Increase Business Productivity with Office 365

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Increase Business Productivity with Office 365

With nearly 70 million active users, Office 365 represents about 6% of its total of 1.2 billion Office users. It is estimated that around 20% of corporate employees use an Office 365 cloud service. With 79.1% of organizations possessing at least 100 users, OneDrive for Business has the highest penetration rate. These statistical findings stand as pieces of evidence for the widespread adoption of Office 365. Consequently, it becomes imperative to understand ways of increasing business productivity with Office 365. You can improve the overall productivity of your business in the long run by following these below-mentioned ten tips.

Tip 1- leverage the new AI features in word

You can enhance business productivity with the new AI-enabled MS Word. MS Word has witnessed several upgrades including the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) features being added to enable you to increase your productivity by letting you focus on your writing. According to this new AI feature, MS Word would allow you to input/type a to-do item, such as "TODO: improve this paragraph,". AI-enabled MS Word would then recognize and track such kind of commands/items for you so that when you open the document again, you will be able to view a list of the remaining to-dos. You can click each one to navigate to the place in the document where the to-do item was added. A built-in collaboration tool is also available with this AI feature. If you @mention someone within a to-do item, MS Word will notify that individual with a link to the relevant spot in the document via an email.

Tip 2- capitalize on the ML and NLP-based editor in PowerPoint

You can further increase business productivity with Office 365 by using the newly-launched editor in PowerPoint. With the help of natural language processing and machine learning, this editor offers an intelligent editing and proof-reading service. In addition to this, the editor in PowerPoint will give you recommendations for your writing. Say, for example, the editor will highlight and offer suggestions to you to fix incorrect grammar and awkward word choices. In addition to this, it will also offer assistance on conciseness and clarity.

Tip 3- make the most of the updated Microsoft Teams app

The updated MS Teams mobile app allows you to improve your business productivity with features such as the ability to search for colleagues within your organization and schedule meetings. In addition to this, you can set Quiet Hours to control push notifications so that you can focus on other activities.

Tip 4- benefit from the latest upgrades to the tasks feature in outlook

You can further enhance your business productivity with Office 365 by making use of the updated Tasks feature in Outlook on the web. This updated feature allows you to create a task. You need to just drag and drop an email into your Tasks pane. Furthermore, this updated Tasks feature will allow you to schedule a task in an easier way. You just need to drag it from the Tasks pane into your calendar. In addition to this, you will be able to easily access the tasks on the To-Do app as well as these tasks will also travel to the app.

Tip 5- maximize the advantage of the latest version of microsoft forms

Microsoft Forms will further increase your business productivity as it is now integrated with PowerPoint for Office 365 allowing you to insert surveys, quizzes, and forms within PowerPoint presentations to obtain audience feedback. The latest version of Microsoft Forms will provide a seamless way for trainers, speakers, and educators to interact and connect with respondents/participants.

Tip 6- put real-time co-authoring feature of office 365 to advantage

You can leverage real-time co-authoring to maximize your business productivity as it allows you and your team to edit documents at the same time, irrespective of the type and number of devices you and your team use. These cloud-based features save automatically. Office 365 supports mobility and flexible work styles, therefore, irrespective of the fact that you and your team members are working on multiple devices such as a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device, every change made will be synced in the document, automatically saved to the cloud, and made visible to the team.

Tip 7- more ways for signing in to Outlook on the web

You will be able to improve productivity with this feature because it will allow you flexibility in terms of providing you with alternative ways to sign-in to Outlook on the web. If you are someone with an Office 365 account who uses Outlook on the web, you will be able to sign-in to your work accounts through Outlook will redirect you from that page to your organization's sign-in page, which will be pre-populated with your email address for easier sign-in.

Tip 8- Use office customization tool

The productivity of the business also lies in the fact that how easily a new solution is being deployed at the premises. Therefore, in order to increase your business productivity, you should use the Office Customization Tool. The Office Customization tool uses a simple, intuitive, and web-based interface. This tool enables IT professionals to customize the deployment of Office 365 ProPlus and other Click-to-Run managed Office products.

Tip 9- Use Additional AI features by office 365

AI features such as facial detection to identify speakers in videos, speech-to-text and closed captions, and transcript search and time codes are available to all Office 365 Enterprise, Firstline Worker, and Education plans through Microsoft Stream. Availing these sophisticated AI features would not only help increase business productivity in the long run but facial detection features will also minimize the incidents of security breaches.

Tip 10- minimize downtime

You will automatically improve your business productivity if you are able to minimize the impact of downtime.
The most common causes of downtime could be cyber attacks or natural disasters or periods of time when you would like to work but cannot connect at the office owing to reasons such as air travel. But with Office 365, you can access all of your files from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.


To put the above mentioned tips in a nutshell,
  • Leverage AI-enabled MS Word
  • Capitalize on ML and NLP-based Editor in PowerPoint
  • Make the most of the updated MS Teams app
  • Benefit from the latest upgrades on the Tasks feature in Outlook
  • Capitalize on the latest version of Microsoft Forms which is integrated with PowerPoint
  • Leverage real-time co-authoring
  • Adopt more ways to sign in to Outlook on the web
  • Use Office Customization Tool
  • Use additional AI features
  • Minimize the impact of downtime

  • "It's estimated that one of every five corporate employees (20 percent) use an Office 365 cloud service. In fact, Office 365 has 70 million active users, representing about 6 percent of its total 1.2 billion office users."
  • "Microsoft Office 365 added several new capabilities to simplify common tasks in workflows to save time and increase productivity. Updates include AI integrations in Microsoft Word and smart editing capabilities in PowerPoint."
  • "In the previous 9 months, the percentage of enterprises with at least 100 users increased slightly from 87.3 to 91.4 percent. However, usage within enterprises grew over 320% as the percentage of employees using at least one Office 365 application more than tripled from 6.8 to 22.3 percent. "
  • "Analyzing usage of over 20,000 cloud services, we found that 58.4% of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Microsoft Office documents. If we use sensitive information (e.g. business plans, medical records, financial forecasts, etc.) as a proxy for business-critical data, it’s clear that the dominant platform for working with this information remains Microsoft Office."
  • "Broken down by individual application, OneDrive for Business has the highest penetration rate with 79.1% of organizations possessing at least 100 users. "