Industry Resources

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Paid Resources

As indicated in the spreadsheet, various paid resources offer reports on topics including, but not limited to, general market/industry knowledge, digital marketing knowledge, and e-commerce knowledge include Market Research Future, GrandView Research, Pitchbook, Hexa Research, IBIS World, Market Research and Euromonitor.


Market Research Future

The main objective of this resource is to provide granular and quality research to clients on different market segments. Main areas covered include end users, applications, technologies, offering services, and market players for country, regional and global level market segments.

GrandView Research

This resource provides consulting services and industry reports. It is considered as one of the most trusted and largest BI enabled market research databases. Similarly, it has gained the trust of 91% of Fortune 500 companies. It also has a subscription service to clients, and this gives them unlimited access to ad hoc and syndicated research studies in compliance with the service.


This company provides financial data to thousands of global business professionals. It contains comprehensive data on the public and private markets which provides companies and individuals with the information required to discover and execute opportunities.

Hexa Research

This consulting and market research company offers custom research, industry reports and consulting services for various industries such as chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, material sciences, food & beverages, and renewable & specialty chemicals. The pricing for various products depends on whether it is single user, multi-user, and enterprise.

IBIS World

This resource provides market research and business information on many industries globally. Their intelligent industry market reports provide detailed information on predicted market conditions. The costs of accessing this platform vary based on the membership terms and types of reports requested. The available options include a single report, reports plus membership, and report plus membership plus.

Market Research

This resource provides a comprehensive collection of market intelligence services and products through its database of reports that provide expert insights on products, global industries, current market trends, and company profiles. As such, clients can easily purchase reports based on their diverse needs, which maximizes their research experience. Pricing for the reports varies depending on whether the report is requested as a Global Site License or PDF.


This resource covers an extensive internal network that provides local business information. Some of the content available ranges from understanding future product demand and sizing market sales, which cover a range of B2B and B2C industries. The cost of reports varies based on the type of reports requested.
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Free Resource

The following resources offer free reports, general market analysis, the United States labor statistics, among others.
3. aiHit
7. Owler

The above name resources offer free information in various industries for free globally. The United States is a global force to reckon with, hence often free statistics on the United States are also located on such global platforms. Some of the global platforms have their headquarters in the United States like

Directory of Associations

This directory provides data on over "35,000+ Local, Regional, National and International Associations" worldwide including the United States of America.

Get Fillings

The website provides access to free "annual reports (10-K) and quarterly reports (10-Q) of public companies" in the United States of America.


aiHit is a free business directory that makes use of artificial intelligence/machine learning to build and update data using the company's web page.


This free database includes over 4,000 hedge fund records. A user can browse all of them alphabetically or search by keyword by the name of the firm. Records include the hedge fund address, phone number, Web address, assets under management (AUM), number of clients, number of employees and even the individual stocks in their portfolio from their 13F financial filings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistic

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers "many types of data for regions, states and local areas" by merely navigating the web page.

The company provides a platform that gives insights on the companies that matter most globally, including the United States of America. The data provided ranges from supply chain intelligence to prospect intelligence.

Here is a link to the attached spreadsheet.
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Building Products Resources

Resources that would help identify thought leaders / influencers in the building products space are Cedia, Building America, Home Assistant, NAHB - National Association of Home Builder, Home Innovation Research Labs, National Institute of Building Sciences, and NREL Building Research Program. The requested information has been provided in the attached spreadsheet, rows 3-9, ‘Building Products Resources’ tab.


In order to gather the requested information, we looked at home building research labs and industry publications where we found Home Innovation Research Labs, National Institute of Building Sciences, Cedia, and NREL Building Research Program. We also searched some websites that offer insights on home building in the US and found NAHB - National Association of Home Builder and Building America. Next, we looked for smart home software that also offers insights on home building and found Home Assistant.

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Home Fashion Resources

We identified seven home fashion resources: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Dering Hall, House Beautiful, Furniture Today,, and Traditional Homes. The entire project is here.


Our investigation began with a direct-inquiry into available industry resources offering insight into the home fashion space. This strategy yielded little to no information on thought leaders and influencers. We then expanded our parameters to include home fashion publications (e.g., magazines, newsletters, and blogs) and databases that could be used to identify influencers. This avenue yielded results in the form of publications detailing top influencers and thought leaders in the home fashion space. The individuals located were ones with remarkable publications concerning their thoughts and position on the home fashion industry.

Home Fashion Resources

Elle Decor

Elle Decor focuses on home decor with a fresh and international viewpoint. The magazine provides details on influencers, interior trends, architecture, interviews, shopping guides, and many other subjects. The publication boasts of having more than two million readers. While website access is free, a single-copy digital issue costs $5.99; a six-month subscription costs $6.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest provides information on innovative homes and home designs as well as related products. The magazine also provides inspiring decorating ideas, information on culture, and relays travel stories. Access to the website is free. A one-year subscription costs $29.99 regularly but is currently (2019-05-23) on sale for $10. [6] A two-year subscription costs $49.99 but is currently on sale for $18.

Dering Hall

The purpose of Dering Hall is to make it easier for Interior Design professional to find each other and the products they need. Dering Hall's mission is to make great interior design accessible while providing a curated list of high-end products, top professionals, and influencers. Access to the website is free.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is an interior-decorating magazine that focuses on decorating and the domestic arts. The publication also provides details on top designers and influencers. While website access is free, a single-copy digital issue costs $4.99; a year's subscription costs $10.

Furniture Today

Furniture Today is an industry magazine that provides details of the furniture industry. The publication has a focus on industry influencers, current events, trends, who’s who, research information, et al. Access to the website is free, but the magazine has a three-tiered subscription structure: Basic, $6.99/month; Complete, $8.99/month; and VIP, $10.99/month. is a resource directory that unifies information on interior design influencers. The site includes information on promotion costs, influencer reach, social media platforms, and locations. Basic access to the website is free for Businesses, Agencies, and Individuals. Parties interested in Pro accounts must contact the sales department.[

Traditional Home

Traditional Homes is a design and decorating magazine. The publication focuses on home fashion as well as industry trends, influencers, and designers. While access to the website is free, a single issue costs $4.95; a year's subscription costs $12.


We identified seven home fashion resources. Most of the resources provide free access to their websites. A single issue of Elle Decor is $5.99 (six-month subscription: $6); Architectural Digest’s one- and two-year subscriptions are on sale for $10 and $18, respectively; a single issue of House Beautiful is $4.99 (12-month subscription: $10); Furniture Today has a three-tiered subscription structure (Basic, $6.99/month; Complete, $8.99/month; and VIP, $10.99/month); and a single issue of Traditional Home is $4.95 (12-month subscription: $12).