Innovative Treatments for Diabetes

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Innovative Treatments for Diabetes

Innovative treatments for type I diabetes include, the Control-IQ System, oxygen-enhanced implantable devices, ultrasounds, stem-cell-derived islets, and anti-thymocyte globulin. Innovated treatments for type II diabetes include blocking VDAC1 proteins, the protein adipsin, reducing or eliminating CD248, EndoBarrier, and Smart Insulin Pumps.

Innovative Treatments for Type I Diabetes

Control-IQ system

Oxygen-Enhanced Implantable Device


Stem-Cell-Derived Islets

Anti-Thymocyte Globulin

Innovative Treatments for Type II Diabetes

Blocking VDAC1

  • Preclinical evidence has found that blocking VDAC1, a protein in insulin-producing beta cells can restore them to normal function in patients with type II diabetes.
  • Researchers at Lund University in Sweden are currently investigating the potential of blocking the protein.

The Protein Adipsin

  • Researchers have found that the protein adipsin protects pancreatic beta cells from destruction in type II diabetes. The discovery suggests that the protein could be used as a potential therapy for type II diabetes.
  • Weill Cornell Medicine is currently conducting research on the possible innovation.

Reducing or Eliminating CD248

  • Researchers have found that reducing or eliminating the protein CD248 in fat calls can prevent the onset of type II diabetes and also reverse the disease.
  • Researchers at the Centre for Blood Research are currently performing trials in mice.


  • EndoBarrier is an endoscopic weight-loss procedure which may be a possible innovative treatment for type II diabetes and obesity. The non-invasive EBMT is currently conducting clinical trials.
  • The technology was created by GI Dynamics, a medical device company.

Smart Insulin Pumps