Instagram Live and Instagram TV

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Instagram Live and Instagram TV

There are about 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users of Instagram. Over 100 million Instagram users watch or share on Instagram Live daily.

Number of people using Instagram live

Number of people using IGTV

  • There has been low usage of IGTV since it was launched in June 2018. The reason for the low usage has been attributed to certain factors such as lack of monitization option, poor search functionality, and disconnect from Instagram app.
  • In February 2019, Instagram announced the launch of the IGTV in Instagram feed. This has caused about 300–1000 percent increase in the number of Instagrammers who watch IGTV videos.
  • According to a report by Preview, about 17.8% of Instagrammers watch IGTV videos.

Demographic differences

  • According G2Crowd breakdown, individuals between the ages of 18-34 years use Instagram most often (32% of all users). Also, females uses Instagram more than males.
  • Generation Z and Millennials are considered to be mobile generations, and Instagram has targeted these generations while launching IGTV. These groups coincided with the age demographic that has the highest number of Instagram usage, therefore, this demographic is most likely to use Instagram Live. Thus, we have assumed that there is no demographic difference in the users of the two Instagram platforms.

The estimated number of people using igtv

  • This can be triangulated by multiplying the number of people on Instagram by the percentage of Instagram users who watch IGTV.
[(number of total users)*(percentage of users using IGTV)]/100
  • Number of Instagram users per month = 1 billion.
500 million * 17.8% = 89 million
  • Hence, an estimated 178 million Instagram users watch IGTV per month, while 89 million Instagram users watch IGTV daily.

Research Strategy

To determine the number of people using Instagram Live and Instagram TV, we searched through the company's website, media publications, news and press releases. We were able to find some press releases by the company that discussed the number of users of Instagram Live and the total number of active users of Instagram. However, information on the number of users of IGTV was not mentioned. Also, we searched through other credible sites like G2Crowd, Techcrunch, Website Hosting, Preview, and other relevant blogs. Information which was found through these searches was the percentage of people that watch IGTV which was a result of survey done by Preview among Instagram users in February 2019.

Next, we visited media websites such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, PRNewswire, New York Times and other news sites. We hoped to see expert analysis or media publications on stats regarding IGTV since its launch in June 2018. Although, we found an article that noted that the use of IGTV had increased by 300-1000 percent since the inclusion of IGTV on Instagram feeds, this did not provide clear data on the number of users. Since we did not find any other publicly available information on the number of users of IGTV, we decided to include the information from Preview research. We could not use the Preview data to triangulate an estimate for the number of people using IGTV, because the report did not specify whether the information was a monthly, daily, weekly, or yearly average data. Meanwhile, the data on the number of users of Instagram was a yearly and daily data, therefore the reports can't be used for accurate triangulation.

Furthermore, we searched for the demographic data for users of both Instagram Live and IGTV in an attempt to determine if there was any difference among these users. Our research yielded information about the demographics targeted by Instagram while lunching IGTV. Meanwhile, no demographic information specific to Instagram Live users was mentioned. The most commonly mentioned demographic information that was discussed was that of global and US specific user demographics. We assumed that there was no difference in the user demographics, as the information concerning the IGTV target demographics coincided with that of the general demographic breakdown for Instagram users. Thus, these age groups are likely to use the two platforms equally.