Instagram in Germany

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Instagram in Germany

Three best practices for companies using Instagram to target German users are to use shoppable posts, to use influencer marketing, and to use creative brand-specific hashtags.

Shoppable Posts

  • Experts recommend creating shoppable posts on Instagram in order to promote products. This is especially important as Instagram does not allow direct links in each post.
  • The use of shoppable posts is a best practice because it not only provides a link and price for consumers directly on the Instagram post, making it easier for them to purchase, but it also allows for brands to promote their products using storytelling.
  • The German streetwear brand DefShop saw a "64% increase in sales and 13% higher conversion rate" using Instagram shoppable posts.
  • German-based fashion brand Zalando has used shoppable posts on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing

  • German brands should consider using influencers, especially micro-influencers, to promote their products on Instagram in order to reach more people and appear more authentic and trustworthy to consumers, which is important for German users in particular.
  • Influencers are seen more like authentic, ordinary people and cultivate a sense of community, which is important to connecting with German buyers and selling products. The most successful German influencers on Instagram have more followers than well-known celebrities, illustrating their broad reach.
  • In order to correctly use influencer marketing, brands should work with an influencer that clearly fits the brand. Otherwise, the content will seem inauthentic and can turn users away.
  • In 2019, influencer marketing in Germany was worth $155.83 million, illustrating the popularity of this marketing method.
  • Deichmann was one of the first German brands to begin using influencer marketing, collaborating with influencers such as That Dapper Chap, Carl Cunard, and Style by Dillan.
  • The German clothing brand WRSTBHVR is one of the most popular brands of its kind on Instagram. Any fan that uses the tag @wrstbhvr has a chance to be featured as an influencer on their site. They have worked with influencers such as That’s So Tee, Eva Schaap, and Ashley Samwell.

Creative Brand-Specific Hashtags

  • Experts recommend using creative hashtags in order to reach a wider audience and be easily found on Instagram.
  • This was chosen as a best practice due to the large number of German brands utilizing hashtags effectively.
  • For example, HugoBoss uses different brand specific hashtags to help organize their posts and make it easier for users to find the products they are looking for. Some hashtags created by HugoBoss include #BOSSeyewear, #BOSSFW20 and #BOSSkids.
  • Zalando uses hashtags to create user-generated content on Instagram, encouraging users to post with the hashtag #StyleDayFriday in order to be featured on the Zalando Instagram and for giveaways.