Picture Frames Industry In the US

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Case Studies - Advertising and Marketing Strategies - Custom Framing Companies

For Father's Day, Framebridge developed a set of stylized product shots, some featuring fathers and their children, and presented them in stylish picture frames that it ran through Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed for its campaign, which lasted from May 2018 to June 2018. Meanwhile, for the holiday season, Artifact Uprising distributed emails with a simplistic design for overwhelmed readers seeking the perfect gift.

1. Framebridge

  • Framebridge offers an inexpensive and unproblematic custom framing experience.
  • Framebridge partook in a deep-dive creative session lasting half a day with the company's Facebook account crew for a Father's Day campaign for which it created its mobile-first ad creative along with testing ads for Instagram Stories.
  • The company also had a photo shoot to develop a diverse collection of stylized product shots, and selected images such as photographs of fathers with their children, exhibited in elegant picture frames from that shoot for this campaign. The campaign (May 2018 to June 2018) created photo ads which it ran through Facebook News Feed, as well as Instagram feed, in addition to a 3-panel carousel of photo ads that were visible through Instagram Stories. Afterward, the individual performance of the placements were compared.
  • MESSAGING: The campaign featured the message, "What do you give the man who doesn’t want anything? True custom framing to make Father’s Day truly special."
  • According to Facebook Ads Manager, when compared to advertisements in the feed, ads in Instagram Stories resulted in 2.4 times more purchases and 29% lower cost for each acquisition.
  • Ads in stories attributed to 71% of all prospecting purchases.

2. Artifact Uprising

  • The subject line of the holiday sale email read, "Gift thoughtfully—start with this SALE" and the preheader text stated, "gifts at Artifact Uprising."
  • Artifact Uprising employed a refined approach that accentuated vital information for readers merely scanning as opposed to stuffing inboxes with data. At the very top of the email is where it placed its call to action, which was a brilliant strategy as readers are typically overwhelmed and seeking the right gift during the holiday season.
  • Artifact Uprising’s marketing email had a modest layout and convenient copy compared to other emails that utilize exclamation points and capitalization to indicate importance.
  • The subject line of the Thanksgiving email stated, "With Gratitude" and shared gratitude by providing a genuine message for the holiday.
  • The subject line of the Black Friday email stated, " If you’re going to open one email this weekend…"
  • The intentional copy and how Artifact Uprising recapitulated their objectives for gift-giving left recipients with a warm holiday feeling.
  • Around 3.54% of total traffic on the company website is sourced from email.
  • The company has delivered a 3-year growth of approximately 307%.
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Insights and Trends - Photo Gift Space

The three trends in the photo gift space surrounding how people give framed photos as gifts are custom photo frames, digital photo frames, and light natural wooden photo frames. Below are details why these are considered trends and examples of companies leaning into these trends.

1. Customized Photo Frames

  • Custom framing is the most prominent trend in the photo gift space. Wide frames and mat borders have become more popular which gives more prominence to a framed piece of artwork or object for gifting purposes. Wider frames are also more sturdy and reliable than a thin, one-inch frame which is preferred from the point of view of a gift.
  • The sprawling collection of specialty custom picture frames can showcase the family members in the most beautiful way. Customized picture frames for upcoming birthdays and collage picture frames are timeless presents that can immortalize life’s most precious moments and can be given as a precious gift.
  • The collage picture frames work as a great gift that can be customized for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers.
Why Is It A Trend
  • This is a trend because custom framing industry has grown and better equipment has become available which leads to higher standards.
  • Customized photo frames, amongst other types of personalized gifts, have gained a lot of popularity as it is being targeted as the main gift option by the companies dealing in photo frames and still gaining popularity in 2019.
  • Many new companies like Framebridge, a customized framing startup have entered into this market because of the vast opportunities in this segment.
  • Other players like Frame IT Here, Level Frames, and Lazer Designs have penetrated in customized photo frames to capture the market.
  • Custom framing also gives an option of matching that gives a cohesive design. Frames not only match the artwork but should also match the decor in the home of the person to whom gifting needs to be done.
  • Custom frame gives a personalized frame with names, initials, and meaningful messages to make every frame feel tailor-made.
Examples of Companies/Brands Leaning Into This Trend
  • Level Frames is a company that offers customized frames for artwork, prints, and posters. The company designs custom picture frames for any picture size where the customers need customized frame options. The picture frame can be shipped directly to the customer to whom the customized frames' picture needs to be sent as a gift.
  • Framebridge is another company that gives custom framing services to customers. The company offers a gallery-style border and more stylized custom framing online. The company makes customized framing with gilded bamboo or a distressed whitewashed wood, paired with matting, UV-protected acrylic, and hanging supplies and prepared from the point of view of gifting.
  • Personal Creations offers customized photo frames that immortalize life’s most precious moments. The company offers customized photo frames that work as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers.

2. Digital Photo Frames

  • Digital photo frames give much more flexibility than a traditional frame which can let the user run slideshows, play videos, and even use their built-in calendar and clock functionality. A digital photo frame makes it easy to liberate the snaps, showcasing them on bright, colorful screens via memory card slot, USB, Wi-Fi, or cloud connectivity.
  • The digital photo frames are big sellers because they're usually bought as a gift. This type of frame is a perfect gift idea for every occasion, young couple wedding, friends party, infant birth, Christmas or other life events.
Why Is It A Trend
  • This is the latest trend that is gaining popularity amongst companies including Nixplay, Lazer Design, and many more.
  • Based on a survey conducted by Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers and Top Ten Reviews in 2019, digital picture frames are gaining popularity amongst consumers.
  • There are varied options available in this category including NIX Advance digital photo frame; Aluratek ADMPF108F digital photo frame; Nixplay Iris (WiFi) digital photo frame; Pix-Star FotoConnect digital photo frame; and Nix Lux digital photo frame which are considered as the best digital frames based on customer reviews.
  • This trend is considered as the perfect gift idea for every occasion.
  • According to a rating given for People's Choice, the wooden digital photo frame is most liked by people. Approximately 350 reviewers agree that this frame is “very easy to use”. Some users mentioned that pictures can be seen from across the room. The quality of the frame itself is excellent, lightweight, and easy enough to mount on a wall.
  • The pictures can be remotely added via the application even after the frame has been given as a gift.
Examples of Companies/Brands Leaning Into This Trend
  • Nixplay is the number-one seller in the digital photo frame market that helps to connect families and friends staying over distance. The company offers digital frames that can be used as a gift to families where memories can be shared privately and securely. The company believes that sharing photos is very straightforward which makes it a great gift for family members to help share photos from not just yourself but many friends/family.
  • Lazer Design is a company that offers personalized digital frames as a gift that are perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day. These digital photo screens are mostly likely the great options for children, teens, executives or to those who values the flexibility of digital photography. Laser Design also frames designs that can be used as corporate gifts. The company focus on creating a laser-engraved design with a corporate logo and names that appear in ultra-sharp and precise images that helps to make the engraved digital picture frame more special for corporate clients.

3. Light Natural Wooden Photo Frames

  • When a company wants to thank a client after a successful partnership, or congratulate a colleague for achieving an important milestone, a frame is a great way to commemorate those special moments.
  • Solid-wood picture frames give a warm feeling of a cozy fireplace and gives a vintage option that provides a feeling of regal touch.
Why Is It A Trend
  • This is the most recent trend because the company Framebridge mentioned that light natural wood is the latest color used for interior design specifically in wooden picture frames.
  • The company highlighted that solid cherry wood wide and ash wood wide frames are used most commonly in wooden frames.
  • The trend is also gaining importance because companies consider wooden frames as eco-friendly. It is one of the most popular variety due to its higher aesthetic value.
  • The wooden photo frame gift trend grows every year which gives a shabby-chic or vintage feature to decadent and elegant hand-carved wood decorations.
  • These frames give the distinctly ‘vintage’ appeal or aesthetic look.
Examples of Companies/Brands Leaning Into This Trend
  • Level Frames offers solid-wood frames engraved plaques, double-matting, collage framing, and more, to give a gift an extra personal touch to the corporate clients. The wooden frames are designed for corporate gifting, offices, and retail.
  • Frame It Easy offers a great selection of frame styles that can be used as a gift for corporate clients. The company deals with wooden frames that are available in a variety of colors and styles. The company considers wooden frames as a sign of an eco-friendly option.

Research Strategy:

We started our search by looking through research reports from sources like Market & Market, Technavio, Art & Frame, and MarketWatch, since the information regarding trends and major players adopting these trends are best covered in these reports. The reports mentioned that personalized gifts market is expected to reach $3.47 billion in the U.S. by 2022 which includes both non-photo personalized gifts and photo personalized gifts. But there was no information mentioned about the current trends in photo gift space.

Later, we looked and checked the information in media articles and blogs specific to photo gift space in sources such as Architectural Digest and Personal Creations; and surveys from Nielson, Pew Research, and NYMag to get some insight on the customer perception based on their feedback. But there was no precompiled list of trends given. The sources only enumerated the information on custom framing and the ratings given by people's choice which mentions that the digital photo frame is most liked by people.

Then, we proceeded with our research and looked further to check which companies follow these trends. We specifically looked for some brands that deal with gift space in sources such as Frame It Here, Level Frames, Digital Frame Outlet, Nixplay, Frame It Easy, and checked for the trends these companies follow. We consolidated the trends we have gathered that are consistently mentioned in different publications and corroborated them with the companies at the forefront of these trends.

From Part 02
  • "In 2017, the non-photo personalized gifts segment accounted for 68.12% of the global market and is projected to reach 69.20% by 2022, exhibiting almost 1.08% increase in market share."
  • "As the custom framing industry has grown and better equipment has become available, standards have become much higher. Wide frames and mat borders have become more popular than ever."