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Top Online Job Hunting Portals; Part 2

There are 119 job postings on CareerEngine and the site has 470,000 registered job seekers. Complete details about the data found and strategies used are presented below.


  • Total Number of Jobs: 119
  • Registered Resumes/Job Seekers: 470,000

Leading Professions

Age & Gender


  • Living in Japan: 85%
  • Living in Tokyo: 70%
  • Living in Osaka: 10%

Experience & Language

  • Executive-Level Experience: 21%
  • Native Japanese with Business/Native English: 13%

User Nationalities

  • North America: 18%
  • Europe: 10%
  • Asia: 18%
  • Japan: 48%
  • Australia & New Zealand: 6%

Research Strategy:

The research team was able to find most of the data for CareerEngine directly. However, we were not able to find the registered number of employers or public opinions about the site. Also, please note that the team was not able to find data on ChinaHot, MatchDragon, Wang and Li, or Cjol. While the initial findings indicated that these would be viable options, continued and deeper research revealed the opposite. We discovered that the ChinaHot website is inactive/dead (i.e., it appears that the website's URL is not a job search website but a site for Kung Fu movie enthusiasts). Please also note that the previous domain for MatchDragon is for sale and is no longer active. Lastly, both Wang and Li and Cjol were noted as insecure websites, and we could not access them even after attempting on several browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Opera, among others). In an effort to add additional details to these findings, the team also tried some proxy server tools like and WebPageTest to no avail.
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Top Online Job Hunting Portals; Part 1

Zhaopin has the largest active job seeker community with 140 million job seekers, followed by Monster with 12 million. Complete details about the Zhaopin, 51job, ChinaHR, ChinaJOB, and Monster are presented below.

  • Total Job Postings: 37 million
  • Number of Registered Job Seekers: 140 million
  • Number of Registered Employers: 613,000
  • Services Offered to Job Seekers: Resume services, the latest employment offers, and career development sources.
  • Services Offered to Employers: Campus recruitment, online recruitment, job posting, resume recommendation, and recruitment processing outsourcing.
  • Stats: 9.7 million monthly active mobile app users
  • Public Opinion: People prefer Zhaopin over other portals such as Liepin.

  • Total Job Postings: 5 million
  • Number of Registered Job Seekers: 109 million
  • Number of Registered Employers: 460,811
  • Services Offered to Job Seekers: Job recommendation notifications, ability to follow specific companies, career development advice, and the ability to track application statuses.
  • Services Offered to Employers: Campus recruitment, executive search, professional assessment tools, salary and human resources related surveys, and human resource conferences.
  • Stats: 51job target market of recruitment advertisements is white-collar job seekers between the ages of 20 to 35.
  • Public Opinion: 51job is the #1 job recruitment website in China (based on the most registered members), the largest resume database, and has the highest peak traffic.


  • Total Job Postings: 200,000 per month
  • Number of Registered Job Seekers: 1,006,905
  • Number of Registered Employers: 110,000
  • Services Offered to Job Seekers: Resume preparation, ability to browse job postings, industry and career advice.
  • Services Offered to Employers: The ability to upload job listings, purchase resumes, background check, and employee assessment services.
  • Stats: One of the leading online recruitment platforms and is focused on white-collar jobs.
  • Public Opinion: The outlook of ChinaHR is overall positive, with ChinaHR completing numerous overseas recruitment cases. The company also has a dedicated customer service team.


  • Services Offered to Job Seekers: Job fairs
  • Services Offered to Employers: Job fairs
  • Stats: This website is noted to be the earliest of foreign talent websites in China and is based out of Beijing.
  • Stats: ChinaJOB is owned by the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.
  • Stats: ChinaJOB entered into a partnership with Laowei Careers in 2017.
  • Public Opinion: The website is hard to navigate and listings are generally for Beijing over other cities.


  • Total Job Postings: 1.9 million (2017)
  • Number of Registered Job Seekers: 12,723,070
  • Number of Registered Employers: 290,000
  • Services Offered to Job Seekers: Job seekers are able to find jobs, create and post resumes, as well as access personal career information.
  • Services Offered to Employers: Employers can access hiring tools, post jobs, search through resumes, and screen candidates prior to interviews.
  • Stats: Monster uses 144 technology products for its services which include Google Analytics, WordPress, and Vimeo.
  • Public Opinion: Perceptions of Monster are positive due to the website having the largest and smartest job search, career management and recruitment management services across the globe.

Research Strategy:

While the research team was able to find much of the data required, full details about ChinaJOB were not available. The ChinaJOB website had very little detail that was usable (partly due to translation issues and partly because of the content available). We then searched through annual reports, new articles, and industry expert analyses. While reviewing these, we discovered that ChinaJOB is owned by the Chinese government and that the site is known more for its headhunting (in-person recruiting) and job fairs than any online job services. We also discovered that ChinaJOB was bought out by Laowei Careers. We then broadened our scope and researched user numbers and postings for Laowei Careers but were unable to find any relevant information.
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Detailed Overview; Online Job Hunting Market, China

The online job recruitment market in China is increasing with overcrowded online platforms and high competitiveness among higher-income status jobs. The top online job recruitment platforms are Zhaopin, 51job, and Wise Talent/Liepin. Complete details about the online job hunting market in China are presented below.

Internet Availability in China

  • Only 57% of China's population has access to the internet.
  • China restricts access to many types of websites, including many of those that allow free and open discussion.
  • Google is not available in China, which includes the email server, search engine, and Google software phones.
  • WiFi in China is not reliable, in part, due to restrictions the government places on the internet.

Top Online Job Recruitment Providers

  • Other online job recruitment providers in China include LinkedIn and Maimai.

Online Job Search Users

  • Half of the workers in China find jobs through online or social networks. The searchers are primarily females living in or around large cities.
  • In comparison, males in China who have less education, tend to find jobs through labor market intermediaries who are located in the city.
  • At the end of 2019, people who used online recruitment agencies made up 43% of the urban employed population.


  • People in China like to use online job recruitment services because the kinds of jobs posted on these sites tend to be higher-paying and offer good corporate structure and culture.
  • The Chinese online job market is overcrowded and getting jobs is competitive.
  • Most employers in China pay to have their jobs posted on multiple platforms.

Market of the Industry

  • The net revenue of individual job boards, such as 51job, has seen a steady rise.
  • Overall the entire online recruitment market revenue in China has expanded by a 24% CAGR since 2010.
  • China is transitioning its online job recruitment towards higher-income status jobs, which is creating an influx of jobs in higher-income segments.

Research Strategy:

Please note that the research team determined the top online job recruitment sites in China based on revenue from an industry analysis report.
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Current Trends; Online Job search Market in China

WeChat, the most dominant social media platform in China, is being used by businesses to recruit employees in a seamless platform that highlights the company's brand. China aims to be the world leader in AI by 2030, and this trend has led to head hunters and recruiters using AI and big data for online job recruitment and placement.

WeChat And Online Job Searches


Impact On The Market

  • The Social Media Integration Platform for China creates a "seamless bridge between WeChat, Chinese job boards, and SuccessFactors Recruiting" that has resulted in a 600% increase in completed online job applications. This is impactful to the market that normally sees 60% of job seekers quitting online applications before completion.
  • Job seekers also increasingly use the platform to subscribe to prospective employers' WeChat accounts to wait for job updates.
  • Liepin, the country's biggest job search site, states that its online platform has connected about 52 million individual users, 450,000 verified business users, and 150,000 verified headhunters.
  • The cloud platform provides a mobile foundation that is needed to make transactions easily, completed in seconds from a mobile device, eliminating the need to create new accounts for each job application, and providing applicants the option to apply for "multiple jobs within seconds."

Companies At The Forefront

  • WeChat has over a billion users and an increasing number of companies are starting to use the platform to advertise their brand and employment opportunities.
  • Liepin is credited with combining professional networking through social media in China and is the country's largest homegrown recruitment platform by revenue. Liepin recruits through its mobile app, website, and branded WeChat account.

Why It Is A Trend

  • The use of WeChat by China's biggest recruitment platform and the connection of 450,000 verified business users with 52 million individual users is why this was considered a trend. In addition, there is a continually growing number of companies and individuals using social media platforms to network and recruit.
  • Use of social media platforms and WeChat in the online job search market has been identified by market experts and key players such as Liepin support this as a trend.

AI and Big Data


Impact On The Market

  • One of China's biggest online recruitment websites, Zhaopin, uses AI and big data to connect people with job opportunities the same way the e-commerce giant Taobao connects consumers with goods. The company is one of an increasing number of recruitment companies that are using AI to analyze data to better match the competencies of prospects with suitable employers.
  • Human resource departments, such as Chery Automobile, use AI to assist them with selecting suitable candidates from a multitude of CVs in which only a few candidates are actually viable.
  • The use of AI can impact a job seeker's chances of getting a job based off of assumptions such as the conclusion that a candidate sending a lot of CVs may be labeled as incompetent or that job seekers that use iPhones are more picky and considerate before applying to positions online.
  • The top three online recruitment platforms that use AI are 51job, Zhaopin and Boss Zhipin with 10.61 million, 6.85 million and 3.71 million users, respectively.
  • Boss Zhipin cites a 20% increase in efficiency in matching candidates to employers, saving one year of work hours in time and manpower for 10 million people.

Companies At The Forefront

  • Zhaopin, one of the largest online recruitment job sites, is part of a growing number of companies using AI and data to better match individuals' skill sets with compatible employers.
  • Boss Zhiping and 51job are other online recruitment companies that are using AI to match candidates to employees, and have proven success in the market. Boss Zhiping had 63.7 million users in September 2018 and is ready for an IPO even though it is considered a newcomer to the market.

Why It Is A Trend

  • The top three online recruitment companies, 51job, Zhaopin, and Boss Zhipin, are using AI and big data to match potential candidates with compatible employers. As a result of their success with applying AI and big data, even new entrants such as Zhiping have seen considerable success. The number of users of companies that apply AI and big data to employment processes is also increasing.