Diesel Market in Canada

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Diesel Fuel in Canada

The approximate total average use volume of diesel fuel in Canada is 15,142,857,142 L; diesel fuel's primary distribution points are bulk plants and cardlocks. The average annual throughputs of bulk plants and cardlocks are 6.396 billion L and 8,746,857,142 L, respectively. Calculations and full analysis are on this spreadsheet.


  • Statistics Canada indicates that net diesel fuel sales reached approximately C$18.02 billion in 2017. Statista reports that the average price for a gallon of diesel fuel was C$0.94 in May of this year, which rose to C$1.19 in July.
  • A Kent Group Ltd report on the Canadian petroleum industry’s downstream logistical infrastructure indicates that the endpoints of diesel distribution are bulk plants, cardlocks, and other commercial fuel facilities. Bulk plants support rural service stations, farm customers, rural home heating, commercial customers, industrial customers, aviation customers, marine customers, and resource customers. Cardlocks and other commercial fuel facilities support urban service stations, home comfort centers, and general commercial use.
  • The approximate total average annual use is 15,142,857,142 liters (L). The average annual throughput of bulk plants is 6.396 billion L. The average annual throughput of cardlocks and other commercial facilities is 8,746,857,142 L.



We began our investigation with an inquiry into all publicly available data concerning fuel use in Canada; such as, Canadian government databases, industry reports, and media sites. Though this avenue yielded worthwhile data, it did not provide information that would directly answer the question. However, the data that we uncovered allowed us to calculate the necessary information.

The total volume of use was calculated using data on the total sales of diesel fuel in Canada. We determined the total use volume by dividing total sales by the most recent average price for diesel: 18,020,000,000 / 1.19 = 15,142,857,142 L.

According to the data, the average throughput per facility for bulk plants is 13,000 cubic meters, which is roughly 13 million L. The total number of bulk plants in Canada is 492. We determined the total volume using these numbers: 13 x 492 = 6.396 billion L.

Though there were no data on the throughput of cardlock and other commercial facilities, we were able to calculate the answer using the data already available. We used the difference between the volume consumed by bulk plants and total volume produced divided by the number of cardlock and other commercial facilities. We assume that any differences in throughput between facilities are relatively minimal. 15,142,857,142 – 6,396,000,000 = 8,746,857,142 ; 8,746,857,142 / 1265 = 6,914,511

We determined the volume of each province using the average throughput by facility type multiplied by the number of facilities in each province. We determined the percentage by volume by dividing each province’s throughput by its total throughput by channel. An elaboration of these calculations is here.

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