Boutique Hospitality Trends Asia-Pacific

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Boutique Hospitality Trends: Asia-Pacific

The trends of boutique hospitality in Asia-Pacific are based on the shifting preferences of Asia-Pacific travelers. The identified trends are APAC travelers choosing boutique hotels for new and original experiences and adoption of new and multiple technologies that cater to the traveler's requirements.

1. APAC Travelers Choosing Boutique Hotels for New and Original Experiences

  • The travelers who chose boutique hotels are the ones who appreciate experiencing destination just like the natives and discovering local hidden gems.
  • They want to experience the culture of their destinations even in their accommodation. Boutique hotels seem to be the type of hospitality service that allows them to do so.
  • To satisfy this demand, some boutique hotels are working towards creating local experiences in their facilities in winemaking, traditional gourmet cuisine, etc. These hotels can also tailor their design to immerse their customers into the destination.
  • There are new types of emerging travelers in Asia-Pacific and they are explorers, followers, connectors, and opportunists.
  • The largest share of travelers was segmented as "Explorers" (38%) who are motivated to travel for discovery and self-actualization.
  • In this era of social media, they expect these experiences to be "share-worthy". This puts pressure on hotels to constantly improve and diversify their services to surprise their clients and meet their expectations.
  • More affluent tourists in Asia-Pacific tend to spend more on experiences than on hotel accommodation, which shows that what they are looking for essentially is a unique and original service.
  • One of the trends of boutique hotels in Asia-Pacific is to be eco-friendly with a commitment shown to protect the environment and be sustainable.
  • An example is a hotel in Bangkok which has decided to ban single-use plastics. These hotels tend to offer vegan options and source their products locally.
  • There is a growing market in Asia-Pacific for "Lifestyle Hotels" which is the next generation of boutique hotels, targeting millennials whose travel focus is on authenticity, community, and local experiences.
  • Today’s discerning Chinese tourists are keen on experiential traveling. The boutique hotels have a strong focus on lifestyle and authenticity offering guests a memorable stay that caters to this requirement.
  • Boutique hotels also cater to wellness tourism in the form of integrated health experiences and lifestyle coaching to relax the body and de-stress the mind with services such as spas, yoga, and detox programs.
  • Some wellness resorts have a local approach for in-house physicians to prescribe traditional Chinese medication for guests.

2. Boutique Hotels Focus on Technology — Expectation of APAC Travelers.

  • Boutique hotels are also focusing on providing the best technology for their clients such as AI travel assistants, smart rooms, and internet access, as customers use these tools to plan their trips.
  • Technology is increasingly expected in hotels rather than being a nice-to-have feature nowadays, especially for the travelers in Asia and from Asia.
  • Hotel guests are increasingly greeted by these once futuristic tech features around the world such as robot butlers, keyless entry, and virtual reality-enhanced room bookings.
  • Technology can also be used to make the experience of checking in and out of a hotel a more enjoyable and seamless experience.
  • The Explorers travel segment, a new type of emerging travelers in the APAC region are likely to book travel options/experiences on the go and they are most likely to plan travels on their own.
  • They would prefer to have the best tech options, wherever they are staying to plan their travels. Hence, they would prefer boutique hotels that cater to their tech requirements.
  • The technology option is essential as the emerging tourist market is millennials who quickly adapt to new innovations.

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  • "Travel has now become a significant form of self-expression and self-actualization. "
  • "Sabre published a study detailing four new types of travellers emerging in the Asia Pacific. The largest share of travellers falls into the category of ‘Explorers’, who place a high value on discovery and self-actualisation. "
  • "In most markets, millionaires are willing to spend on travel experiences and activities more than on luxury accommodation."
  • "The research strongly shows that no matter what type of experience is considered, all must have one common trait: customization by understanding and anticipating the millionaire's needs."
  • "Millionaires across Asia increasingly assign more value to health and wellness than to material objects. Chinese millionaires in particular, clearly recognize that health and wellness are important in life, with 90% expressing the desire to focus more on their health in the current year, a whopping 10% increase in only 3 years"
  • "The “Eco-Bio-Healthy” revolution - More and more travelers are interested in making choices that protect the planet and promote reconnecting with nature. For example, in Bangkok, the New Akyra Sukhumvit has become the first single-use-plastic-free hotel. Furthermore, vegan options, local food, and 0km gastronomic products are now omnipresent in boutique hotel menus. "