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Top Innovative Hospitals

Based on a survey of 341 C-level executives, department heads, and staff members from hospitals and clinics across the US, the following five hospitals are the most innovative in the US: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Geisinger. They are innovative in that they have elaborate innovative programs and centers in each of their respective hospitals.



  • It has created a robust, innovative center known as the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.
  • Through the innovation center, they strive to create a patient-centered healthcare delivery solution that combines both aspects of design thinking principles with scientific methods.
  • Incorporated in their Center for Innovation, is a Multidisciplinary Design Clinic which brings healthcare providers and patients together to experiment with new prototypes of care models.
  • Every year, the center also holds its Transform Conference, which brings together innovative healthcare leaders to have workshops and breakout sessions and keynotes.


  • It has established Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), an innovations program that is at the forefront of coordinating with its network to create innovative medical products that benefit patients at the clinic.
  • CCI works in partnership with several healthcare institutions through an alliance known as the Healthcare Innovations Alliance, which organizes a Medical Innovation Summit every year to compare notes with other innovation leaders.
  • Most recently, CCI partnered with artificial intelligence startup, Petuum, to submit an AI-powered diagnostic tool to the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE challenge.


  • It has created an innovation lab known as Healthcare Transformation Lab, which is a very integral part of its innovations system.
  • This innovation lab links the community and the local businesses in a partnership aimed at transforming care delivery. It has strategically positioned the lab within the hospital precincts between the medical center and the Center for Medical Informatics to incorporate both clinicians and innovators.
  • It also established a robust simulation center at Intermountain for innovation purposes.


  • The hospital has established an innovation center known as Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center.
  • This innovation center was named after its founding physician, Dr. Garfield, and continues his vision of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through innovative means and treating the sick.
  • The innovation center also currently hosts between 200-300 innovation projects yearly.
  • Some of the most recent projects it has come up with involve technology that could enhance real-time, personalized telehealth care and protocols that can help improve health safety.


  • It started the Geisinger's Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation program, which has helped drive numerous innovative projects within its institute and beyond.
  • Some projects in the program include the MyCode Community Health Initiative, Fresh Food Farmacy, and Springboard Healthy Scranton.
  • The institute focuses on the quality enhancement of the encounters patients have with the facility as well to better the efficiency of outcomes.
  • It has also partnered with artificial intelligence companies like Jvion in seeking for solutions to tackle some significant challenges it grapples with, in healthcare.


The research team began by searching through go-to industry platforms like Becker's Hospital Review, PubMed, ScienceOpen, The Lens, and Reaction Data that have medical/scientific literature in an attempt to try to find out the most innovative hospitals around with particular attention to the US. During our search, we found Reaction Data's survey of 341 C-level executives, heads of departments, and staff members from hospitals and clinics across the US. The survey participants were explicitly asked to mention the hospitals they saw as models for innovation, with quality care at a sustainable cost and other topics that touched on healthcare transformation. Based on the survey results, the five most frequently cited hospitals that were Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Geisinger.

Using this information, we searched through the websites of each of these five hospitals to try to find out how each hospital is innovative and what they have done to show innovation. We found out that each of these hospitals has established elaborate research innovation programs that spearhead their innovative ventures, as mentioned in our findings above.

The research team went further to scour through publications like Forbes, Jvion, Business Insider, and TechWatch with the hope of finding out if any of the hospitals had implemented any new/different technology such as using artificial intelligence or blockchain in a way other hospitals aren't using them yet. We also wanted to see if they had used 3D printing, robotic surgery, or mobile technology in their quest for innovative prowess. This approach yielded some relevant results which we have provided in our findings.

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Top Innovative Healthcare Brands

The top six innovative healthcare brands in the United States are 23andMe, Osso VR, Color, Health Catalyst, Veritas Genetics and Virta Health. Further details about each company, what makes them innovative, and why they've been included in this list have been provided below.


  • 23andMe has been recognized as the leading consumer genetics company for its innovative and easy-to-use DNA test kits.
  • The company was recognized specifically by Fast Company for being among the "World's 50 Most Innovative Companies" in 2018, and is also considered to be among the top 20 most innovative healthcare technology companies in 2019. According to the Fast Company, 23andMe was recognized as innovative "for democratizing access to personal genetic data."
  • The TIM Group recognized 23andMe as being innovative as a leader in the consumer genetics and research industries.
  • 23andMe was also recognized as being among the 50 Disruptor Companies in 2019 by CNBC for its "science-based rationales quirks".

Osso VR

  • Osso VR provides virtual reality surgical training and assessment geared towards changing the surgical training process by providing highly-realistic simulations of a range of surgical procedures. Their program is built for use by surgeons, hospital staff, and sales teams.
  • According to Fast Company, Osso VR was recognized as being one of the most innovative healthcare companies in 2019 "for letting aspiring surgeons visualize procedures".
  • The TIM Group recognized Osso VR being highly innovative as well.
  • The Zimmer Biomet Innovation Award recognized Osso VR as being innovative in transforming healthcare using "Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Automation, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 3D printing".


  • Color provides physician-ordered genetic testing at an affordable price. The company's streamlined next-generation sequencing has led to its recognition for its key role in the utilization of technology to enable genetic analysis, screening including population screening of common hereditary cancers.
  • The CDC has recognized the health impact contribution particularly in regard to genomic conditions such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, Lynch Syndrome, and familial hypercholesterolemia.
  • According to Fast Company, Color was recognized as innovative "for reducing the price of genetic testing for hereditary cancer".
  • Fast Company also recognized the company as being among the "world's 50 most innovative companies" in 2017 in the biotech industry for "for democratizing genetic testing and 2019 health company".

Health Catalyst

  • Health Catalyst is a data and analytics technology company which provides services to healthcare organizations which are geared towards providing measurable data for informed healthcare improvement.
  • According to the TIM Group, Health Catalyst is innovative in organizing and linking data from different systems and availing the information to different users.
  • The CIO Review also recognized Health Catalyst as being among the 50 most promising healthcare solution providers in the United States in 2019.
  • Additionally, Health Catalyst was also among the winners of Microsoft’s 2018 Health Innovation Award.

Veritas Genetics

  • Veritas Genetics is the first company that develops and offers whole-genome sequencing, empowering people to maximize their quality-of-life and to interact with their genomic data, integrating it into their daily lives.
  • According to Fast Company, Veritas Genetics was recognized as innovative "for bringing whole genome sequencing to the masses".
  • Veritas Genetics was awarded among the 50 Disruptor Companies in 2018 and 2019 by CNBC.

Virta Health

  • Virta Health is an online medical clinic that specializes in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. The company offers biomarker tracking, nutritional biochemistry, data science, and curated solutions. The company is considered to be innovative because they offer near real-time access to certified physicians and health coaches, personalized treatment plans, and continuous remote monitoring geared towards helping to control Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic diseases.
  • Virta Health was recognized by Fast Company "for addressing Type 2 Diabetes without medicine or surgery".
  • Virta Health awarded among the 50 Disruptor Companies in 2019 by CNBC.
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Top Innovative Wellness Brands

According to our research, some of the top innovative wellness brands in the United States include Peloton, XPonential Fitness, EverlyWell, Orangetheory Fitness, Mirror, and ClassPass.









To determine the top innovative wellness brands in the United States, we initially searched for an existing list. We found several lists from reputable sources like LinkedIn, among others. To ensure that the brands were acknowledged as innovative in the wellness industry, we selected those with the most mentions.

Afterward, we examined the database of organizations that are well-known for awarding brands for innovations. Organizations such as the Fast Company, which grant awards to the most innovative companies each year, and CNBC, which publishes the Disruptor 50 businesses, were explored to see if any of the companies we selected have received recognition. Using this research strategy, we discovered that Peloton, Xponential Fitness, EverlyWell, Mirror, Orangetheory Fitness, and ClassPass, among others, have been chosen by Fast Company as leading innovative wellness brands in 2019. We also found that Peloton was also listed by CNBC as one of the "Disruptor top 50 company brands of the year."

After verifying that the selected brands have launched innovative products in the last year and that their products have received recognition from reputable organizations, we included them in our list of the top innovative wellness brands in the United States.

Additional companies that have released unique products and can be classified as top innovative wellness brands in the United States can be found in reports from Inada Massage Chairs and Fast Company.

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  • "Helping the healthcare industry make better decisions."
  • "We provide superior outcomes-based research programs, business insights, and advisory services to hospitals, healthcare vendors, life sciences firms, and health plans"
  • "The five provider organizations most frequently cited as a model for innovation: 1. Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn.): 14 percent 2. Cleveland Clinic: 10 percent 3. Intermountain Healthcare (Salt Lake City): 10 percent 4. Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, Calif.): 9 percent 5. Geisinger (Danville, Pa.): 8 percent"
  • "Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (Rochester, Minn.). Mayo's Center for Innovation combines design thinking principles with the scientific method to create patient-centered healthcare delivery solutions. Within the Center for Innovation is the Multidisciplinary Design Clinic, which brings providers and patients together to experiment with new care model prototypes. Each year, the center holds its Transform Conference, which brings innovative healthcare leaders together for breakout sessions, workshops and keynotes."
  • "Cleveland Clinic Innovations. Founded in 2000, Cleveland Clinic Innovations works with its robust provider network to create patient-benefiting medical products and companies. CCI partners with several healthcare institutions through its Healthcare Innovations Alliance and holds an annual Medical Innovation Summit to share its findings with other innovation leaders. In September, CCI partnered with artificial intelligence startup Petuum to submit an AI-powered diagnostic tool to the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE challenge."
  • "Intermountain Healthcare's Healthcare Transformation Lab (Murray, Utah). Intermountain Healthcare's transformation lab is at the heart of Intermountain, inviting the community and local businesses to partner and transform care delivery. The lab is strategically positioned between the medical center and the Center for Medical Informatics to accommodate clinicians and innovators from several rounds. Intermountain also has a robust simulation center."
  • "Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center (San Leandro, Calif.). The Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center was created in 2005 and is named for Sidney Garfield, MD, the founding physician of Kaiser Permanente. The center continues Dr. Garfield's vision of not only treating the ill, but helping patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer Liebermann is the founding director of the center, and under her leadership the center has grown to host 200 to 300 innovation projects annually. Recent projects include technology that could enable real-time, personalized telehealth care and protocols that can help improve safety."
  • "Geisinger's Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation (Danville, Pa.). Geisinger's Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation program has spurred a variety of projects, including the MyCode Community Health Initiative, Fresh Food Farmacy and Springboard Healthy Scranton. The institute focuses on improving patient experience, quality, efficiency and outcomes. The center selected an artificial intelligence partner in Jvion to attempt to solve some of its biggest challenges in July."
  • "Today, business evolves at a rapid pace. Innovation is more critical than ever, and health care is no exception. During the past 60 years, there have been significant advances in medicine. There is clearly an opportunity to do more — and Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation is doing it."
  • "Innovation begins with an idea. Here at the Garfield Innovation Center, we help bring those ideas to life to create better experiences for our members, clinicians, and employees."
  • "By integrating leading, proven AI into the technology landscape, Dr. Murphy and the care teams at Geisinger Medical Center are leading the industry in applied innovation that results in real patient impact."
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  • "The Zimmer Biomet Innovation Awards provide an opportunity for innovative technology startup companies to present how they plan to transform healthcare using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Automation, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 3D printing."
  • "Color Population Health is the only end-to-end solution to simply deliver population screening, from recruitment to return of results with genetic counselor support. "
  • "Health Catalyst’s CORUS Suite, co-developed with UPMC, is a cost-management system that, for the first time, enables health systems to deeply understand the true cost of providing care across the continuum, and to relate those costs to patient outcomes."
  • "Virta Health: Reversing diabetes"
  • "Veritas Genetics: The doctor will see your genetic test results now"