Industry Groups and Contacts

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Industry Groups and Contacts

The details of six additional groups with a positive social impact mission and a budget of at least $2 million have been entered into rows 4-9 of the attached spreadsheet. Below is a summary of the findings.

Environmental Defense Fund

  • Aileen Nowlan is senior manager, EDF & business at Environmental Defense Fund. She leads the EDF business team to "identify, accelerate, and scale transformative environmental innovations".
  • Environmental Defense Fund expended $154 million on charitable services in 2018.
  • Their membership includes Walmart, Google, McDonald’s, AT&T, and CVS Health.

World Wildlife Fund

  • Terry Macko is senior vice president, marketing and communications at World Wildlife Fund.
  • World Wildlife Fund expended $273 million on charitable services in 2018.
  • Their membership includes Coca-Cola, Avon, and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Conservation International

Nature Conservancy

The Conservation Fund

  • Robin Murphy is senior vice president for marketing and communications at the Conservation Fund.
  • The Conservation Fund expended $170.086 million on real estate conservation programs in 2018.
  • Their membership includes Apple, Dell, UPS, and Wells Fargo.

Trust for Public Land

  • I Ling Thompson is senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Trust for Public Land.
  • Trust for Public Land expended $176.657 million on conservation services in 2018.
  • Their membership includes Metlife, Coca-Cola, Lyft, and Prudential.

Research Strategy

We have focused on environment-based organizations as outlined in our initial research. The emails that were not available on the websites of the organizations or in the public domain were found through Hunter and Snovio.