Integrated Research Organizations

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Integrated Research Organizations

Examples of successful advertisement campaigns for integrated research organizations include varying YouTube ads published by Elligo Health Research and Axis Clinical, both with thousands of views. Trends that are impacting both the industry and integrated research organizations include varying collaborations between research organizations and different entities, and the increased use of advanced technologies in their services such as artificial intelligence.

Elligo Health Research

  • Elligo Health Research created an ad in 2018 titled "Once Lost/Now Found: Clinical Research as Care for Patients," that discusses the many benefits of a healthcare provider partnering with Elligo to help their patients gain access to clinical trials, while making the entire process from beginning to end easy for both patient and provider. The ad is targeted towards the healthcare providers and physicians themselves.
  • Elligo's 2018 ad is illustrated with basic red, gray, white, and black. It presents a typical patient with an ailment who has tried every treatment with her doctor and who now is the perfect candidate to try Elligo's services to find a clinical trial. Elligo, being partnered with the patient's healthcare provider, provides the patient access to a clinical trial specific to her ailment with treatment closer to her home and with her trusted physician, with Elligo handling the entire process for both patient and physician.
  • The 2018 Elligo ad was published on YouTube on April 11,2018, and has gained 6,864 views thus far.
  • Although posted on June 16, 2017, a one-minute ad on YouTube is one of Elligo's most viewed with over 33,000 views. Titled "Why Elligo?" it starts by stating the need for as many as 4 million clinical trial participants in 2018, but how the majority of patients and healthcare providers do not participate in clinical research.
  • Elligo shows how they offer a service and opportunities for those patients and physicians who do not participate. Using real healthcare data Elligo finds and identifies patients, and then provides their doctor with the personnel, technology, processes, and infrastructure, to conduct the clinical research in their own office,
  • Elligo states their technology widens the availability of access to patients, while increasing revenue for physicians, and valuable trial data for sponsors. They state that no other company "Goes Direct" to find the patients.

Axis Clinicals

  • A short 30-second ad for Axis Clinicals published on January 3, 2019, on YouTube, has 221,153 views thus far. It starts by asking in bold contrasting blue, white, and yellow fonts and backgrounds if the viewer is over 18 years and older, and interested in doing research studies, to visit the company website or to call their phone number.
  • The ad offers great amenities for all patients, including high speed internet, great food, entertainment, and comfortable chairs, while also gaining compensation.
  • It concludes by again asking if the viewer is interested, and if so, to call their phone number at 218-284-2947 or visit their website.
  • Another ad from Axis Clinicals published on YouTube on June 4, 2019, has 39,881 views. The ad is more detailed than the prior, with more detailed graphics and basic illustrations with more variety of contrasting colors and backgrounds including purple, orange, white, and light blue.
  • The ad starts by asking if the viewer is interested in clinical research trials, and wondering if they would qualify for one, and if so, that Axis offers three methods to help them find out. One method is through their website where patients can view trials and register, another is through the phone where patients can answer questions, or to stop by their location in Dilworth, MN. The ad intends to show easy it is for patients to access clinical trials, and how Axis Clinicals is there to help them along the way.

Trends Impacting Integrated Research Organizations

Varying Collaborations and Partnerships

  • A health service may find an integrated research organizations services valuable enough to attain its own goals while at the same time lowering costs, that they will contract directly with companies like Javara to embed within their company and enroll patients in clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies will also do the same and contract with companies like Javara to find the right patient for the correct trial at the right time, and other services to manage all aspects of clinical trial execution, with the data collected being used for the general advancement of science and health.
  • Partnerships include deals between Javara Research and Tyron Medical Partners to offer outpatient clinical trials to Tryon’s patients at no cost to the patient, and also a deal between Wake Forest Baptist Medical and Javara.
  • HyperCORE International, a network of highly experienced research sites working as one of the largest integrated research organizations in the world, has joined its platform with Trial Scout, a provider of objective reviews and ratings from previous clinical trial participants, in order to find targeted patients and offer them personalized service and tailored options when choosing to participate in a clinical trial.
  • As more integrated research organizations begin to collaborate and work with varying organizations and industries within healthcare, the market will grow as services will only improve and become more efficient. Saving the lives of patients, and increases in revenue for physicians and healthcare providers, along with invaluable data for the industry and science, ensures that more of these partnerships and networks of collaboration will continue to spread throughout the growing industry.
  • Elligo is using their Goes Direct Program to partner with local doctors and community healthcare providers and other regional people with aims of connecting with a broader more diverse patient range. The company recently worked with doctors and providers in El Paso, Texas to inform the largely Latino community of all research and treatment options available to them, which was put into a documentary.

Advanced Technology

  • In order to ensure a more patient centered focus, integrated research organizations are staying at the leading edge of technology, as new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) provides much more tools and capabilities to align patients with clinical trials. AI will offer the ability to scan vast amounts of electronic health records to gather data to match patients that could benefit most from certain research.
  • Although data is easy to collect and store, it needs to be easy to use between systems or organizations, and easier to share to realize its full value and potential. New technologies such as AI will allow such utilization of patient data efficiently across vast networks.
  • Deep 6 AI uses technology such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing across all clinical data to find patients who are eligible for trials much faster, increasing the rate and volume of recruitment and getting cures to people who need it quickly. The AI claims to "find more patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months, getting life-saving
  • According to Deep 6 AIs' website, 86% of clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients, which slows down research, contributes to rising drug costs, and delays access for patients to life-saving medicines. Deep 6 AI aims to better this industry problem by scanning through patient medical records to better match them with the ideal clinical trials.
  • Artificial intelligence will likely disrupt every aspect of the clinical trial process, from this matching of eligible patients, to studies, to monitoring and management, and data collection. The market will be greatly affected and likely grow exponentially with the implementation of this new technology, as more companies and organizations are recognizing the value and using it to provide better service.