Industry 4.0: Nevada

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Level of Automation: Manufacturing in Nevada

On November 19, 2019, Reno hosted the first Nevada Manufacturing and Tech Forum heralded by the Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE). Over 100 participants attended the event discussing disruptions and innovations in "automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and cybersecurity." Regarding job loss to automation, NVIE Director Mark Anderson was quoted, "there might be the loss of jobs due to advancements in robotics and automation, (but for) every job lost, it is projected that another 1.7 new, higher-paying jobs requiring higher level skills will be created." During the conference, the following five key concepts were highlighted specific to addressing the manufacturing industry in Nevada: "1) Meet current and future industry needs in areas such as workforce development and operational effectiveness; 2) Network, share and collaborate, 3) Gather data that can be used to inform policymakers, 4) Develop industry-led training and education; and 5) Build a strong industry community and voice." Examples of these key concepts in action within Nevada are outlined below.

Workforce Development and Operational Effectiveness

There are several "regional forums of senior leaders in manufacturing throughout the state who are working toward enhancing the workforce pipeline for the industry." Among these are:

Networking and Collaboration

  • Increasing automation in cybersecurity can be key for a small manufacturer. "Small Manufacturers are big targets of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals are seeking your information including employee and customer records, banking and financial data, and access to larger networks."
  • The NVIE is a NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) member who can help connect Nevada manufacturers with key resources to assist.

Informing Policymakers

  • A Robotics Business Review report indicates that Nevada is among the most at-risk states for "potential losses of U.S. jobs from automation."
  • Given that Nevada is, most recently, a Blue (Democratic) state, these potential job losses become political fodder.
  • Voters tend to "vote Republican because of job-creation promises that might be difficult to keep in the face of technology."

Training and Education

Readying the state's workforce has facilitated the implementation of the 2018 Automation Technology Standards. This document was authored by the Nevada Department of Education in order to improve education standards in manufacturing. In part, these performance standards include:

Industry Community

  • Automation could mean the loss of jobs in Nevada, however industries working together can help to bridge the gap in employment.
  • "The construction industry has certainly become more high-tech and will continue to do so—jobs that were considered mostly manual labor even a decade ago are looking a lot more like engineering today—yet construction is still considered to be one of the industries least at risk for automation."

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Industry 4.0 Initiatives in Nevada

The GOED-led Industry 4.0 initiative, Nevada Manufacturing and Tech Forum by Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE), Daimler's Autonomous Technology Group, and Vital Systems' soldering robot are Industry 4.0 initiatives/programs in Nevada.

Overview of Industry 4.0 in Nevada

  • The state government of Nevada has fully embraced Industry 4.0 and is actively involved in promoting its development across the state.
  • The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) has formed a partnership with academic institutions, manufacturing companies, and other agencies of the state government to develop programs that would train highly skilled workers to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.
  • The Learn and Earn Advanced career Pathway (LEAP), a series of frameworks, are being developed through the GOED partnership to produce relevant qualifications and skills.
  • GOED offers Nevada’s Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada (WINN) funding to support the training of skilled workers for Nevada employers, including Industry 4.0 programs.
  • The WINN program is a partnership involving Nevada System of Higher Education, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation, and companies in Nevada.
  • The enabling environment provided by the state government is supported by several companies and organizations that are pioneering various Industry 4.0 initiatives.

GOED-Led Industry 4.0 Initiative

  • Through WINN, GOED has released over $3 million to the advanced manufacturing sector in strategic funding for skills and development in less than two years.
  • Through the Industry 4.0 initiative, Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and Western Nevada College (WNC), supported by some advanced manufacturers and GOED funding, have introduced "Industry 4.0 certifications that will be centered on advanced robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber security."
  • Companies involved in the initiative include Tesla, Panasonic North America, Clasen Quality Coatings, Faraday Future, and Click Bond Inc.
  • With the Northern Nevada Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, TMCC, WNC, and partner companies applied for WINN funding to provide scholarships for 290 students and purchase equipment for 4.0 training.
  • Reno Technology Academy at Multnomah University also received GOED funding of $1.1 million to develop Industry 4.0 certification training programs in Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) and offer scholarship grants to the first 25 Cybersecurity and 40 IoT students.
  • The GOED program is expected to position Nevada as the national leader for Industry 4.0 training and attract advanced manufacturing companies globally.

Nevada Manufacturing and Tech Forum

  • The Nevada Manufacturing and Tech Forum was launched by Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE) in November 2019 as a platform to promote industry forecast, planning, and building on Industry 4.0 disruptions.
  • NVIE is a partnership involving institutions of the Nevada System of Higher Education. It provides services for industry and manufacturers in Nevada and it is the official link of Nevada to the Manufacturing Extension Program National Network.
  • The Nevada Manufacturing and Tech Forum is focused on assisting Nevada industry players to take the lead in Industry 4.0 efforts and preparing Nevadans for jobs and careers in advanced manufacturing.
  • The forum was boosted by a $175,000 Impact Challenge Nevada grant awarded to NVIE by Google.
  • The Google Impact Challenge Nevada was set up to provide a grant funding of $1 million to five nonprofits in Nevada that are involved in creating economic growth opportunities through great ideas.

Autonomous Technology Group

  • Daimler introduced the Freightliner Inspiration Truck, the first road-approved autonomous truck, into Nevada highways in 2015.
  • The driver of a Freightliner Inspiration Truck can release the steering wheel.
  • The Freightliner Inspiration Truck was adapted for US highways through cooperation between Daimler's German and US engineers.
  • They applied the experience they gathered while working with the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 to the Freightliner Inspiration Truck.
  • The Freightliner Inspiration Truck and Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 are autonomous trucks that showcase Daimler's commitment to Industry 4.0 efforts.
  • As the pioneer in automated trucks, Daimler formed the Autonomous Technology Group in June 2019 as an initiative to highlight the significance of "highly automated driving for Daimler Trucks, the industry and society".
  • Daimler plans to work with clients that have automated driving business applications to develop the relevant technology, network, and infrastructure.

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Nevada: CNC Machine Shops and Factories

The information for 21 CNC machine shops and factories in Nevada have been provided in rows 4 -28, on the "Company Lists" tab of the attached spreadsheet. We provided the description of each company, some of which are CES Machine Products, CarWil, Burns Machinery and Fiber Laser Division just to mention a few.

1. Wright Metal Works LLC


3. PME Babbitt Bearings

  • PME Babbitt Bearings is a plant maintenance engineering recognized as the leader in repair and manufacture of babbit bearing and related components.
  • With regard to its manufacturing services, the firm offers CNC machining through its modern CNC equipment.
  • The firm is located in Minden, Nevada.
  • The official website is found here.

4. AMC Fabrication

  • AMC Fabrication is located in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 50 years of experience in precision machining, fabrication and certified welding.
  • In precision machining the firm undertakes CNC milling, CNC turning, saw cutting by using Axis precision milling machines and turning centers.
  • The official website is found here.

5. Chromalloy

  • Chromalloy is located in Carson City Nevada where it focuses on process capabilities such as engineering, coatings, machining and joining technology.
  • With regard to machining, the company undertakes milling, horizontal turning, grinding, CNC laser cutting, cooling hole drilling and shaping, CNC machining/milling/grinding/beltsand, electro discharge machining, grit blast and CNC waterjet machining.
  • The official website is found here.

6. Burns Machinery, Fiber Laser Division

  • The fiber laser division of Burns Machinery located in Minden, Nevada offers cutting technology that utilizes a wavelength that is dramatically shorter than CO2 units.
  • The firm also specializes in production CNC machining and sheet metal forming with the shop equipped with 14 CNC machines including 4 axis machining centers.
  • The official website is found here.


  • Parpro Nevada is a design solutions and manufacturing services with a mechanical engineering, metal works, integration and assembly.
  • Parpro specializes in precision CNC machining, milling and turning offering in precision machining service and capabilities to create custom manufactured parts utilizing the latest computer control equipment.
  • The official website is found here.

8. DomCast Metal Inc

  • DomCast Metal Inc is a vertically-integrated manufacturer in welded assemblies, wire forming, metal stamping, Solar Energy, Appliance, Commercial and Construction Equipment Market Segments.
  • Its core competencies include metal stamping and fabrication, welding (both resistance and robotic), CNC machining, electro-mechanical assembly and warehousing/distribution.
  • The firm has a location in Nevada and the official website is found here.

9. A&B Precision Metals

  • A&B Precision Metals Inc is located in Reno, Nevada and is a full service precision sheet metal fabrication facility.
  • The firm specializes in automated CNC punching, laser-cutting, CNC press brake forming, welding, spot welding, stud welding, turnkey assembly, machining & stamping and automated powder coating.
  • The official website is found here.

10. Owens Precision, Inc.

  • Owens Precision, Inc. has four decades in manufacturing services which allows them to meet increasing customer and industry demand.
  • The firm focuses in CNC precision milling and turning, CNC swiss-type machining, assembly, deburring and export control.
  • The firm is found in Carson City, Nevada and the official website is found here.

11. Tripp Enterprises

12. L&E Machine and Fabrication

13. Ventola Projects

  • The services offered by Ventola Projects is metal and acrylic fabrication at any stage of an installation or refurbishment including supports, guarding, frames, brackets, decorative effects which includes CNC and turning.
  • The firm operates in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The official website is found here.

14. Vineburg Machining

  • Vineburg Machining has a production facility in Carson City, Nevada, where it has more than seven 5-axis CNC machines that are using robotics to improve overall efficiency and sophistication of machining processes.
  • The firm has CNC mills capable of complex 5th axis machining from prototype work to regular production machining and CNC lathes used for all simple to complex parts.
  • The official website is found here.

15. Stride Manufacturing

  • Stride Manufacturing offers services from precision CNC machining, molding, packaging, product design, testing, finishing and inspection services and more.
  • The organization is based in Reno, Nevada, where it provides precision CNC machining.
  • The official website is found here.

16. BarEL LLC

  • BarEL LLC offers precision manufacturing which has machining and turning capabilities including CNC multi-axis (3, 4 and 5 axis).
  • The firm is based in North Las Vegas, Nevada and has more than 30 years of industry experience in the design and manufacture of precision machined metal parts.
  • The official website is found here.


  • ARMTECH is a very reputable CNC machine shop and a high quality source for consulting and custom design and manufacturing.
  • The firm has over 18 years of manufacturing experience in Las Vegas, Nevada with start to finish custom CNC programming, prototyping, and manufacturing.
  • The official website is found here.

18. B&J Inc

  • B&J, Inc. has been operating in Sparks, Nevada as a CNC machining, sheet metal, and powder coating manufacturing firm since 1972.
  • The organization offers extensive large-scale manufacturing abilities including production, precision manufacturing, quality control, raw materials storage, engineering and design assistance, plus inventory and shipping capabilities.
  • The official website is found here.

19. CarWil

  • CarWil began in 1997 in Winnemucca, Nevada where it offers customer design, fabrication, ultra tech abrasion-resistant piping and installations field services.
  • The organization uses CNC vertical mills, large bore CNC lathe, CNC press break in its fabrication facility where it works with stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel.
  • The official website is found here.

20. Ramsay & Son Inc

  • Ramsey & Son is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and offers prototype sheet metal, sheet metal fabrication, product assembly, design & engineering, conceptual rendering, quality control and warehouse & logistic.
  • The firm uses a CNC punch press and a CNC press brake.
  • The official website is found here.

21. CES Machine Products

  • CES Machine Products provides the highest level of service in quality CNC machining and is located in the State of Nevada.
  • CES has been machining precision parts for over 30 years with a reliable shop housing nearly 50 CNC machines.
  • The official website is found here.

Research Strategy:

We identified 21 CNC machine shops or factories with a presence in Nevada by conducting broad searches for companies, using Google Maps, reviewing job posts on sites such as Indeed, and using Thomas Register data platform. Job postings for CNC operators revealed to us companies that had CNC shops or factories which we zeroed in to provide this list. The information we provided in the spreadsheet for descriptions of the companies was obtained mainly from their websites.
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Nevada: AI and VR Companies

The information for 21 Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality companies in Nevada have been provided in rows 30-50 on the "Company Lists" tab of the attached spreadsheet. We provided the description of each company in that document. The companies are Orca Dental AI, Apex Officer, Brain2Bot, Chapter247, and others.

Selected Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Companies in Nevada

Research Strategy

We identified 21 Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality companies in Nevada by searching for companies in business directories such as Crunchbase, reviewing job sites such as Monster and Indeed, and checking on LinkedIn. These resources provided all of the data.
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Nevada: Additive Manufacturing

The twenty additive manufacturing companies in Nevada that we found are all listed in the attached spreadsheet. In that document, we also provided a description of each company. Below is a brief overview of some of those companies that we found.

Additive Manufacturing Companies in Nevada

  • The following research findings are the links to the websites for several of the additive manufacturing companies that we found.

Research Strategy

We identified 20 additive manufacturing companies with a presence in Nevada by conducting broad searches for companies, using Google Maps, checking on Linkedin, reviewing job posts on sites such as Indeed, and using business directories such as Crunchbase. The companies we provided are a mix of ones that develop technology for additive manufacturing and ones that manufacture products using additive manufacturing. The information we provided in the spreadsheet for descriptions of the companies came mainly from their websites, though we mentioned some insights from articles about those companies too.
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Nevada: IoT companies

Twenty IoT companies that manufacture or develop IoT technology or products in Nevada include NevadaNano, Switch, Breadware, Filament, Lincoln Electric, Clickbio and more. The full list is below and on the attached spreadsheet in rows 82-101.




  • Breadware is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and it creates IoT products for companies.
  • Its mission is to be a "trusted source to plan, build, and launch IoT products."


Lincoln Electric


  • Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Clickbio is a manufacturer of smart labware that allows scientists to integrate applications and advance science technology.


  • ShieldIO is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and its Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption which "enables encrypted search, compliance and uncompromised availability to an organization’s most critical data at scale."


  • Inn4Science is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and uses IoT to provide "blockchain-based solutions for optimization existing business processes as well as implementing unique startups ideas."

Gunner Technology

  • Gunner Technology is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and builds and hosts "full-stack mobile, web and IoT apps" for enterprises.

Talkin' Things

Stealth Grid

  • Stealth Grid creates cybersecurity products to create "authentication solutions for blockchain technology, quantum mesh networks, smart city platforms, M2M, data storage, and communications" that are based on IoT technologies.

SBT Alliance

  • SBT Alliance is made up of three companies based in Las Vegas, Nevada. These companies intend to redefine "how energy efficiency and IoT solutions are delivered to the market, deployed, and optimized by end-users" through smart lighting, advanced controls, and glued solutions.

Falcon Nano

  • Located in North Las Vegas, Falcon Nano is a startup company that has developed wireless technology that will provide improved "performance and battery life for Internet of Things (IoT) and drone systems."

Mobility eXchange

  • This is a company that has a location in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a mobile IoT company that provides purpose-built mobile devices for the healthcare industry.

Smart City Networks

  • Smart City Networks, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, develops IoT solutions for the event industry. It is the "nation’s most experienced and versatile provider of utilities, technology and telecommunications services for the meeting and convention industry."

BlackRidge Technology

  • Based in Reno, Nevada, BlackRidge Technology is a cybersecurity company that creates industrial IoT security solutions for enterprises and data centers.


  • MCoreLab is a software company headquartered in Reno, Nevada that developed an IoT server that has the "scalability to handle the rapidly increasing number of client connections."


  • Scadatec is a company based in Reno, Nevada that manufactures an IoT alarm dialer for Windows products.

Ghost Systems

  • This company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and has developed a proprietary technology that uses IoT to provide a trusted and private ecosystem for financial services, healthcare, governments, and enterprises.

Plasma Etch

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Nevada: Blockchain Companies

Blockchains, LLC, WaveAccess and RocketFuel are some blockchain companies located in the state of Nevada. 20 such companies have been added to rows 108-127 of the attached spreadsheet.

Selected Blockchain Companies in Nevada

  • Blockchains, LLC is a new company that studies the underlying technology behind blockchain to develop applications.
  • Filament offers "Blocklet", a mobility platform that delivers revenue automation through a secure vehicle data platform.
  • Figure is a home loan company using blockchain technology to originate, finance and sell home equity loans and lines of credit
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Nevada: Cybersecurity Companies

The information for 20 cybersecurity companies in Nevada have been provided in rows 136-160 on the “Company Lists” tab of the attached spreadsheet. They include Axiom Cyber Solutions, Sierra Cybersecurity, BlackRidge Technology, Ghost Systems, Vanguard Integrity Professionals, and others.

Selected Cybersecurity Companies in Nevada

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Nevada: Robotics & Automation Reps

Tim Hamilton, Jim Grieser, Matthew Robinson, Susanne Smith, Mia Skagen, Daniel (HB) Lee, Michael Phillips, Bob Christensen, David Barker, and Nathan M. are ten sales representatives who work in robotics & automation sales for companies in the state of Nevada. The details of these individuals are included below and in the attached spreadsheetSales Reps' tab.

Tim Hamilton

Jim Grieser

Matthew Robinson

Susanne Smith

Mia Skagen

Daniel (HB) Lee

Michael Phillips

Bob Christensen

David Barker, MS, MBA

Nathan M.

  • Nathan M. serves as the director of business at Open Control Systems Inc. His roles and responsibilities include "corporate affairs, sales, programming, and account management."
  • Nathan M. has five years and nine months of working experience at Open Control Systems Inc. and is currently based at Sparks, Nevada.

Research Methodology

Extensive search efforts did not uncover ten sales reps who work in robotics & automation sales for companies in the state of Nevada for various reasons. First, we discovered that the term sales reps is rarely used in the robotics & automation businesses we checked. Again, not all businesses use the term sales reps, which forced us to search for more terms used to refer to sales reps, especially in the electronics and engineering fields. On that note, we found out that most automation and engineering businesses use sales engineers instead of sales reps. We also found out that different companies assign their sales reps different roles and use different titles. Therefore, we had to search through all sales personnel of the companies we checked to unearth those with roles and responsibilities matching those of sales representatives.

To uncover the individuals listed above, we had to find examples of robotics & automation companies based in Nevada, including those that offer their services in Nevada. We used tools like Crunchbase, Owler, and profiling companies to identify the examples of robotics & automation companies in Nevada. Then, we checked the company profiles, whether they have identified any sales reps. If we found none, we proceeded to check the companies' LinkedIn pages, where we also had to study the responsibilities outlined under each title to identify individuals serving in these companies as sales reps. To find their email addresses, we relied on email hunting tools like and Rocket Reach, which returned email addresses that are at least 80% accurate.

Importantly, while we could not find many individuals in robotics & automation companies serving as sales representatives, we expanded our scope to include both the representatives working for robotics companies and automation companies. This way, we managed to find many individuals satisfying the sales representative's role despite using different titles, as seen above. Further, most of these businesses serve other businesses as opposed to serving customers, i.e., B2B (business-to-business) versus B2C (business-to-customer). The different business models deployed by these automation and robotics companies could be the reason why the title sales reps is not prevalent. Overall, the individuals identified above serve in the capacity of sales reps and work in robotics and automation companies in Nevada, and are included in the attached spreadsheetSales Reps' tab.
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Case Studies: Ransomware/Cybersecurity Attacks

Pitney Bowes, Southwire Co. LLC, and Boeing are 3 case studies of manufacturing companies that have suffered ransomware and cybersecurity attacks. These and other findings are outlined below.

Pitney Bowes Ransomware Attack

  • This October 2019, manufacturing company Pitney Bowes reported that it had suffered a ransomware cyberattack.
  • Pitney Bowes is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and manufactures mailing equipment.
  • The company's customer-facing online offerings and services have been rendered inaccessible due to system outages.
  • However, Pitney Bowes said that no client or employee data has been compromised in the attack.
  • The cyberattack came at a critical time for IRS tax filings in the US.
  • The company worked with USPS to mitigate the disruption to its businesses.
  • Bank Info Security reported that while Pitney Bowes did not say it will pay attackers, the company considered "all options to expedite this process".
  • Pitney Bowes also did not respond to inquiries whether it had cyberinsurance.
  • The company was able to restore most affected systems within 3 days of the ransomware attack.

Southwire Co. LLC Cybersecurity Attack

Boeing Production Ransomware Attack

Research Strategy

We have provided 3 case studies of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks on manufacturing companies across the US due to lack of similar cases specifically in the state of Nevada.

Our first strategy to find state-specific cases was to conduct a press search for ransomware/cybersecurity attacks on manufacturing companies in Nevada. Results did not show any relevant new or cases either for cybersecurity or ransomware attacks. Instead, we found news on cybersecurity forums, industry predictions, and broader media coverage on ransomware incidents outside Nevada. Next, we looked at cybersecurity news resources such as Bleeping Computers, MSSP Alert and others. We also found no results for relevant Nevada cases. Lastly, we looked at local news sources such as Northern Nevada Business View, Nevada Today, and Nevada While there were news of cybersecurity attacks in the state, these were focused on police departments, government websites, etc. and not specifically on manufacturing companies.

Therefore, we expanded our scope and gathered case studies of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks on manufacturing companies across the US, which we have outlined above.
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CTE + Signature Academy Programs: Nevada

Schools that offer CTE (career and technical education) programs in the U.S. state of Nevada include Pahranagat Valley High School, Dayton High School, Fernley High School, Smith Valley High School, Yerington High School, Mineral County High School, among others. Schools that offer Signature Academy programs include AACT Signature High School, Damonte Ranch Performing Arts Center (PAC), Galena STEM Academy, Hug Health Sciences Academy, McQueen Global Studies Academy, among others. We have compiled the information in the attached spreadsheet.

Schools Offering CTE and Signature Academy Programs

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Nevada Community Colleges

Brightwood College is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a total of 670 enrollees. The required information about the listed community colleges is contained in the attached spreadsheet.

Nevada Community Colleges


From Part 03
From Part 06
From Part 07
From Part 10
  • "Mailing equipment manufacturer Pitney Bowes says it has been hit by file-encrypting malware, disrupting customers' ability to use many services. But the firm says that no client data appears to have been compromised."
  • "The company, based in Stamford, Connecticut, offers a number of mailing and postage services, including manufacturing widely used postal meters and shipping software."
  • "But it says that as a result of the ransomware attack, many of its online offerings remain inaccessible, including customers' ability to access its postage supply web store as well as to automatically upload envelope-printing transactions from machines, which they typically do at least once every day and once daily after hours."
  • ""Presort services were impacted, but we are working with clients and the USPS to mitigate any business disruption," the company says."
  • "Pitney Bowes indicates all options are on the table, although it did not directly say that paying its attackers is one of the options it is considering. "Our technical team is working to restore the affected systems, and it is working closely with third-party consultants to address this matter," the company says."
  • "When asked if Pitney Bowes has cyber insurance, a spokeswoman told Information Security Media Group that the company doesn't have more information that it's currently prepared to release."
  • "The restoration of our meter refill system is now fully complete for clients in US and Canada. All clients, including SendPro C clients, can now connect to the meter refill system to add postage to their mailing and shipping devices."
  • "We continue to work on restoring all other systems and will provide updates."
  • "Pitney Bowes has suffered a RYUK ransomware attack that encrypted information on some systems and disrupted customer access to services, the shipping and e-commerce company disclosed on October 14."
  • "Among the Pitney Bowes applications impacted were postage meter users, though it sounds like most systems are now restored. According to an October 17 update from Pitney Bowes"
  • "A cybersecurity incident has disrupted manufacturing and shipping at one of metro Atlanta's largest private companies."
  • "Carrollton-based wire manufacturer Southwire Co. LLC is still investigating the incident, which occurred early Monday. It began bringing critical systems back online Tuesday."
  • ""We immediately self-quarantined by shutting down the entire network," said Jason Pollard, vice president of Talent Acquisition and Communications."
  • ""The incident did cause some disruption in our ability to make and ship our products," he said in a company statement emailed to the Chronicle. The company asked employees on some shifts at affected locations Monday night not to report to work as the incident assessment continued, and employees whose roles and responsibilities allowed them to work from home were encouraged to do so."
  • "Asked by the Chronicle via email whether the incident had been reported to law enforcement, Pollard responded, "We are considering all avenues that may assist us with this investigation.""
  • "The company manufactures building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, utility products, portable and electronic cord products, OEM wire products and engineered products."
  • "Maze Ransomware operators claim responsibility for another cyber attack, this time against leading wire and cable manufacturer Southwire Company, LLC (Southwire) from Carrollton, Georgia."
  • "$6 million ransom The ransom demanded is 850 BTC, amounting to approximately $6 million. As customary in the case of Maze Ransomware, the ransom note also says that company data has also been exfiltrated, ready to be published if the ransom is not paid."
  • "The company's IT staff started getting affected systems back online one day later according to an Atlanta Business Chronicle report. Southwire's website is still down at the time this article was published."
  • "BleepingComputer also reached out to Southwire for additional details regarding the attack but had not heard back at the time of this publication. This article will be updated with updated info when a response is received."
  • "A Boeing production plant in Charleston, South Carolina was hit by the WannaCry ransomwear cyberattack on Wednesday, according to a report from the Seattle Times. "
  • "“It is metastasizing rapidly out of North Charleston and I just heard 777 (automated spar assembly tools) may have gone down,” reads VanderWel’s memo, according to the Seattle Times. "
  • "The company worries the virus may hit equipment used in functional airplane tests, which could lead to it spreading to airplane software."
  • "For example, in March 2018, Boeing was hit with a suspected WannaCry attack. Boeing claimed it did little damage, affecting only a few production machines. "
  • "The company was able to stop the attack and bring the affected systems back to full functionality quickly."
  • "A key reason why Boeing was able to recover so quickly was that patches for the vulnerabilities that WannaCry exploits were readily available. owever, the patches were not in place before the attack – which goes some way to explaining why WannaCry can still do damage after all this time. "
  • "“We’ve done a final assessment,” said Linda Mills, the head of communications for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “The vulnerability was limited to a few machines. "
  • "We deployed software patches. There was no interruption to the 777 jet program or any of our programs.”"
  • "“Our cybersecurity operations center detected a limited intrusion of malware that affected a small number of systems,” it said. “Remediations were applied and this is not a production and delivery issue.”"
  • "“To the best of our knowledge,” she said, the crisis is over and the attack did no significant damage."
  • "While the City of Sparks can delegate the responsibility of cybersecurity monitoring, we retain accountability for security and strategy."