type of content they publish. Based on this effort, we were able to find Media Kits that had detailed data on the magazine circulation and distribution. However, we could not find readership data for the Real Estate and Home Property Listings magazine. We expected such information to be found in the subscriber section of the paywalled magazine. Efforts to utilize social media to assess this information was also unsuccessful as there is no social media account linked to the magazine. However, the magazine distribution estimates were publicly available.


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  • "Each week, the award-winning Los Angeles Business Journal examines the many ways that the L.A. economy operates. First-rate editorial and research teams provide in-depth analyses of the community’s dynamic business and economic scene."
  • "Each week, the Orange County Business Journal delivers the most complete package of news and information on Orange County's companies, industries and businesspeople. It is comprehensive, authoritative, concise and entertaining. "
  • "With the expansion of Bay Area Buildings News, California Buildings News will provide thorough statewide coverage of the buildings industry, including operations, design, services and products, people, buildings associations and the economic and political environment in which buildings function. There are many excellent national buildings and real estate publications and good area general business and real estate periodicals, but none focuses coverage exclusively on how people and companies operate buildings in California. "
  • "Covering association news, industry trends, government issues, companies, industry leaders and new products and services for buildings"
  • "California Real Estate magazine, C.A.R.'s official magazine, delivers timely, accurate information about trends and issues affecting California’s residential real estate industry and professional-development opportunities."
  • "With a readership of more than one-sixth of the entire nation’s REALTORS®, California Real Estate magazine reaches more than 200,000 real estate practitioners including brokers, office managers, and top producers with each issue. California Real Estate magazine is published seven times per year: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September, October and November/December, and is available in print and online formats."
  • "California Broker Magazine is a regional Magazine about Life and Health Insurance. If you want to get something going in the state, California Broker Magazine is the place to go. Our circulation of 25,000 is magnitudes greater than the national books. With pass along, your reach approaches 50000 reader"
From Part 02
  • "Our two goals are to highlight and to educate. We highlight successful entrepreneurs, long-time businesses and trends in the area. We educate business owners by writing articles that showcase the lessons learned from area business leaders"
  • "The Orem-based company is largely known for Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley Business Quarterly, and Utah Valley Bride. Utah Valley Magazine is published six times a year, UVBQ comes out quarterly and Utah Valley Bride is an annual publication."
  • "For nearly 30 years, Utah Business has been the statewide leader for business news and information. It is targeted toward business leaders, professionals and executives in all of Utah’s dynamic, growing industries. "
  • "With 115,000 copies being distributed across the state through our strategic partnerships, racks and events, Collections Magazine, provides our clients and their properties Utah’s most comprehensive level of exposure."
  • "Zions Bank Community Magazine is an award-winning, regional lifestyles publication focused on travel, health, food, education, local businesses, finance and more. It's sent to more than 50,000 customers six times a year"