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Internal Employee Marketing Campaign - Case Studies

Coca-Cola, Target, and Home Depot are prime examples of companies that offer internal employee marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola's Employee Disaster Relief Fund contributed $100,000 to employees affected by Hurrican Harvey, Target's Team Member’s Volunteerism saw its team members contributed a total of 1.7 million volunteer hour in 2017, and Home Depot's Homer Fund awarded more than $152 million worth of assistance since 1999 to over 115,000 associates. Below is a detailed overview of our findings.


To be able to identify the companies with the best practices for internal communications, we used company news and reputable websites to answer the criteria given. We also chose to focus on Fortune 500 companies as the scope of their internal employee marketing campaigns would be well documented. Upon a further search, we found an article by Forbes that discusses the internal employee marketing campaigns of two Fortune 500 companies, Coca-Cola and Target. We searched for similar programs provided by other Fortune 500 companies and discovered Home Depot offers employee programs that provide funds to employees in need.


For the Coca-Cola Company, employee experience gives the company the innovation and productivity needed for a better customer experience. The company has 130,000 employees in 200 countries. They were able to achieve superior employee engagement through communication with a purpose. Executives lead by example, involved and visible. They provide the things that their employees need including a credit union, healthcare, and other basic facilities. In June 2016, Coca-Cola’s Senior Communications Manager, Christy Amador, led Coca-Cola’s Brand Ambassador Program aiming to empower its employees to represent and promote the brand. Amador explains “[e]verybody needs to feel love.” When employees are highly appreciated, they become highly effective ambassadors. To communicate the program, Coca-Cola developed a mobile app to help them engage with the company and its brands.
Potential Power of Coca-Cola Brand Ambassadors
1. As of 2016, the commercial fan base of Coke on Facebook is at 99 million people.
2. Coca-Cola has 3,500 beverages in different categories. Through the program, consumers will have a wide selection of beverages, no matter what they want or need.
3. They have the power to influence 210 million consumers through personal social media network connections.
Benefits the Coca-Cola Employee Engagement Program
1. Billions can be saved in marketing cost.
2. The business tends to grow at a faster rate.
3. The retention rate of its employees is nearly 90% higher compared to companies without this kind of program.
The Coca-Cola Employee Disaster Relief Fund
To further show how Coca-cola appreciates their employees, they created The Coca-Cola Employee Disaster Relief Fund to help employees with financial hardship after a natural disaster. Donations are from other employees and the company itself to fund the program. All the fund's activities are managed and administered by the Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. This is communicated through a dedicated website accessible by the grant applicants and donors. In August 2017, total contribution amounting to $100,000 was used to help Coca-Cola employees impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana. Post-Harvey donations also hit a milestone of more than 1 million bottles of Coca-Cola products donated to those in need.


From 2013 to 2015, Target dealt with a data breach, job cuts, significant challenges and a CEO transition. During this period, the employees felt that they are not included in the loop. To counter this, Dustee Jenkins, Target's SVP of communications, created a morning email newsletter called “Briefly” to share information with their team members about the company’s strategic roadmap and transformation. The newsletter even discusses their stumbles along the way and positive stories of their competitors. Target’s internal communication strategy showed a remarkable outcome. In August 2016, Target brought in Quantified Communication, an analytics provider to analyze the response of the members to the newsletter. Results showed that Briefly scored 99% for clarity, 89% for authenticity, 89% for engagement and 79% for trust.
Empowering Women
Target is working to engage women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers by outpacing gender benchmarks and striving for additional progress. Women represent most of the team members at 56%, managers at 54% and leadership team at 42%. Target focused on advancing women in leadership.

Target Team Member’s Volunteerism
Target provides a variety of opportunities for the team members to support strong, safe and healthy communities through volunteerism. Members can choose activities from renovating schools, donating food and responding to disasters. In 2015, Target’s team members spent over 1.1 million volunteer hours in service with an estimated $25 million value of work to the community. In 2017, team members contributed a total of 1.7 million volunteer hours and plan to give another one million hours of service to benefit the community in 2018.
Target’s Disaster Relief Fund
In 2017, Target provided $100 Target gift cards to more than 10,000 of their team members in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey to help them with supplies that they need for their families.


Home Depot created an internal social media tool called “The Warehouse”. This tool is used to improve business by generating ideas, making suggestions and creating a community as a whole between employees. In the third quarter of 2016, their online sales increased 50%.
The Home Depot Foundation
The foundation works to train people to skillfully fill the labor gap, improve the lives and the homes of United States veterans, and support communities impacted by natural disasters. They have 400,000 strong army of volunteers to make this program successful.

The Homer Fund
The Homer Fund is a nonprofit charity seeking to make a positive impact in the life of the company’s associates. The charity provides emergency financial assistance to Home Depot associates facing unforeseen hardships from providing shelter after a natural disaster to helping with the burial expenses. As of 2017, the Homer Fund awarded more than $152 million worth of assistance since 1999 to over 115,000 associates.


The Coca-Cola Company, Target, and Home Depot are companies from different industries by they comply with the needed criteria to become the best companies that provide remarkable internal employee marketing campaigns. This is proven by how they have been able to provide funds to employees in need such as Coca-Cola and Target's Disaster Relief Funds and Home Depot's Homer Fund.