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Innovative and Engaging Marketing Campaigns

In the past decade, a good deal of innovative marketing campaigns have become memorable because of creative simplicity, technological resources, or good humor. After careful review using information from industry reports by Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Digital Uncovered, some of the brands that were successful in creating something memorable include Oreo, Tesla, State Street, Burger King, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic and Globetrotter.

“Dunk In The Dark” (2013) — Oreo

  • Forbes magazine chose the marketing campaign “Dunk In The Dark”, from the food brand Oreo, as one of the most memorable of the last decade. The speed and creativity in the process made the campaign irreverent and viral.
  • The campaign ran in 2013, during the blackout on Super Bowl. The Oreo creative team took advantage of the power outage, which lasted for about 30 minutes, and posted a Tweet on social media.
  • The tweet contained an image of the partially lit, with a solitary Oreo cookie and the caption “Power out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark”.
  • The following day, the brand was praised by digital magazines because of their innovative approach. Commentators said it was the best ad for the Super Bowl even though it wasn’t an official commercial. The space for advertising during the Super Bowl is very disputed and expensive, which boosted Oreo's actions even more.
  • The marketing campaign was made possible because the company prepared itself. A team of 15 specialists worked during the championship, producing content for social networks.
  • The campaign’s goal was to celebrate the brand’s centenary and was integrated into an action that lasted for days. Oreo produced massive content for social networks, with daily innovation. However, the humor and irreverence were due to the timing, and the quality of “real-time marketing”.

"First Class Bench" (2013) — Virgin Atlantic

  • The airline company Virgin Atlantic made use of experimental marketing in its “First Class Bench”, which ranked among the most creative and engaging marketing campaigns of the past decade.
  • In 2013, the company transformed a bank in New York Park into the first-class seats of its planes. When seated, people were received by stewardesses, who served them as if they were on board the airplane.
  • The action was developed with the help of Young & Rubicam and earned a Silver Lion in Cannes.
  • The purpose of the action was to show New Yorkers the feeling of flying with the company, packed with champagne and snacks.

"Weather Rooms" (2016) — Globetrotter

  • The sports products company Globetrotter won the innovative campaign post with the action “Weather Rooms” in 2016. Combining technology with ease of purchase, it was successful and became memorable.
  • The company designed climate capsules in some of its stores, which reached very low temperatures. Customers were free to put on the store’s clothes and enter the “Weather Room”. They stayed there for as long as they held on.
  • The purpose of the action was to show that Globetrotter’s cold suits withstand extreme temperatures, as this was a big concern for most of its customers. The marketing campaign echoed globally.

"Fearless Girl" (2017) — State Street

  • According to Digital Uncovered, the marketing campaign “Fearless Girl”, by the U.S. State Street Corporation, is one of the most innovative in the last 10 years. The action took place in 2017, on the eve of Women’s Day.
  • The company installed a bronze statue, representing a brave girl, facing the great bronze bull, an iconic sculpture of Wall Street. The statue was made by the artists Kristen Visbal and received international commotion.
  • The statue, titled “Fearless Girl”, was the main event in a series of marketing actions that the company carried out aiming to influence large companies to have more women on their council boards. State Street also sent a letter to 3,500 companies that do not have women in important positions.
  • It remained on Wall Street until the end of 2018 and has become globally recognized, becoming a popular tourist destination. Afterward, it was transported to the New York Stock Exchange in order to continue the company's mission.
  • The biggest motivation behind the marketing campaign came when State Street created the "SHE fund", which tracks national companies with the highest rate of women in council board positions. The project resulted from a partnership with McCann Newyork.

"Make-Up Genius" (2018) — L'Oreal

  • L’Oreal stood out for building one of the most innovative marketing campaigns in the last 10 years. Using recognizable technological resources, the company created the “Make-Up Genius” application, which received over 7 million downloads.
  • The idea for the campaign came when the company realized that consumers of cosmetic products prefer to try the products before buying. To increase online sales, L’Oreal wanted to create a mechanism that simulates this.
  • The application worked through the consumer’s front camera, which allowed customers to test L’Oreal makeup products. Developed with the makeup artists of the film “Benjamin Burton”, the application was able to realistically simulate a private mirror.
  • The application is connected to L’Oreal’s online store, allowing the customer to buy the product that suits them. It also offered promotions and innovative content. The results were excellent, and the company increased its online traffic.

"Roadster in Space" (2018) — Tesla

  • The marketing campaign of the automotive brand Tesla, in partnership with Space X, is considered one of the most innovative and creative in recent years. It was held in 2018 and the company had no advertising expenses.
  • Aerospace exploration company Space X launched a rocket that had a Tesla model, the Roadster, attached to it. The event had extensive media coverage, in addition to producing a beautiful video.
  • The company wanted to show their brand as a representation of ambition and technological innovation. Part of the action included the preparation of photographs that were later shared with automotive news sites and publications.
  • Another interesting fact about the campaign was that it kept broadcasting and transmitting images as the Tesla Roadster moved away from Earth. The images are transmitted via Space X’s YouTube channel, which allows the viewers to follow the route of the car, which is headed towards Mars.
  • Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and Space X, has been hailed as a marketing visionary after this campaign.

"The Whopper Detour" (2019) — Burger King

  • Considered being one of the most innovative and engaging campaigns, Burger King's “The Whopper Detour” went viral in 2019.
  • The marketing campaign of BK and the FCB New York agency won international awards, including Cannes’s Grand Prix award.
  • During the campaign, the company announced “Whopper Detour” sandwiches costing 1 cent, as long as the customer was close to one of its major competitor’s franchises — McDonald’s. To access the promotion, the client needed to download the BK application.
  • Using "geofencing technology, the discount was unlocked in the application as long as the customer was 200 meters from a McDonald’s restaurant.
  • BK achieved 1.5 million app downloads, which resulted in a $37 million ROI. The Whopper sandwich was also able to break the company's sales record.
  • The main aim of the campaign was to increase the brand’s digital traffic through application downloads. The idea came because there are twice as many McDonald’s restaurants for each BK in the U.S. So, the creators developed a method of rewarding users each time they came across one of the competing franchise restaurants.