Employee Brand and Recruitment

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Microsoft

Microsoft seeks to enhance its employee brand and recruitment activities by offering various benefits and perks on its career page. The company includes insightful job descriptions, information on diversity, as well as its interview processes via its career page. Additional insights on Microsoft's approach to employee brand and recruitment activities are below.

Company Benefits and Perks

  • The career page of Microsoft includes information on the company's benefits and perks. The company claims that it offers world-class benefits that are designed to empower its employees and their families to live life well.
  • Microsoft reveals to employees on its career web page of the privilege to enjoy the perks. The company claims that it offers several ways for its employees to enjoy their life at Microsoft "such as networking, resource groups," as well as extras at the office.
  • On its United States career page, Microsoft reveals that its employees enjoy benefits such as competitive pay, bonuses as well as stock awards which are made to eligible employees based on their performance. The company offers benefits to help employees "lead a healthy life, save for the future," as well as enjoy their journey at Microsoft.
  • Some additional benefits revealed on the Microsoft career web page for its employees include medical, dental, and vision care, 24-hour nurse line, and on-campus health access. Microsoft offers programs for employees to plan for the future among its benefits and perk such as a 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan, loan refinancing program, and financial planning as well as education programs.
  • On its United States career page, Microsoft reveals that its employees enjoy perks such as on-campus retail shops as well as services, employee resource groups, social clubs and networks, and Microsoft Connector shuttle as well as bus fleet.
  • Microsoft career page reveals that it offers benefits like parental leave, family caregiver leave, child care, and college coach program. Microsoft provides opportunities for its employees to continue their education by giving reimbursement s, providing internal resources, speaker series, and an on-site library. Microsoft's employees enjoy exclusive discounts, employee discounts, and PRIME discounts.

Insightful Job Descriptions

  • The Microsoft career web page has insightful job descriptions, including one with the title of Area IT Manager. The job description includes insights such as job number, travel, role type, employment type, responsibilities, qualifications, deliverables, as well as benefits and perks.

Information on Diversity

  • Microsoft's career page includes insight on diversity and inclusion in its workplace. This information relates to diversity in its leadership, technology, flexible working, as well as diversity and inclusion training.
  • The company carer page reveals its dedication to the infusion of diversity and principles of inclusion into its hiring, communication, innovation, as well as the way it builds products and technologies.

Interview Process

  • Microsoft includes information on its interview process on its career page.
  • Microsoft's career web page includes insight on its interview process. The company notifies aspiring employees and applicants attending its interviews to be "prepared to answer questions related" to the professional relationships they have maintained with former colleagues and supervisors.
  • Microsoft reveals on its career page that applicants going through some of its interview processes are expected to demonstrate their thinking during interviews. They are also expected to showcase the qualities the company is seeking.

Employee Testimonials

  • Microsoft career page includes brief employee testimonials and links to detailed employee testimonials. The page includes a testimony from a Microsoft employee (Cindy Healy) on what she learned while working on Mars Pathfinder. The page contains various employee testimonials on inclusion, innovation, mission, and inspiration.

Multimedia Content

  • Microsoft's career page includes multimedia content such as a "Microsoft Inclusive Hiring video." A brief review of the Microsoft Inclusive Hiring video/multimedia content reveals that it contains audio, video, and text.

Presence on Recruitment Websites and Job Boards

  • Microsoft career web page reveals that it is present on recruitment websites and job boards such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn (see the logos beside follow Microsoft Careers), Indeed, and other sites like TrustPilot, Facebook, and Twitter. Microsoft's career page reveals that it has a rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5 on Glassdoor.
  • Microsoft's career page reveals that it is present on Glassdoor, and its CEO has an approval rating of 97% based on 9216 ratings.
  • Microsoft has several job listings on Monster.com.

Prevalence of Employee Reviews

  • Microsoft has several employee reviews on job boards and websites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other websites.
  • On Glassdoor, Microsoft has a rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5 among 23,932 reviews. About 2568 reviews reveal that Microsoft offers a great work-life "balance" when compared to some other high-profile Seattle-based tech companies. About 1879 reviews on Glassdoor shows that Microsoft has "Good salary Smart people" as well as beautiful workplaces.
  • Microsoft has about 144,000 employees and about 23,932 reviews on Glassdoor. Thus, (23,932/144,000)x100% = 16.6%. This insight reveals that the prevalence of reviews on Glassdoor among Microsoft employees is 16.6%.
  • Microsoft has an average rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5 on Indeed, based on 6300 reviews. Relative to Microsoft's 144,000 employees, (6300/144000)x100% =4.37%. This insight reveals that the prevalence of reviews on Glassdoor among Microsoft employees is 4.37%.
  • A review of Microsoft the negative reviews related to Microsoft on Glassdoor, such as negative comments, cons, and low ratings of 2-stars and below on a scale of 5, reveals that Microsoft does not respond to negative reviews on Glassdoor.
  • Microsoft does not respond to any of the several negative reviews, low ratings, or adverse comments on TrustPilot.
  • Microsoft has an average rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5 on Comparably among 1869 employees.

List of Awards or Accolades

Recruitment Marketing

  • Microsoft uses employee spotlights, to promote its company work culture, as well as its diversity and inclusion efforts. Microsoft brings several of its employees into the spotlight on its career page. The company reveals the contributions of identified or highlighted employees, and also brings to spotlight some encouraging stories and benefits relevant to these employees regarding workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • Employees are highlighted or spotlighted on Microsoft's career page in a manner that promotes the company's work culture, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Microsoft is also using its social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for employer branding. Microsoft's social media also reveal how "women at Microsoft are helping" by changing the way people live, work as well as play.
  • Based on experience, three Microsoft employees recently shared via Twitter some signs of a workplace where every employee, including "those who are LGBTQ+, feel supported."

Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives

  • Microsoft philanthropies and corporate (socially responsible) giving help in advancing a future for everyone and create a future where every person has the skills, knowledge, as well as opportunity to attain greater heights in life. Apart from investing more than $25 million in helping workers to adapt to a digital economy as well as a modern workplace, Microsoft Philanthropies has partnerships with various organizations and schools aimed at increasing access to computer science education.
  • Microsoft Philanthropies is also committed to ensuring that nonprofits get access to technology that is capable of enabling their digital transformation. This transformation helps these nonprofits to achieve the "greatest impact" as they strive to address some of the most challenging issues that are facing the world.
  • Microsoft issues several awards to its partners to encourage corporate social responsibility among them. Some partner awards include "Modern Workplace Transformation Partner of the Year," and partner of the year award on teamwork.
  • Microsoft participates in community engagement and is one of "Washington state's largest employers." The company works to enhance economic growth as well as create opportunities to protect and facilitate a better life for the residents of Washington. Team Rubicon is supported by Microsoft to handle international disaster and "unites the skills and experiences" of military veterans in the provision of rapid relief to some communities that are in need.
  • Microsoft offers several grants, donations as well as training to NGOs. Support in the form of grants given by Microsoft to nonprofit organizations includes software donations, training as well as monetary grants. These grants are available for small as well as large NGOs around the world.
  • Microsoft has grants for nonprofit with different restrictions based on whether a product gets discounted or donated.
  • Microsoft has significant recruitment initiatives for various communities. One of its recruitment initiatives offers opportunities to young Africans to develop their careers via a virtual classroom and also provides placements with Microsoft partner organizations.
  • Microsoft is always guided by its commitment to build diverse communities and is intentional in who it reaches out to. Microsoft is increasingly doing business with minority communities as well as "women-owned companies" and helps in employing candidates from diverse backgrounds.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-ADP

Overall, ADP has developed a robust, positive employee and recruitment brand that centers around highlighting the company's workplace culture, inclusiveness and diversity and social responsibility.

Overview of Career Page

  • ADP's career page opens with a video of happy, smiling employees engaging in their work, volunteering, recreation and professional activities.
  • They have turned their company name, ADP, into an employee-brand specific acronym: Always Designing for People.
  • The careers section contains robust information about working at ADP, video interviews with employees, job descriptions, benefits/perks and more. It is rich with multimedia content in the form of videos, photos, testimonials, graphics and sound effects.
  • Their list of highlighted perks and benefits is: medical, life insurance, career development, commuter savings, dental, mentoring, ADP federal credit union, vision, matched 401k, tuition reimbursement, employee stock purchase plan, home & auto insurance programs, legal services plan, flu immunization, charitable contribution matching, holidays, personal days, sick days, paid volunteer time off, corporate discounts and wellness offerings.
  • Their website has separate sections for university students, executives and veterans.
  • One thing the corporate website does not contain is information about the application/interview process.

Presence on Recruitment Websites

Employee Reviews

  • Out of 9,140 reviews on Glassdoor, ADP has achieved a rating of 3.7 stars.
  • The main positives are work/life balance and benefits/perks.
  • The main employee complaints are upper management and work/life balance during busier seasons.
  • The company has responded to most reviews on Glassdoor. They respond to both positive and negative reviews, either thanking the person for their feedback and insights (negative reviews) or their time and service (for positive ones).
  • Out of 5,700 reviews on Indeed, ADP's star rating is 3.8.
  • On Indeed, reviews ranked work/life balance and compensation/benefits as higher than management and job security. On the most negative review found, they invited the poster to e-mail HR for further insight.

Awards on Workplace Culture

  • ADP has its workplace awards displayed on its website. It has been featured as or in: Top Companies by LinkedIn, Best Companies for Women by Fairygodboss, America's Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes, World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune, Best Company Compensation by Comparably, Top 25 Companies for Women Technologist by Anita Borg Institute, Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality by Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, Best Companies for Multicultural Women by Working Mother, Best Company Culture by Comparably, and 50 Best Companies for Diversity by Black Enterprise.

Recruitment Marketing

  • As stated previously, the company highlights its workplace culture as a major selling point.
  • Employee testimonials are extremely prominent on its website.
  • On Facebook, ADP Careers uses its self-made hashtag #WorkHappy. They post photos of teams from around the world, charitable initiatives like 'Movember', employee spotlights, 'fun' things employees get up to and any recent accolades.
  • ADP Careers's Twitter page is mostly the same posts as on Facebook.
  • On YouTube, they host videos on a variety of topics. These range from employee spotlights, job spotlights, causes/charities, geography-specific issues and diversity initiatives.

CSR and Recruitment Initiatives

  • The company boasts about its 'inclusive culture'.
  • Social responsibility is also named as one of the 7 tenets of ADP employees.
  • ADP sponsors and partners with professional organizations that help it recruit a diverse workforce. They have special schemes for women, working mothers and more.
  • They support many causes locally and globally, though some features ones include HIV/AIDS, transitioning military veterans and young people.
  • They also practice environmentally-friendly practices like water and energy conservation. The company sponsors ride-sharing programs and has installed EV chargers at some locations.


  • ADP is very proud of its workplace culture of promoting inclusiveness, work/life balance and social responsibility.
  • These themes run prominent throughout its website, multimedia and key marketing messages.
  • ADP prominently features real employees, showing their faces and telling their stories, as a way to engage future candidates.
  • The company is extremely active and engaged on a variety of channels to ensure their employee brand is portrayed positively.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin's approach to employee brand and recruitment activities is to reveal its diversity and inclusion culture that is driving innovation at the company. Below are more explicit findings on the request.

Lockheed Martin

Overview of the Company's Career Page

  • Lockheed Martin's career page offers a lot of information about the company. It also has a search engine to search for openings in various cities. Additionally, the page contains different sections, for college students and experienced hires in the military, where they can update their information or check the status of their application.
  • Recruitment events have also been posted to allow someone to discover more about the organization and decide when to join the company. Also, recent job openings with detailed descriptions are also posted on the webpage, and by clicking on the job opening, more information about it is provided.
  • To join its organization's team, one must sign up first then fill a form where he/she also uploads her/her resume.
  • There is a section, Getting to Know Lockheed Martin, dedicated to giving detailed information about the company's departments, video testimonials of employees, total community impact, volunteer hours, and the firm's financial strength. The section also provides a link to its Linkedin page so that people can apply the jobs they are interested in.
  • The firm has a page dedicated to describing how it feels working at Lockheed Martin. The page provides details about the firm's innovative culture, outstanding benefits and amenities, inclusive work environment, career development and support, rewards and recognition, and mentoring.
  • The company has another page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that answers many questions related to recruitment. This page also details the interview process, the firm's locations, and the hiring process.

The Company's Presence on Recruitment Websites

Employee Reviews on Job Boards

Awards and Accolades Received

Overview of the Company Recruitment Marketing

Overview of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Humana

Humana has a very innovative approach to employee recruitment. On their website and social media channels, they put great emphasis on showing their diversity and work in the community. They have won many awards by outside organizations recognizing their work in the community and their internal work culture. These points and more are discussed below.

Careers Page

  • Their Careers page is divided into three main sections: Careers, Who We Are, and What We Do. Under each section is a link that brings the visitor to the page dedicated to that section.
  • On the dedicated Careers web page, visitors can search for and apply to Humana jobs like any other job search site. When a job is clicked, visitors can get more insight into each job posting.
  • On the dedicated Who We Are web page, they first introduce the company's values.
  • There are more links to other web pages that give more info about the company, including their awards, their volunteerism, goals, experiences, and movements.
  • At the side of the page, they have other links including a link to the What We Do web page, Hiring Process, Benefits, and Inclusion and Diversity.
  • On the dedicated What We Do web page, they talk about initiatives and programs that they do to positively impact others. They also go into more detail about their programs and departments including Nursing, Pharmacy, Physician, Service Operations, Information Technology, among others.
  • Humana has dedicated web pages that discuss the benefits that employees can expect and their work in diversity including working with organizations such as the National Black MBA Association, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and Women in Leadership.

Presence on Recruitment Sites

Employee Reviews

Workplace Awards/Accolades

Recruitment Strategies

  • On their Careers page, they put great emphasis on their diversity, initiatives, and awards. One of the pictures they use is a black man in a wheelchair.
  • Humana has a dedicated Careers page on Facebook.
  • Just like their website, they show off their diversity and awards on their Facebook page. Their most recent post is a post describing their achievement as Newsweek's award for Customer Service among health insurance companies.
  • They have prominent galleries of those who served on the military on their Facebook page.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Amway

Amway is a family-owned and operated business based in West Michigan. Amway's philosophy and values are also family-oriented. They have fair to good ratings by employees on company rating websites, and they have won awards for their work environment and products. These points and more are discussed in greater detail below.

Careers Page

  • When a visitor lands on Amway's jobs page, they are greeted with a very simple page with tiles that pop up modals when clicked.
  • These modals (slides) include facts about the company, what they do, and the city of West Michigan that their headquarters is based.
  • When a visitor clicks on the Job Postings tile, they'll see a slide talking about their campus and presenting two links one for looking at open positions, and another one for exploring their campus.
  • They put great emphasis on the fact that they are a family-owned company.
  • In their All About Benefits tile, they detail certain perks such as company-funded lunches, service banquets, and annual company picnic.
  • Employees also get discounts, department days away, adoption assistance, and free personal or financial counseling services.
  • Their job descriptions start out by introducing the company, then describing the job and detailing what is expected of the candidate.
  • When a visitor clicks on the "All in a Day's Work" tile, they will see content including a slide about diversity and inclusion. The paragraph written about this is very short, but there is a link to a video about this topic.
  • In an unnamed tile beside the "Welcome to our community" tile, a visitor will see employee testimonials when that tile is clicked.

Presence on Recruitment Sites

  • Amway has dedicated company pages on Linkedin, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Amway has open job postings on Monster but there is no dedicated page.
  • The number of open job positions on each site varies widely, with Glassdoor having the most job postings and Monster having the least.

Employee Reviews

Workplace Awards and Accolades

Recruitment Strategies

  • They make it known in almost every tile that Amway is a family-owned and family-oriented company, which will definitely attract those with similar values (source 1).
  • Amway's strategy on Facebook is very different from Linkedin. On Linkedin, their posts seem to be a bit more fact-based. They talk about the company's history and give some facts about the company's actions. However, their post frequency is low and their posts about employees and work culture are very rare.
  • On Facebook, Amway's posts are mixed as they speak about the company's history and present along with telling employee stories. The pictures they use on Facebook are mostly of families, which follows the theme coming from the website.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Herman Miller

Herman uses its website and social media profiles for recruitment marketing. Herman Miller has profiles on Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBliss, LinkedIn, and PayScale; however, the company does not engage with employees on the platforms. Below is an overview of the findings.

Career Page Overview

  • Herman Miller shares information on company benefits and perks on its career page. The highlighted benefits include 401k, healthcare, and employee stock purchase options.
  • Herman Miller provides multimedia content on its career page and a link to the available jobs page that features insightful job descriptions.
  • There is also a link to a Careers FAQ page that provides information on the application and hiring process. There are no featured employee testimonials or any information on diversity.



  • The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency certified Herman Miller as a "silver-level Certified Veteran-Friendly Employer."
  • Herman Miller made the list of "100 Best Companies for leadership in family benefits, parental leave, flexible work options, and childcare support."
  • Herman Miller received a perfect score in "Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s 2019 Corporate Equality Index" for the 12th consecutive year.
  • The 11th “Corporation of the Year” award by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council.
  • 12 consecutive years on Corporate Equality Index 100% (best places for LGBT equality).
  • Among Michigan’s Best and Brightest in Wellness for six consecutive years.


  • Herman Miller received the SEAL Organizational Impact Award for overall corporate sustainability performance."
  • Herman Miller received the Rising Star Award" from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) for "exhibiting new and novel approaches to veteran recruitment and hiring."
  • Herman Miller recognized as a "Corporate Champion by Women’s Forum of New York for gender diversity on board of directors."


  • Herman Miller earned Excellence in Supplier Diversity Award from the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council (GLWBC)."
  • Herman Miller is named among the “Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies in Michigan.”
  • The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) renewed "Herman Miller’s 'Star' status, the highest workplace safety and health designation, for the Hickory Facility in Spring Lake."
  • Herman Miller recognized among Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, ranking 49th in the country for exceptional corporate wellness programming."
  • A complete list of Herman Miller's awards can be found here.

Activities and Prevalence on Recruitment Sites

  • Herman Miller has profiles on Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBliss, LinkedIn, and PayScale.
  • There are currently 94, 75, 105 advertised jobs for the company on Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn, respectively. There are no jobs posted on CareerBliss.
  • Herman Miller is rated 3.6/5.0 (294 reviews) on Glassdoor, 4.0/5.0 (306 reviews) on Indeed, and 3.6/5.0 (18 reviews) on CareerBliss.
  • On Glassdoor, 66% of employees say that they would recommend the company to friends and 100% approve of the CEO.
  • On Indeed, Herman Miller's work-life balance, pay & benefits, job advancement & security, management, and culture were rated 3.8/5.0, 3.7/5.0, 3.5/5.0, 3.5/5.0, and 3.7/5.0, respectively.
  • On CareerBliss, 22%, 44%, 11%, and 22% of reviewers gave Herman Miller 5.0/5.0, 4.0/5.0, 3.0/5.0, and 2.0/5.0, respectively.
  • A review of all five aforementioned job boards and review websites showed that Herman Miller does not engage with employees on the platforms. The company does not comment on either negative or positive feedback or sentiments.

Recruitment Marketing

  • Herman Miller's career page attracts employees with a high-level overview of the company's awards, eco-friendly practices, and social responsibility.
  • On the career's page, Herman Miller tells potential employees that they stand to give back to the community and to make a difference to the environment by working at the company.
  • Herman Miller's 'Values' page appeals to potential employee by presenting the company as an inclusive work environment with a positive work culture and good morals.
  • Herman Miller also uses recruitment marketing on social media. On Facebook, for example, the company posts about its happy work environment and extensive employee education efforts. On Twitter, the company advertises its internship programs and highlights its workplace inclusively efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Recruitment Initiatives

  • Herman Miller positions itself to employees as a socially-concerned company by highlighting its community service efforts. The company says that it supports a wide range of volunteer initiatives including environment cleanups, home building projects, and youth mentoring. Company employees are allowed 16 paid volunteer hours annually which they can use on choice charitable causes.
  • According to Herman Miller's 2019 CSR report, the company states that it values inclusively and diversity. The company's promotes inclusively and diversity in both its workforce and supplier base. The company also promotes wellness programs for employees and their spouses.
  • Herman Miller gives to several charitable projects including Ride for Kids, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP), and Forest of Imagination.
  • Additionally, the company runs the Herman Miller Cares program that grants $2 million to global organizations that are focused on improving the lives of children and youth. The company matches employee fundraising efforts dollar-to-dollar through this program.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Haworth

Haworth recruits mainly through its website, its Haworth Careers Facebook account, its job fairs, open interviews, and on-site hiring events, and its listings on third-party recruitment sites and job boards. It highlights in its recruitment marketing materials that it values diversity, it treats employees as family members, and it helps members reach career goals and connect with the broader community.

Overview of Career Page

  • Haworth's Careers page has three sections, namely, Our Family Values, Member Stories, and Career Opportunities.
  • The Our Family Values section provides information on diversity, purpose, and relationships. In this section, Haworth highlights how it values diversity, how it treats employees as members who each have a purpose in the company, how it helps members reach their career goals and connect with the broader community.
  • The Member Stories section provides three short videos of employees sharing insights about when they started at the company, how they progressed from one job to another, what they like about the work culture, what they like about their job, what benefits they receive, and why they want to stay at the company. The videos are less than two minutes long.
  • The Career Opportunities section is divided further into the following job categories: Professional/Technical, Sales/Marketing, Manufacturing/Operations, Student Opportunities, and Veteran Opportunities. A one-paragraph introduction is provided for each sub-section. For the first four categories, the introduction is followed by a link to either a list of jobs or a more in-depth description of the category.
  • Jobs can be filtered by keyword, location (postal code), category, title, department, and date. The job listing provides information about the company, the job, and the company values, with the job overview providing details about the location, the responsibilities, the work schedule, the benefits, the required qualifications, and the preferred skills.
  • The company has a more detailed Student Opportunities page with the following sections: Summer Work Program, Scholarships, and Internships. Testimonials in text or video form are provided.
  • Another page shows a flowchart describing the hiring process. In this flowchart, a few insights into the interview process are provided.

Presence on Recruitment Websites and Job Boards

Prevalence of Employee Reviews

Awards or Accolades Received for Workplace or Culture

Overview of Recruitment Marketing

  • Haworth rarely posts recruitment marketing materials on its company Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. A workspace designer and a workplace furniture manufacturer, it uses these social media accounts mainly to advocate for workplace or workspace design.
  • For recruitment purposes, it mostly uses its website and its Haworth Careers Facebook account, an account separate from the company Facebook account.
  • On its Haworth Careers Facebook account, it gives people a glimpse of its company culture through photos and videos, and posts about events such as job fairs, open interviews, and on-site hiring. From this account's Events tab, it is apparent that the company regularly holds recruitment events, especially open interviews. The Page Transparency section of this account shows that, at present, Haworth Careers is not running any ad.
  • On its website, it uses its Careers section to inform interested individuals of the company culture, the hiring process, the available opportunities, and the job benefits it offers, and encourage them to apply. As previously mentioned, a combination of photos, written testimonials, and video testimonials from employees can be seen throughout the Careers section of the website.
  • In this section, Haworth also provides a short overview of its efforts as far as diversity and inclusion are concerned.

Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives

  • Haworth's involvement in the community centers on volunteerism, continuing education, and the development of health and safety protocols.
  • The company has a Sustainability page on its website that details what the company does in the following areas: design, supply chain, manufacturing and logistics, usage and performance, continued use and disposal of products, and people and community. It notes on this page that its design and production processes have earned top certifications, including those issued by BIFMA Level, GreenGuard, FEMB, GECA, PEFC, FSC, and NF Environment.
  • As far as diversity and inclusion are concerned, Haworth notes that its workforce encompasses three generations. Of its workforce in 2018, 32% were millennials, 35% were Gen Xers, and 33% were Boomers.
  • In 2018, the company participated in West Michigan's celebration of International Women's Day as a Gold Sponsor. The company also formed two internal resource groups, the Haworth Young Professionals Group and the Haworth Veterans Resource Group, These groups are tasked to provide employees with opportunities for growth and development and lead community outreach programs.
  • Haworth donates to the following types of causes: education-related causes, humanitarian causes, arts-related causes, health-related causes, youth programs, animal welfare causes, and outreach services. Each year, each employee in North America is granted paid time off so that he or she can volunteer at non-profits of his or her choice. The company also has a Member Garden where employees cultivate organic produce to be given to families in need.
  • In the United States, Haworth runs a fundraising campaign each year to support United Way. 2018 was its 52nd time running the campaign.
  • Haworth offers a number of scholarships that undergraduate students, graduate students, and skilled trade programs can apply for. These scholarships are the G.W. Haworth Scholarship, the Gerald B. Johanneson Scholarship, the Haworth Scholarship, the Diversity Scholarship with Paid Internship, and the Skilled Trades Scholarship.

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Knoll

Knoll's approach to employee brand and recruitment activities is to let the brand/products speak for themselves. It offers very little information on what it is actually like to work for Knoll, nor how it supports diversity or social responsibility.

Overview of Company's Career Page

  • Knoll's corporate recruitment website opens with a slideshow of several employees and positive, one-line statement about working for the company.
  • The website further shares general information about the company, what they are about, key benefits offered and their "modern always" approach.
  • The recruitment section is fairly minimal, with no extra pages on things like diversity, interview process, insightful job descriptions or more. All information is on one webpage.
  • The only multimedia content is some photos.
  • For additional information about the company in general, the user is linked to Knoll's generic 'about us' page.

Recruitment Websites

Employee Reviews

  • On Glassdoor, Knoll has received 141 employee reviews with an overall star rating of 3.7.
  • The main positives are that the products and people are good.
  • Reviewers have complained about poor work/life balance and a poor working environment.
  • Knoll has not responded to any reviews, positive or negative.
  • On Indeed, Knoll has received 165 reviews and an overall star rating of 3.7.
  • "Job security and advancement" is ranked the lowest and work-life balance the highest.
  • Indeed does not allow employers to respond to negative reviews.


  • The recruitment webpage for Knoll does not highlight any awards or accolades.
  • There are no awards listed on its 'about us' page.
  • There are no awards or accolades specific to workplace or culture listed from the last twelve months in Knoll's news section.

Recruitment Marketing

  • Knoll does not maintain social media pages specifically for its recruitment/careers section.
  • The company's main Facebook page focuses almost exclusively on Knoll's products, not employees or the company culture.
  • Knoll is not as active on Twitter, but most of the posts on this platform are again for its products and sales, not the company itself.
  • Marketing on Knoll's website, as discussed above, is relatively minimal. They only have a slideshow with one-line employee spotlights and some brief mentions of their 'modern always' approach.

CSR/Recruitment Initiatives

  • Diversity and inclusion is only mentioned in passing on Knoll's recruitment website. They state, "Knoll is a place where diverse ideas are met with enthusiasm." There are no other details available about supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • One of six tenets is, "A focus on environmental sustainability".
  • While more a customer-facing webpage, Knoll highlights their commitments to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.
  • We could not find any additional CSR initiatives like involvement in the community or awards/grants.


  • Knoll's general employee brand and recruitment approach seems to be to let the brand speak for itself. Most of the corporate recruitment webpage focuses on telling Knoll's story and proclaiming how good the company's products are.
  • There is very little information offered on the actual workplace culture or environment at Knoll, except a short list of commonly-offered benefits/perks.
  • All emphasis is placed on the quality of Knolls's products and design and less on the employees or company culture.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Toyota Industries (Regional)

Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America (TICA) has little to no focus on making recruitment a key priority of its online presence.

Career Page

  • The career page for TICA has four photos of employees at work, a section on the basic philosophy of the company, a list of employee benefits, a list of additional optional programs offered by the company, and a link to current job openings.
  • The page that lists current job availability provides basic background on the company, as well as the address of the company with a map. At the time of this report, there were no jobs currently available. The current opening page is hosted on Indeed Jobs.
  • An attempt to find an earlier version of the page listing job openings was not successful. The plan was to find previous job listings to get a feel for how openings are described.

Job Boards

  • Pages for TICA were not found on LinkedIn or Monster. The only sites that had reviews for the company were Glassdoor and Indeed, which are included below.


  • The company has a page on Glassdoor that has three reviews and one interview description.
  • Of the three reviews, one for August 2019 was negative (1 star) and there was no response from the company.


  • There are 12 reviews on the company page on Indeed, with an overall rating of just over 3 stars. The company did not respond to any of the reviews, whether positive or negative.


  • In late 2017, TICA received the Georgia Automotive Supplier of the Year award from the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). TICA received the award for using "the most advanced technology," and because they work with "their customers and suppliers to help them grow and improve."
  • Since the latest news section on the company website refers to the above reward, the assumption was made that no more recent awards/recognition had occurred.

Recruitment Marketing

  • TICA does not have a Twitter page and the most recent mentions of the company on Twitter were from 2015.
  • TICA's Facebook page has not had an active post since 2016 which indicates they are not currently utilizing the page.
  • Toyota Industries Corporation, TICA's parent company, also has a Facebook page, but there are no posts on the page.
  • There is also what appears to be a completely inactive Instagram page for TICA.
  • Based on these findings, TICA does not appear to have any social media strategy related to recruiting.
  • The only reference to employees on the company home page is a statement on how associates are valued, as well as a link to an employee information page.


  • The community page of the TICA website focuses on safety & health, as well as being a steward of the environment. To minimize their environmental footprint, the company recycles cardboard, paper, plastic and sand.
  • Toyota Industries summarizes its CSR activities as taking a quality first approach, encouraging open procurement, ensuring customer safety, and being involved in the local community.
  • Local community activities include social welfare, youth development, environmental protection, and community contribution. However, there was no mention in the report of any specific activities done by TICA.

Recruitment Initiatives

  • TICA established a scholarship in 2016 that is awarded annually to two recipients. One recipient is a graduating senior from a Jackson County high school, and the second goes to a TICA associate family member. Recipients must be planning to pursue an undergraduate degree to be eligible.
  • No other recruiting information was found on the company website so the search was broadened to include the parent company website. However, the parent site specifically mentioned that they do not recruit for any of their subsidiaries, so this did not provide any additional information.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Pemex

Pemex's approach to employee brand and recruitment activities is to let the brand and its products speak for themselves. The company offers very little information on how it is to work for it and on its work culture.


Overview of the Career Page

  • The company's "Careers" page talks about working at Pemex and the career paths it offers.
  • It also provides two links — one invites to work at Pemex and another leads to social services.
  • On the same page, visitors can read about how the company values its employees and how it helps them grow.
  • The website shares general information about the company, their corporate governance, and reports and publications about their work.
  • In the "Work at Pemex" section, the company gives a notice that it offers jobs through the website and provides a link to the job board registration.
  • In the "Social Services and Professional Practices" section, the firm lists the services it offers and gives an email address through which it can be contacted.
  • After clicking the job board registration link, one is taken to the "Bolsa de Trabajo" page, which is written in Spanish,
  • The company's "Careers" section does not reveal much about it, with no extra information diversity or interview process, and no insightful job descriptions.

Presence on Recruitment Sites

Employee Reviews

  • On Glassdoor, Pemex has 283 employee reviews with an average star rating of 3.8.
  • 79% of the reviewers would recommend the company to their friends.
  • Only 39% of the reviews approve of the CEO, José Antonio González Anaya.
  • Regarding experience during the interviews, the reviews show that 50% had a positive experience while 20% had a negative experience.
  • On Indeed, the firm has 1,000 employee reviews with an overall rating of 4.4 stars.
  • Pemex has a 4.2 rating in regard to work-life balance, 4.3 rating for pay and benefits, 3.8 rating for job security and advancement, 4.0 rating for management and 4.1 rating for culture.
  • The company has not made any efforts to engage with reviewers on either Glassdoor or Indeed, whether the comments were positive or negative.

Awards and Accolades

  • The recruitment page for Pemex does not highlight any awards or accolades.
  • There are no awards listed on its "About Us" page.
  • There are no awards or accolades related to the workplace or culture listed in the news section or press releases.

Recruitment Marketing

  • Pemex does not use its social media profiles specifically for recruitment purposes.
  • The "Work at Pemex" page appeals to potential employees not to be scammed and warns against any form of bribery. It offers little or no information on the recruitment strategies the firm employs.
  • Marketing is non-existent on Pemex's recruitment page, as there are no employee spotlights, no diversity or inclusion statements, and the company culture is not explained.
  • Pemex only gives a statement that it is going for the most competitive professionals in the industry, without giving details of the company benefits, job descriptions, interview process and diversity.
  • The company's main Facebook page is almost exclusively focused on Pemex's Corporate Social Responsibility, not on the employees or the company culture.
  • On Twitter, most of the posts are, again, about its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, such as donations of ambulances.
  • Based on these findings, Pemex does not appear to have any digital marketing strategy related to recruiting.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • The firm supported strengthening of the emergency medical responses by donating 65 motor vehicles — 45 patrol vehicles, and 10 ambulances.
  • The company's CSR activities focus on healthcare and education.
  • A scan of the press releases did not reveal any awards or grants given by the company.
  • The company has revealed that it is training more than 56,000 workers in inclusion, equality and nondiscrimination.
  • In its business plan, Pemex says it will now also focus on environmental protection, sports, and monetary contributions to the community.
  • The company revealed that it is now engaging in the United Nations Development program to come up with a diversity plan and a gender equality plan.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-GE (Monterrey, Mexico)

GE in Monterrey receives above-average ratings on recruitment portals. Globally, the company gets recognized for its workplace culture and diversity and inclusion efforts. It uses social media and its website to showcase its values and inspire potential employees.

The career page

  • GE's website for Latin America redirects to the global career page. It is noteworthy that the "Careers" section is among the main ones instead of being included at the bottom.
  • The global page includes a tool that can provide job recommendations based on interests, a quick overview of GE's departments, as well as information on "life at GE."
  • The "life at GE" section provides links to pages dedicated to the company's culture, diversity efforts, learning opportunities, benefits, as well as employee stories.
  • Those pages don't include lengthy descriptions. They are full of statistics, photos and videos, lists of diversity-related partners, and awards.
  • The company's career page for Monterrey is very simple. It only lists the available positions.
  • After accessing specific job descriptions, it can be observed that they are thorough.
  • However, the description of the company is only a few sentences-long. It includes one brief mention of diversity: "GE people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill GE’s mission and deliver for our customers."
  • Additionally, it seems that some jobs were posted without much attention to detail. While some postings are formatted correctly, others include mistakes, such as missing line breaks.

The company's presence on recruitment websites

  • On Glassdoor, GE has one global profile, marked as "engaged employer." There are 1,239 jobs posted for Monterrey.
  • A thorough review of recruitment sites in Mexico, such as OCC Mundo and BuscoJobs, uncovered that GE is not active on local sites.
  • However, GE has a strong presence on LinkedIn, posting several times a day. There are 28 job openings for Monterrey.
  • The company is not very active on Indeed, with only 398 job postings globally and none for Monterrey.

Employee reviews

  • On Glassdoor, there are 10,886 reviews for GE in Monterrey, with the average rating of 3.9/5.0, 100% approval of CEO, and 81% people willing to recommend the company to a friend.
  • There is one negative review in English that received a response. Other negative reviews, of which the majority is in Spanish, didn't get a response.
  • On Indeed, the overall rating from 78 reviews for GE in Monterrey is 4.0, though rating from women is 3.4. There are no responses to negative reviews.

Awards or accolades related to GE's workplace or culture

  • GE was included among 100 best companies for working mothers by Working Mother in 2015 and 2017.
  • Between 2007 and 2017, it was named as one of the most ethical companies by Ethisphere.
  • In 2016 and 2017, GE was among the best places to work at according to the Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign.
  • Also in 2017, the company was listed as one of the top employers for equal opportunity by the Equal Opportunity Magazine.
  • Monster, Military.com, and Military Times mentioned GE among the best companies for veterans.
  • According to Women Engineer Magazine, the company is one of the best places to work for female engineers.
  • Asia Society included GE as one of the top APA employers.

Recruitment marketing on the website and social media

  • The company is using employee spotlight both by showcasing stories on the website and through the "Employee Takeover" series on LinkedIn. Through the latter, employees show their passion and demonstrate their work ethics.
  • Importantly, posts from the "Employee Takeover" series are paid advertisements.
  • GE also has a "Social Hub" for potential employees. It allows them to feel like they are invited to a community and easily familiarize themselves with the company's culture, learning opportunities, and diversity efforts. Also, it gives quick access to the latest posts on GE's social media accounts.
  • The posts that are accessible are those that tell inspiring stories of GE's employees or explain why they are a good company to work for.
  • If a potential employee gets encouraged to apply, there is a call-to-action that allows them to do it right from the "Social Hub."

Corporate Social Responsibility and recruitment initiatives

  • GE gave back $500 million to their communities.
  • They actively support veterans. They are a part of the Employers Support for the Guard and Reserve.
  • In 2012, they launched a program "Hire a Hero." The original goal was to hire 5,000 veterans by 2017, but they reached it in April 2016. Now, they work with veterans through mentorship, specialized training, and advocacy programs.
  • The company provides its employees with various leadership programs. 20% of GE's current senior leaders are their graduates.
  • GE has several affinity networks to promote and support diversity. Some examples are Hispanic Forum, Asian Pacific American Forum, African American Forum, Women's Network, Veterans Network, People with Disabilities Network, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Ally Alliance. Members of those groups can share their experiences and resources, organize events, empower each other.
  • The company also has a volunteering initiative, focused on having an impact on the environment, education, and community building.

Research strategy

The directory of GE global websites shows that while GE Monterrey has its own career page, it shares a website with other Latin American countries. The "careers" section of that website redirects to the global page with information on culture, diversity efforts, benefits, and others. From there, it's possible to choose the location and go to a career page specific to a certain city or region. Therefore, we concluded that diversity, benefits, interview and culture standards are the same across the whole company. GE themselves do not break them down by location.
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Hilton San Francisco

Hilton is a company that is highly involved in community investments. They often source local talent for their hotels and provide scholarships and programs locally. Their emphasis on diversity and other values has made them into one of the best companies to work for in the world and the absolute best place for women in the US to work. These points and more are discussed in greater detail below.

Careers Page

  • When the visitor first lands on the Hilton Careers page, they're greeted with a box to select their location. Once they select the country, such as the United States, they are brought to the homepage that contains a job search box and marketing material and information below it.
  • When the visitor searches for a job in their respective state, it takes them to a page that lists possible jobs in a format that is akin to most other job search websites.
  • Each job posting has a lot of detail on what the job is about. At the bottom, they discuss what Hilton is about and how that ties into the type of candidate that they are looking for.
  • On the Careers homepage, just below the job search box, is content that boasts of their accomplishments, including their #2 rank as the World's Best Workplace by Fortune and their #1 Best Company to Work rank.
  • The homepage also has a top menu bar which includes sections named Discover Hilton, Our Brands, Universities, US Military, and Areas of Talent.
  • Under the Discover Hilton section, they speak about employee benefits, company facts, diversity & inclusion, and opportunities for employees.
  • Visitors to the Discover Hilton section can watch videos of employees called Team Member Stories. Videos can also be found on the homepage.

Presence on Recruitment Sites

Employee Reviews

Workplace Awards and Accolades

Recruitment Strategies

  • When a visitor lands on the US homepage, they are greeted with a banner that speaks on them being the World's Best Hospitality Company. This banner is surrounded by pictures of people and places from many backgrounds.
  • At the top of the page, they target two key demographics: University students and the Military/Veterans.
  • On the University pages, they put their programs in bold, which include internships.
  • At the very top of the "US Military" page is a banner photo of a family with one military member greeting and smiling with each other. As they are of people of color, this also shows their commitment to diversity.
  • They use targeted words such as "Operation" and "Mission" in the banner which would most likely catch the eye of service people and veterans.
  • Hilton has two different strategies for their Facebook and Linkedin pages.
  • On their Linkedin page, they make posts about everything Hilton. Their most recent post is about their accolade as one of Fortune's Magazine's top places to work.
  • They will also tie in recruiting strategies with special occasions. On Veterans Day they made a post about honoring veterans while unveiling a new plan to hire 25,000 veterans by 2025.
  • Their Facebook page is dedicated mostly to telling interesting stories by those who work at Hilton.
  • Each post has well-taken pictures with a quote by the subject of the story. These stories usually come with a link for additional information about a job, or a hashtag like #TeamHilton or #WeAreHilton.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Salesforce

Salesforce has a presence on several recruitment websites and job boards such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. Salesforce doesn't respond to negative or positive comments from employees at their Glassdoor and Indeed profile.

Overview of Career Page

  • The Salesforce career page is promoting the company benefits and perks related to financial, health, career growth, and employee benefits.
  • Their career page banner shows that they were named a 'great place to work' for 3 years in a row, including their employer awards, hiring process, and employee testimonials.
  • Salesforce career page has a specific page section that displays their employees' testimonials and success stories from several departments.
  • Salesforce's "competencies-based interviewing process is intended to help minimize unconscious bias while also making sure [they] hire people who will thrive in [the] environment. Steps will vary by team but typically include: recruiter phone screen, hiring manager interview, and a combination of technical screens, panel interviews, and team presentations."
  • They ask candidates to describe the type of projects they have worked on, the scale of those projects, what collaboration was involved as well as the outcome. They also want to know about the candidates passions outside of work, especially related to giving back to their communities.

Presence on Recruitment websites

Prevalence of Employee Review

  • Salesforce has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating based on over 5,700 reviews from current and past employees on their Glassdoor page. They also have 1,860 job posts in Glassdoor.
  • 256 out of 1,860 of their job openings in Glassdoor are in San Francisco Area.
  • Salesforce has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating based 550 employee reviews on their Indeed page, with 172 of the reviews coming from their San Francisco employees. They have a total of 731 jobs posted in Indeed, with 341 of the openings being in San Francisco.
  • After going through both Indeed and Glassdoor reviews, it was observed that Salesforce doesn't respond to negative or positive employee comments.

Awards or Accolades Received for Workplace or Culture:

  • #1 on the FORTUNE "World's Best Workplaces"
  • #2 on the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For®” 2019 List
  • LinkedIn Top Companies — Where the U.S. Wants To Work Now
  • Glassdoor Best Places To Work — Employees' Choice
  • Indeed's Top-Rated Workplaces: The 50 Best
  • #1 Best Place To Work in Europe — Great Place to Work
  • #1 People's 50 Companies that Care.

Overview of Recruitment Marketing

  • Salesforce is using employee spotlights as their recruitment marketing strategy. They also feature employee testimonies.
  • Salesforce also has a 2-minute video that promotes the company's work culture, diversity, and inclusion.

Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives

  • Salesforce is committed to workforce development through a set of diverse programs dedicated to training and hiring employees. These efforts, all of which stress equality for all, include university recruitment, computer science curriculum in K-12 schools, training for veterans and their spouses, and an interactive learning platform for technology skills.
  • Salesforce is investing in school districts and providing STEM curriculum to ensure everyone has access to quality education.
  • Salesforce hires interns and university graduates across the globe for all of their different business segments.

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Employee Brand and Recruitment-Softvision

Softvision's Cluj-Napoca studio invests heavily in its recruiting across its website and social media pages. Additionally, the company posts its job ads across different job boards, including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed. It is considered to be one of Romania's top technology-focused employers

Career page

  • Softvision's career website shares a multitude of information regarding the company and the benefits of working for Softvision. The opening line on Softvision's career page is: "Want to create an impactful end to end digital products and solutions? Join Cognizant Softvision’s more than 2,800 product, design and engineering professionals working for top brands across the globe. We have opportunities in 20 cities across 11 countries."
  • The company has six core values regarding recruiting: agility as a mindset ("Agility is in our DNA, we transform as we perform"), better together ("We believe that teams are the backbone of our culture’s ecosystem and collaboration between peers should always be something to defend and nurture"), inspire people ("Our people are our most powerful force"), listen and share ("Communication is key"), make an impact ("How can I make this better?"), and make it happen ("Surpassing ordinary standards is what we strive for in every product we create and every service we design").
  • They display a large range of technology disciplines included in their business model, separated into various specialized "guilds" that keep the company "at the cutting edge."
  • In individual job listings, the company outlines the following as perks of joining Softvision: compensation of technical conferences/events participation, annual bonuses, free English classes, cozy kitchen with fresh fruits and cool snacks, gym and shower in the office, and corporate celebrations and fun activities.
  • Cluj Napoca is the original and largest global location of Softvision, surrounded by "11 tech universities," making it a prime location for IT career advancement and a central involvement with the company.

Recruitment websites

  • Softvision has a rating of 3.7/5 based on 223 reviews on Glassdoor. 72% of reviewers would recommend working at Softvision to a friend while 82% approve of the CEO.
  • The company is currently advertising 161 different jobs on Glassdoor. However, the majority of the opportunities listed are located in the New York office and none of the listings are advertised specifically for the Cluj Napoca studio.
  • Softvision has an active LinkedIn profile with 39,559 followers, and it is currently advertising 151 jobs on LinkedIn. However, the majority of the opportunities listed are located in the New York office and none of the listings are advertised specifically for the Cluj Napoca studio.
  • There are 120 different job opportunities listed by Softvision on Monster. However, the majority of the opportunities listed are located in the New York office and none of the listings are advertised specifically for the Cluj Napoca studio.
  • There are 17 different job listings available on Indeed for Softvision's Cluj Napoca studio.
  • Directly listed on the Cluj Napoca section of the Softvision website, open career positions are listed, including "QA Python Automation," "Machine Learning Engineer," and "Android Engineer."
  • The Cluj Napoca studio has specific technology guilds where it offers careers in multiple fields of information technology, design, and engineering, including "Design and UX, Security, Enterprise Software, Full Stack Web, Mobile, Quality Engineering, Cloud and Devops, Big Data and Analytics, and Agile Transformation."

Job board reviews

Awards regarding workplace or culture

  • Softvision is considered to be one of Romania's top technology-focused employers according to European Union Business Review Awards.

Recruitment marketing

  • The company's main areas of focus when it comes to recruiting are as follows: competitive salary, flexible work-life balance, health coverage, ongoing training programs, and relocation opportunities.
  • On its website, Softvision features videos of its employees explaining what working for Softvision means to them. Featured are Eugenio Calamari, Guild Master for Design and UX, Rob McClanahan, Delivery Director for Enterprise Applications, and Shaun Walker, Partner and Application Lead.
  • When it comes to its Romanian studio, the company states the following: "We believe that the future European Cultural Capital in 2021 is an amazing place to live, build a career and make some friends. It’s a multicultural space with baroque architecture, great social and academic events and a real IT hub with a lot of opportunities."
  • The main selling points for the Romanian studio are the offerings of a pool, garden, and ping-pong and foosball tables.
  • On its Facebook page, the company showcases its many initiatives to recruit young professionals directly from universities. Softvision participated in Codecamp Romania and hosted an Introductory Course in Technical Support at the University in Cluj-Napoca.
  • Additionally, the company shares its initiatives from its office in Cluj-Napoca, including a chocolate fountain which the company procured for its employees to celebrate the national chocolate day in November.
  • Similarly to Facebook, the company posts a lot on Instagram about which conferences they attend when it comes to their recruiting in Romania.

Corporate Social Responsibility and recruitment initiatives

  • The company participated in a corporate social responsibility-focused race called the Wizz Air Cluj Napoca, which aimed to raise funds for children in Romania. 75 employees from the Cluj-Napoca studio took part in the race.
  • Softvision demonstrates a commitment to gender diversity with their "Women at Cognizant Softvision" page. They boast a 50% female leadership staff and a rate of 80% of female employees in "tech-related roles."
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Employee Brand and Recruitment-UPC Romania

UPC Romania does not promote its recruitment initiatives on any of its social media profiles, website, or job boards in any specific way. The company does not respond to negative reviews on job boards, and rarely uses the top job boards for hiring purposes. The company's career page does not provide any information regarding UPC Romania's benefits and perks, any information on diversity, interview process, employee testimonials or multimedia content.

UPC Romania's career webpage

  • The company's career page does not provide any information regarding UPC Romania's benefits and perks, any information on diversity, interview process, employee testimonials or multimedia content. The only sentence displayed on the career page is: "Find the ideal job! Register your candidate profile so you can turn your career aspirations into reality!" with the button to see the available job posts positioned below.
  • Individual job posts display the following information regarding diversity: "Our company offers equal opportunities to employees and those who wish to be employed within UPC, based on individual merit and employment needs, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, culture, community or country of origin, religion, orientation or sexual identity, family or civil status, sex, disability or age."
  • The only mention of company's values in the individual job posts is as follows: "If you are passionate about everything you do, enjoy every success and always look for innovative solutions, we are the right employer for you!"

Recruitment websites presence

  • The company is not displaying any job posts on Glassdoor. Its rating on Glassdoor is only 3.3/5 based on 93 reviews, with only 44% of the employees saying they would recommend the company as a future employer.
  • No job opportunities are displayed on LinkedIn while the company does have a fully viable LinkedIn profile with over 7,000 followers.
  • UPC Romania does not list its jobs on Monster or Indeed.
  • The company lists its job posts on the following job boards: Ejobs (EU-specific) and Hipo (Romanian job board).

Job boards presence

  • On Glassdoor, the company does not respond to neither positive nor negative reviews.
  • The same situation can be seen on Indeed. On this job board, the company has 12 reviews written by employees — however, UPC Romania hasn't responded to any of the reviews.

Awards regarding workplace or culture

Recruitment marketing

  • As already stated above, the company is not using recruitment marketing on its website at all. The only mention of the company recruiting new employees is on its career page, summed up in one sentence.
  • The company's Facebook page opens to a post about its job opportunities. In the ad, the following is outlined as an advantage of working for UPC Romania: working in a team of energetic and energetic professionals, professional development opportunities in a multinational company, flexible work schedule, commissions, meal vouchers, and medical subscription.
  • The company hasn't used its Twitter profile since 2017, and does not post about hiring or job opportunities on Instagram.

Corporate Social Responsibility and recruitment initiatives

  • While the company outlines several benefits to the employee program at UPC Romania, such as the advantages listed in its Facebook post or the diversity disclaimers in its individual job posts, it does not promote its recruitment initiatives on any of its social media profiles, website, or job boards in any specific way.

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