Influencer Marketing Strategy; Oribe, Ouai & Kerastase

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Oribe; Influencer Marketing Strategy

The Oribe brand of hair care products has successfully used certain core influencer marketing strategies and tactics to appeal to a wide audience for over a decade. These strategies and tactics center around partnering with professional models from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who already have an established media presence and showcasing traditional hairstyles with new technology.

Oribe Marketing:

Official Influencers or Ambassadors

  • Helen Owen has been an official influencer for Oribe and currently has the largest reach of all Oribe influencers at 1.5 million, according to
  • Kelsey Adams has been an official influencer for Oribe on and currently has the second largest reach of 156,000, according to
  • The official ambassador who was featured on Oribe's website last year was Janelle Therese.

Core Influencer Strategies

Previous Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Oribe featured a "Get the Look" influencer marketing campaign on YouTube earlier this year that showcased traditional hairstyles like the messy bun, the blowout, and the twist while spotlighting their dry texturizing spray products. All of these hairstyles reflect the Oribe image of sexy, casual, and versatile.
  • Oribe also featured a "Curlfest" influencer marketing campaign on Facebook earlier this year that showcased long curly hair and spotlighted their Moisture and Control hair care collection. The message of this campaign was to be natural and casual, wash and go.
  • In 2017, Oribe featured a "#GoldLust" influencer marketing campaign on Twitter that advertised as "The Fountain of Youth" for hair and spotlighted their Repair and Restore hair care collection.

Brand Elements & Tactics

  • Oribe successfully combines the elements of casual and luxury, old world and new world with traditional hairstyles and new technology.
  • This brand continues to use the tactic of showcasing their hair care products around the world on professional models in the fashion industry and A-list celebrities.
  • Oribe also uses the tactic of "inventing and reinventing to continue to strengthen influence on the hair and fashion that defines generations."

Research Strategy

We first researched information about significant influencers and ambassadors for the Oribe brand from multiple credible sources like, Oribe official influencer and ambassador social media pages, and Oribe's company website. We then researched Oribe's social media pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to gather more insights on their influencer marketing strategies and tactics from previous influencer marketing campaigns. We also researched more in depth on Oribe Canales' success, philosophy, and vision for his brand to complete our findings.
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Ouai; Influencer Marketing Strategy

The influencer marketing strategies and tactics that are used by Ouai to market to its audience are having human relationships, making how-to videos, using powerful women concept, and celebrity influencers.

Influencer Marketing Approach/Tactics

  • With "Live Life Your Ouai" campaign, the celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins wanted to celebrate the spirit, independence, and strength of women.
  • The images for the said campaign captures women who are multitasking; that is the customer the company wants to focus on, women who are fierce and gentle.
  • The Ouai has about 316,000 fans on Instagram and Jen Atkins, who launched Ouai in 2016, is a powerful influencer with 3.1 million followers on Instagram. The New York Times calls her the "The Most Influential Hairstylist in the World" who is courting many top models.
  • One of the influencer marketing approaches used is to create a video of how to use the product and the influencers are posting it on social media. The influencer also makes non-sponsored videos since she got the products for free.
  • The packaging of the products perfectly blends with all the photos published by the influencers on social media which enhances the visual marketing tactics of the company.
  • "Human relationship" plays a vital role in marketing strategy and Jen Atkins knows it very well as she replies to the comments on her Instagram, one proof that she listens to the customers.

Elements the Brand Focuses On

  • The brand focuses on Instagram as its first marketing strategy and gets fragrance ideas from customers' comments. She has produced a perfume line inspired by French fragrances, scents from Hawaii and the Middle East.
  • They have incorporated the fragrances in shampoo, conditioner, body oil, and other products.
  • The company concentrates on marketing new products. Jen Atkin influences through her Instagram account by posting a lot about the products before the official launch which allows the customers to pre-book the products.


  • Influencer Melany Cecilia uses a strategy like 'easy volume hair hack' and explains how she used Ouai products like Ouai Dry Shampoo and Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil to get the look.
  • The average engagement rate of 'theouai' is 5.433 and there are 4 members who work for the social media account. They have about 870 members and 12 influencers were also featured on it.
  • Megan Gentry, one of the influencer and content creators who has 14,900 followers on Instagram, has featured Ouai products like dry shampoo and hair oil.
  • Some influencers like "moderndayshivalry" make videos about how to get a wavy hairstyle using Ouai products and post it in their social media.
  • They are also celebrity influencers like Instagirls and dog-fluencer: Chrissy Teigen's pup Pippa who marketed Ouai's products.

Research Strategy:

We started our analysis from Ouai's official website and found the #MYOUAI section where a lot of influencers have posted Ouai products on their social media page. Then, we started getting the analytics of the Ouai page from website which provided useful information like the influencers of the product. From there, we have chosen some influencers and then started analyzing what are the strategies they are using to market the products. We also checked for celebrity influencers and found the information in the fashion news site Fashionista.
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Kerastase; Influencer Marketing Strategy

Kerastase focuses on personalized marketing in targeting customers with its latest innovation in its product range. With a marketing message that all women are unique and beautiful, no matter their hairstyle, Kerastase partners with sophisticated, sexy, and powerful influencers and ambassadors.

A. Official Influencers or Ambassadors

  • According to, the average engagement rate or the total number of social media likes and comments in the last 45 days divided by the current follower count of Kerastase's official influencers is 3.136.
  • Angie Wilson, an official influencer for Kerastase, currently has the largest reach of all Kerastase influencers with 154,000 followers, according to
  • Axelle Blanpain, another official influencer for Kerastase, currently has the second-largest reach of all Kerastase influencers with 29,000 followers, according to
  • Lisa Haydon Lalvani, a famous model, has been named as the brand ambassador of Kérastase in India.
  • The official brand ambassador featured on Kerastase's website is Emily Ratajkowski. The model, actress and artist has nearly 17 million followers on Instagram.

B. Core Influencer Strategies

C. Previous Influencer Marketing Campaigns

D. Brand Elements & Tactics

  • Kerastase uses the tactics of presenting their hair care products with the tag, “Fan Favorites,” to imply that the product is favored by influencers, editors, fans, stylists, and celebrities.
  • Kerastase uses the tactics of targeting professional hairdressers. The professionals make a rich source of knowledge and feedback about which product enhances the lives of customers' experience.
  • Kerastase focuses on personalized marketing. The brand launched its latest innovation, the world's first "smart hairbrush," which data would allow more personalized marketing with the beauty brand being able to communicate directly with consumers.


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