What are the most innovative strategies and marketing campaigns that Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are using to grow brand awareness and drive customer acquisitions?

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What are the most innovative strategies and marketing campaigns that Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are using to grow brand awareness and drive customer acquisitions?

Hello! Thanks for your question about the most innovative strategies and marketing campaigns that Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are using to grow brand awareness and drive customer acquisitions. The short version is that these companies - Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly - aim to show simply how easy it is for an individual to create his or her own website. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

In order to answer your question, I searched through campaign & marketing related websites like Adage, Marketingland, and Campaignlive, as well as through trusted media websites like Mediapost. In order to identify the campaigns that were most successful and innovative, I searched for campaigns that were rated as "innovative" and "creative" by trusted media sites. The campaigns also needed to have being recognized as one of the top-most creative ads in different top rankings such as the "Nine Can't-Miss Marketing and Branding Moments" or Oracle’s Brand Tracker Index.


In 2014, Weebly launched its first national TV campaign with a budget of $5 million. At that time, they were managing 25 million websites and were looking to increase this number. Weebly found that 75% of people did not believe that they could create their own high-quality site and, as such, the company wanted to tap into this market by creating awareness through their TV campaign.

The "We Believe" campaign aimed to encourage millions of people to create a website with Weebly. The advert starts in black and white and then transitions into color. The idea behind this is that ideas are out there, but they only come to color when you give them life. The ideas come to life in the form of websites. The ad ran on 60 different TV channels along with online radio.

Heat was the agency selected to create the campaign and Weebly became the first company backed by Y-Combinator funding to launch a national TV campaign. Since then, Weebly has launched the following TV ad campaigns: "Leather Goods"; "First Time Farmers"; and "Paige and Chris: The Fence Framers". Their top competitors in this space are GoDaddy, Google, Wix, Squarespace, and Web.com


Over the past three years, the Wix Super Bowl campaigns have been widely recognized as being some of the most creative and captivating campaigns out there. Below are just some of the innovative methods used by Wix.com

In 2015, Wix boasted more than 60 million users worldwide. It was during 2015 that, for the first-time, Wix was included on the list of Super Bowl advertisers. The Wix team maximized this opportunity by using a truly multichannel marketing approach. The "#It'sThatEasy" campaign went beyond its allocated 30 seconds. The multichannel marketing strategy included all forms of online marketing ranging from search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, email marketing to name a few. It also made use of TV and radio campaigns and a number of other offline channels. The campaign used famous faces to show the audience just how easy it is to build a website with Wix.

Their strategy seemed to pay off in the years that followed. The 2016 Wix's Super Bowl commercial, starring Kung Fu Panda, was ranked the number one most creative video ad campaign by Ve Interactive. Subsequently, in 2017, Wix had the most-seen Super Bowl campaign with their "Disruptive World" ad, which stars Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. The ad was viewed over 22.6 million times in paid views, which includes video ads, and sort-out organic views.


In 2014, Squarespace launched it's $40 million marketing campaign. Part of this campaign was their first-time Super Bowl spot in which they released their “A Better Web Awaits” commercial. The aim of this commercial was to highlight Squarespace's values, in particular, the things they stand against on the web. The ad stressed upon Squarespace's desire to create a better web. This ad increased the company's brand awareness by 50%. It was ranked number one on Oracle’s Brand Tracker Index and number ten on TiVo’s Top Ten Commercials during the game.

In 2016, the Puccini Group ranked Squarespace's "You Should" campaign number five on their list of "Nine Can't-Miss Marketing and Branding Moments". The campaign used a multichannel marketing approach showcasing the things that fuel various creative professionals while creating awareness of the Squarespace product on a number of different platforms. The Puccini Group called it, "A winning combination of showcasing art and advertising."

In February of this year, Squarespace's "Get your domain before it's gone" Super Bowl ad, starring John Malkovich, was released online. The actor recently launched a menswear collection on Squarespace and this collaboration resulted in a great marketing campaign. Reviewers praised the script and the acting and it was ranked number one on Campaign's top ten favorite spots.


To wrap it up, The use of a multichannel marketing approach seems to be the go-to marketing strategy for these companies. This, combined with the use of famous faces, such as those in all three of the Wix Super Bowl ads and the 2017 Squarespace John Malkovich collaboration, have proven to be a successful strategy to having a successful advertising campaign.

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