Innovation Workshops

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Innovation Workshops

Virtual workshops are predicted to be dominant in the future owing to the COVID-19 pandemic that has eliminated the need for face-to-face meetings and learning activities. The validation and testing of output from innovation workshops are also expected to be immediate and more efficient. More information surrounding the insights has been provided below.

The Future of Innovation Workshops

Prediction #1: Virtual Workshops Will Dominate in the Future

  • With the COVID-19 outbreak, uncertainty exists about whether there will be a permanent shift to virtual learning or whether learning with continue being mainly face-to-face. This applies to traditional face-to-face innovation workshops.
  • Because of the outbreak, innovation consulting companies such as Ososim and Bain have been forced to attempt virtual solutions and will not be afraid to rely on them permanently.
  • They will now discover the facets that work and those that do not work, and the learning aspects, skills, and behaviors that can be developed more effectively virtually.
  • Since innovation workshops are components of learning and development, it is possible that there will be no alternative to conducting workshops online for a long time.
  • Working with collaboration and video conferencing tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams together with virtual whiteboards such as Miro and Microsoft Whiteboard will make up for what is lost by going digital.
  • Nosco is an innovation consulting company that works with clients such as Volvo, Maersk, and Diageo. The company predicts that future workshops will take a virtual format and that this is a tactic that will be adopted by many other innovation consulting companies.
  • This will come with a lot of adjustments, changes, and creative thinking, but will produce many good results for the future.

Prediction #2: Immediate Validation and Testing of Output from Innovation Workshops

  • With emerging technologies and tools, it is will be possible to fully record digital and face-to-face innovation workshops, making their evaluation more accurate and post-processing easy.
  • According to a report by Deloitte, Tech will play a key role in innovation workshops in 2020, helping organizations understand the issues that directly affect their performance.
  • Providing a digital copy of the innovation workshops within minutes will allow the participants to focus on tangible outcomes and continue with the momentum that is built during the session.
  • This will also make it easier to integrate collaborative, stimulative, and prototyping tools that will provide better and more immediate methods for validating and testing results from workshops.
  • With online learning, key decisions will also be captured along the way, enhancing efficiency since everybody will immediately capture the essence of the innovation workshops.
  • Faster validation and testing of output will also be enhanced through virtual workshops, meaning that participants from all over the world can immediately apply results to their settings.
  • Ideal groups of people will be involved from all over the world, allowing firms to have a reduced time to go-live (for services, products, and solutions that are developed and innovated in the workshops).

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