Individuals that Create and Tailor Content About Success

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Individuals that Create and Tailor Content About Success

We selected the following 5 individuals in the United States that currently create and tailor content around the definition and path to success for entrepreneurs, especially towards those who are women: Holly Reisem Hanna, Renae Christine, Suzi Whitford, Victoria Colligan, and Elisa Camahort.

1. Holly Reisem Hanna

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    • Her website offers work-at-home jobs offers, advice for quitting the job, advice to become a freelancer, work-at-home ideas, and how to make extra money.
    • In her blog, she has articles on how she became an entrepreneur, how a woman with family and kids can become an entrepreneur as she did, especially being a blogger.
    • She is mentioned as one of the top bloggers in the entrepreneur field aimed at women, where she spread the word about the home-based businesses, and empowers women to balance life on their own terms. The content is motivational and provides straightforward and actionable steps that can be put into practice.
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2: Renae Christine

3. Suzi Whitford

4. Victoria Colligan

5. Elisa Camahort

Research Strategy:

We started the research looking for content especially aimed for women entrepreneurs and found many blogs and books. We selected those whose authors are award winners, or are mentioned in several publications, share their own case of success to inspire their followers, or are renowned in the entrepreneurship field. Almost all the selected individuals have written books, as we detailed in the insights, and some are even top sellers in Amazon, like Renae Christine. Many of them have mentions in news publications like the New York Times or Forbes.
We also ensured that they are known for their importance in the field of entrepreneurship, not just for the success of their business.
All the selected individuals have remarkable, very well-built websites where they share their own story, their business, their tips and advice for success, and where people can follow them through a subscription, or keep up with their events and news.
We also included some sources published before 2017 because we want to show the big break these individuals experienced, as well as the exact moment they became successful in the entrepreneurship field.
We believe these sources, despite their older date, will help demonstrate the career path of the individuals we selected. We also included very recent sources that prove each individual's active success, in addition to their individual importance.

  • "Although the source is from 2013, it shows when the blog was named by the magazine and why."