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AB InBev Employee Sentiment

While former employees acknowledge the great benefits that come with working at AB InBev, they complain about the poor work-life balance.


Although we were able to gather quantitative sentiments on websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, we weren't able to filter those reviews based on people who had worked there for more than 5 years. We proceeded to look for reviews using key terms like 'long-term.' To gather qualitative opinions, we searched through articles and blog posts concerning working at AB InBev, however, there was limited information. The few sources we found didn't mention how long the employees worked at the company.


Overall, they're rated 4 out of 5 stars on this platform. While some reviewers state that it's a great company to work for long-term, others complain of being laid off and 'lack of proper advancement.'


With over 900 reviews, they have a 3.2 rating on Glassdoor. Pros of working for the company include 'free beer' and an 'open work environment.' Multiple reviewers who worked there for more than 5 years complain about long hours and no work/life balance. One reviewer who has worked there for more than 10 years describes feeling like 'we are family.'


On Career Bliss, they have a 3.9 rating. Some condemn the 'political culture' in terms of advancement. Others applaud the great benefits. Reviewers on the website provide a rating for the different categories mentioned below:
-Who employees work for: 4 / 5
-Who they work with: 4 / 5
-Rewards received: 4 / 5
-Support provided to employees: 3 / 5
-Company culture: 3 / 5
-Growth opportunities: 2 / 5


This is a platform for women reviewers. AB InBev is rated 2.8 out of 5 based on a total of 40 reviews. Some segments include:
-Social Activities: 3.4
-Paid Time Off: 3.3 -Equal Opportunities for Women and Men: 3.1
-Management Opportunities for Women: 2.8
-Family Support: 2.5


An employee who worked at the company for 9 years references a drastic change in company culture due to the acquisition of the then Anheuser-Busch by 'Belgium-based InBev.' Former employees in different countries were interviewed by the Financial Times, there was no mention of their tenure. These executives and staff claim that the company is managed 'ferociously.' Some point out that this intensity can take its toll on the 'young graduates' who manage the company. A previous employee refers to the company as a 'revolving door,' alluding to the poor job security.


We were able to assemble qualitative and quantitative sentiments of AB InBev from long term employees. The biggest reason employees like working at AB Inbev is because of the great pay and the numerous benefits. However, almost all employees criticize the long hours and the harsh working environment created by the management.

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AB InBev EVP Campaigns North America

Between the years of 2014 and 2018 Anheuser Busch (AB InBev) has run ten employee value proposition (EVP) campaigns or made publicly acknowledged efforts. These are publicly marketed campaigns directed at current and future employees of AB. Employee-centric initiatives have been displayed in a number of ways by the company over the years. The most recent effort has been with a 2018 Super Bowl commercial where they feature employees as the heart of the company. Please read on for more information on AB EVP campaigns and efforts over the last five years.
In the year of 2014 AB InBev was publicly mentioned for its attention to employee communications. The company made sure that all facilities internationally had the ability to communicate with each other easily. One way this was done was to create easy to use branded templates. The company also started to use machine learning algorithms to directly target certain information to particular employees. The company went above and beyond to be sure that its internal communications and branding were clear to employees. Internal communications and branding are just as important as external marketing.
Good internal communications systems give employees clear purpose and drive, it empowers all employees and has been shown to create a better overall work environment. Being publicly acknowledged for these efforts shows that AB InBev values its employees and is doing its best to display that to them through the modification of these systems.
During this year a course at the Harvard School of Business covered AB InBev. The course talked about how AB InBev’s human capital strategy is in part how it has been able to achieve such success. It talked about the “Dream-People-Culture” platform that AB InBev uses to show employees that they are an employee focused company. One of AB InBev’s largest successes in the “Dream-People-Culture” is the use of it in their acquisition strategy. In this strategy they buy out companies that need changes in overall framework and management. They retain the employees of the area, they don’t disrupt the local employment scheme, and they hire form the community and promote from within the acquired business to restructure and rebrand.
This strategy has garnered a good deal of positive attention in North America and all over the world. AB InBev also published employees handbooks on the “Dream-People-Culture” movement to motivate employees to want to do better and to attract additional great employees to the ranks.
This year AB InBev started to push its employee training and continued learning experiences, as well as employee volunteering. AB InBev hosted an employee learning event at MIT for the global sales team in 2016. They also reported that much of the finance team had been studying through Wharton School of Business, they go on to talk about other university programs offered to employees in North America. The site also touts supporting an employee MBA program, management training, and recorded a total of 4.1 million employee training hours.
Also, during this year, AB InBev reported that it had been expanding employee volunteering programs. They also reported that 2.3 million bottles of drinking water had been donated and that 97,030 employees had volunteered 452,660 hours of time to various causes throughout the world. Both of these initiatives are focused on showing employees that their causes matter and that AB InBev wants them to further their education and careers.
In 2017 AB InBev won an Employer Brand Management Award, the award was a highly commended rating for “best communication of employer brand to the internal audience.” Since this was similar to an honorable mention there was no talk of what AB InBev had done to receive the commendation in the literature surrounding the award.
During this year the company also hosted a number of employee engagement events. They partnered up with MGN Events to show employees appreciation by giving them novel brand experiences outside the office. These events had the purpose of further engaging employees in the brand so they could be better acquainted with it, as well as showing employees appreciation for their hard work.
A campaign called We Are All Brewers" was launched for US employee recruitment in 2017. The campaign features a YouTube video that talks about how AB InBev works with employees to give them the career and things they want in life. They make allowances for training, lateral and horizontal career moves depending on employee needs. The main point the video gets across is that AB InBev is a flexible employer that will allow employees to live the lives that they want. They do this by talking about the fact that while they are a large corporation they are still focused on the individual and their needs.

The most public efforts made to show employee appreciation were made in a 2018 Super Bowl commercial where employees were showcased as the heart of AB InBev. In this advertisement a brewery in Cartersville, GA was featured. Employees, their stories, volunteerism and other efforts were shared with the world. There were two main purposes of the video, first, was to attract consumer attention by giving the consumer the ability to identify with AB InBev employees. The second was to show employees and potential employees that AB InBev cares and wants to do well by them.
Over the last five-year AB InBev has been changing the way that they display EVP. They have taken displays of EVP from internalized initiatives to make the job more attractive to full-blown public marketing campaigns through a Super Bowl ad and YouTube videos. This move shows that AB InBev is aware that attitudes toward branding and work environment are changing. AB InBev is finding ways to show employees and potential employees how they are best addressing these changes in order to keep and attract great employees that will keep the company going.
In order to show EVP to current and potential employees, AB InBev has moved from mostly internally focused initiatives and campaigns to extending these outside of AB InBev walls and integrating public relations. Over the years AB InBev has changed the way that they market themselves to current and potential employees to obtain and retain the best employees possible. Major initiatives over these years have increasingly focused on the importance of each individual employee in a number of ways. Beginning in 2014 with giving them better ways to communicate within the company, to publicly displaying actual employees and their individual stories on national television.

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AB InBev EVP Campaigns South America

Although we were unable to find any comprehensive employee value proposition campaign in South America in the last five years by AB InBev, we found that its employee value proposition message and strategy revolves around the fact that it develops leaders, helps employees hone their skills, provides clear path to growth to senior leadership positions, and that its employees are well rewarded. The company also cites the fact that it has won the award for the best place to work 3 years in a row in Peru while hunting for talent.


For this request, we interpreted an EVP campaign to be a well-thought-out, planned, and get potential employees excited about working for a company. The EVP campaign we had in mind is one similar to the "We Are All Brewers" campaign by AB InBev in the US to recruit top talent, not just any employment opportunity announcements.
However, although AB InBev have conducted some recruitment exercise in several South America countries, we were unable to find any comprehensive EVP campaign that AB InBev has done in South America in the last five years after an extensive search in both English and Spanish. We searched through media reports and industry reports for the last five years for any EVP campaign in South America. When we were unable to find any reference to such campaign in South America, we obtained a list of the countries in South America where AB InBev has a market presence and searched for such campaign in the company's country website and the local media of the country.
Although we were unable to find any such EVP campaign, we were able to find similar themes form its employee recruitment drives in the South American countries AB InBev is present that sheds some light on its strategy and message to attract talents. In particular, AB InBev's Global Management Trainee Program (MTP) sheds light on the company's message and strategy in South America, given that the MTP is widely publicized by the company in several South America countries such as Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Colombia.
In general, AB InBev doesn't struggle to find talents in South America and this may help explain why we were unable to find an EVP campaign in South America. For instance, the company had over a thousand applications for eight job vacancies in Peru. In fact, the company stated that it received over 94,000 applications for the 163 positions in the MTP program in 2015.


The company's employee value proposition strategy involves emphasizing the benefits of working with the company, while pointing to awards it has won as the best place for employees. For instance in Peru, it points out that an independent study of over 13,000 people found that it is the best place to work in the country.
For its MTP program adverts in South America, the company emphasizes that the 10 months rotating training is a paid position and that it gives graduates from the best business schools a chance to take up "challenging positions early on in their career".
The company emphasizes that the graduates from its training program are trained around the world using the "Methodology 70-20-10: 10% learning through training exercises, 20% through coaching and feedback from the boss, and 70% experience the job directly, since we consider that talent is formed in day-to-day basis." It also advertises the fact that applicants will get the chance to travel to different countries. For example, the company's advert for the 2017 MPT program emphasizes the fact that successful applicants will get the chance to travel to St Louis in the United States for the "Global Induction."
Furthermore, it emphasizes that it is searching for the best and most committed talent looking to work in the "world's largest brewer" as well as retaining such talent. The company's strategy also involves laying down a clear path of growth for successful applicants while advertising the position. For instance, it states that the MPT trainees will take up an entry-level management position upon completion of the ten-month training and the employee will be able to progress to a senior management role after 12-18 months.


To wrap up, the company's employee value proposition strategy and message are about emphasizing its global reach and appeal to employees, the competitive nature of its job offerings, the chance and path for growth it offers, its commitment to developing leaders in the industry and the fact its employees are well-rewarded.

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AB InBev EVP Campaigns Europe

AB InBev has initiated several innovative and aggressive EVP campaigns to entice prospective employees, and develop a work culture that rewards long-term commitment and dedication to the company. Their four main tactics include a variety of intensive training programs, the promise of a merit-based work culture that prizes passion and drive, interactive recruitment and brand campaigns, and social media campaigns.


According to their website, AB InBev offers focused and intensive training programs for MBA and university graduates. They entice prospective employees by emphasizing their role and responsibility in "recruit[ing] and develop[ing] future leaders". Their two most competitive programs are: a 10-month rotational Global Management Trainee Program which aims to "expose university graduates to different areas of our business and our top leaders"; and, a 1-year Global MBA Program, which aims to incentivize MBAs by hiring them into potential long-term opportunities. The company boasts over 200 graduates in the GMT program, and 46 in the GMBA, as well as an 86% employee engagement index, and an average of 30 training hours per full time employee. These statistics add to the company's credibility and dedication in training competent employees with promising futures.

The company also offers a variety of other training programs for alternative positions, including Global Managemnet Trainee Program, Market Visionaries Programme, Supply Management Trainee Programme, Fast-Track Apprenticeship, Internship. The scope and potential for upward mobility available in this variety may appear appealing to prospective job hunters from different employment backgrounds and levels of experience. Through its training programs, AB InBev demonstrates a commitment to nurturing an entire generation of potentially long-term employees and leaders.


A point that was reiterated throughout various sources was AB InBev's commitment to setting ambitious goals for its new employees, and expecting nothing less than excellence and success from them. According to one long-term employee, "over a third of all executive time" consisted of "talent management". This stands as testament to the company's commitment to fostering the best and brightest future leaders. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on "uncommonly large jobs and aggressive targets" given to relatively new employees. New recruits are expected to embrace these challenges, but are also provided with adequate couching and guidance to help them succeed. Part of the company's approach lies in playing to the competitiveness and ambition of new recruits while weeding out those who appear intimidated.

Generating "mini-founder opportunities" is an example of mentoring that promotes leadership experiences and growth in new recruits. The investment in recruiting, promoting, and mentoring new recruits appears to be the most successful way to foster dedicated long-term employees. The company also states that it expects employees to develop international careers, and emphasizes that while competence matters, "passion, resilience, and drive" are the key qualities that make employees fit the company's culture. This contributes to AB InBev's incentivization for the most ambitious prospective employees.


In recent years, the company has focused on their employer branding and advertising via digital videos featuring current employees, who discuss their experience working with the company. The emphasis on employer branding is used to "showcase [the company's] unique culture and values, championed by their people". AB InBev even won a RAD award for its interactive recruitment video, "A Taste of AB in Bev," which served as an "interactive storytelling platform". The video is filmed in the first person, allowing viewers to experience the culture of the company as though they are there first-hand. This approach gives the viewer a sense of agency and, according to RAPT, allows the viewer to embrace a leadership role by "selecting the right choices in a series of scenario-based interactions".


In conjunction with interactive recruiting, AB InBev focused heavily on its social media outreach through campaigns like 'Make It Yours', which featured the company's most successful new recruits. The company created #ABIUnbottled, an online social media competition through which employees would share "inspiring work moments". By using the hashtag function via LinkedIn, Facebook, Canvas, and Twitter, the company's newly formed editorial council was able to develop social media content that serves to educate prospective employees on the company and its work culture.


AB InBev has been praised for its innovative approaches to recruitment. By taking responsibility for training new employees via intensive training programs, promising a competitive and merit-based work environment, and investing in branding, interactive recruiting and social media, the company has taken important strides in effective EVP. The company's focus on a work culture that thrives on ambition, passion, and dedication permeates these EVP efforts, setting a high standard and inspiring prospective employees to join their team.

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AB InBev EVP Campaigns , South Africa

One of the EVP campaigns that AB InBev has initiated in South Africa in the past five years is to create jobs through an Entrepreneurship Campaign. This entrepreneurship campaign covers programs that support agriculture and farmers. One of the strategies for this campaign is to target young people aged 18-35, to begin their business through funding and support, in order to address youth unemployment in South Africa. Ab InBev and SAB have committed themselves to establishing thriving hops, maize, barley, and malt industries in South Africa, in hopes that this will strengthen job creation and rural employment opportunities. AB InBev's goal is to help South Africa become a net exporter of malt and hops by the year 2021, by aiding and accelerating the development of emerging farmers.


The SAB (South African Breweries) company was founded in 1895. SAB became South Africa’s premier brewer. Over 120 years, SAB flourished and became the birthplace of the global SAB Miller. In 2016, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) merged with SAB Miller. Now SAB is the South African business of AB InBev family following the combination between SAB Miller and AB InBev in 2016. As a result of this merger, AB InBev now has operations in almost every major beer market. Headquartered in Johannesburg, SAB is committed to support local farmers and invest in local suppliers. They have 7 breweries with an annual brewing capacity of 3.1 billion liters. Some of their most popular brands of beer are Corona, Stella Artois, Castle Lager, and Redd's Premium Cider, just to name a few.


SAB Miller, now owned by AB InBev, announced plans to invest in two new production lines in South Africa. They estimated that they will need at least 100 people to run those planned production lines, in response to losing a higher number of employees than expected after the takeover. AB InBev lost about 378 managers that were employed by SAB Miller, after the takeover. Most of the managers left the company through a severance package that was offered to help with the company's global cost-cutting plan.


After the multi-billion dollar merger between SAB and AB InBev in 2016, AB InBev accepted the challenge of bringing small-scale farmers into the supply chain. In order to help them achieve this, AB InBev has said they will bring in 800 new small-scale farmers to become part of their production of beet inputs. SAB announced that they are committed to the creation of 10,000 jobs in South Africa through their entrepreneurship campaign by 2021. The commitment is well above and beyond the Public Interest Commitments that were agreed to last year during the AB InBev takeover of SAB Miller.


Ricardo Tadeu, Zone President for AB InBev Africa said: "We are committed to making a substantial contribution towards South Africa's national agenda of growing the economy through creating jobs and reducing unemployment, particularly among youth."

Strategies FOR THE Entrepreneurship CAMPAIGN

The entrepreneurship program will cover SAB's supply chain and include agriculture programs that will support emerging farmers. This program includes four main strategies. The four strategy components are named SAB Kickstart, SAB Foundation, SAB Thrive, and SAB Accelerator.
SAB Kickstart — This program targets young people age 18-35 years old. It provides new entrepreneurs with a solid foundation to begin building their business with support as well as funding. This program was developed to help address the situation of youth unemployment in South Africa.

SAB Foundation — Is an independent trust that was founded for the purpose of being able to benefit historically disadvantaged individuals or communities, mainly through entrepreneurial development in South Africa. This foundation supports a culture of entrepreneurship.

SAB Thrive and SAB Accelerator — Thrive and Accelerator are supplier development programs. These programs aim to help create both an inclusive and a diversified supply chain. They plan to do this by supporting the growth as well as the creation of black-owned suppliers through funding and support of business development.

SAB and AB InBev Africa have committed themselves to establish thriving barley, hops, malt, and maize industries in South Africa. They believe that this will strengthen both rural employment and job creation and help accelerate the development of new, emerging farmers. This commitment is believed to be able to help support the South African market enough to become a net exporter of hops and malt by 2021.


AB InBev found one of the biggest challenges to having a successful EVP campaign was engaging all levels of the company with the values of the EVP, when the company is operated in different countries, different languages, as well as different blue and white collar functions. The solution they found was to develop an engagement process that was targeted and localized while at the same time blending push and pull tactics that were relevant to their audience.

Stage one for AB InBev was to find a way to get the staff involved. What they did was they involved their staff in a series of fun photo shoots. This allowed their staff to express how their own day-to-day behaviors were linked to their specific brand principles and their business objectives at some of their key breweries. Then a combination of portraits, large format installations, and other detailed pieces of communication, were executed on-site in French and Flemish.

AB InBev employees an EVP manager to assist with a successful EVP campaign. Some of the EVP manager's duties include building the identity of AB InBev Africa, drive the EVP strategy in the particular zone, manage the employer branding as well as the digital content strategy for AB InBev in the Africa zone to aid with talent attraction. The EVP manager is also responsible for management of career websites for ABI Africa that enhance digital marketing, as well as the social media presence, leveraging new technologies, and developing the zone onboarding programs. This position is also charged with aligning the zonal and global strategies in order to build the brand's equity in Africa. The EVP manager also acts as a strategic adviser to business partners in the zone.


Before the merger of SAB Miller and AB InBev, SAB Miller was heavily focused on helping small-scale, local farmers become part of their supply chain. After the merger, SAB, with the help of their new owner AB InBev, is now able to commit to better their zone in South Africa by helping with job creation and rural development. One of the ways they are doing this is by initiating their entrepreneurship campaigns and focusing on employee engagement.
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AB InBev EVP Campaigns India

AB InBev held two main employee value proposition (EVP) campaigns in India during the past five years: the Global Management Trainee Program and the Global MBA Program.

These internship programs were strategically formulated to get their participants to improve their leadership skills, be challenged and encouraged by hands-on assignments that taught them about Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain organization, network, develop valuable tools within their area of focus, and kick-start their careers in AB InBev.

The programs achieve this by immersing individuals in the company's vision, having them move geographically to the different locations where they operate to interact with top performing leaders, mentors, and supporters, and having participants complete specific projects within the different company functions that are to be evaluated by senior management who decide if the participants are to be offered full-time jobs (Global MBA Program) or prepare them for their first role (Global Management Trainee Program).

AB InBev's Employee Value Proposition campaigns are meant to deliver strong messages to their participants: that their opportunities to grow in the company are as big as their own ambition, and that their corporate success is attainable and will derive from how hard they work to deliver excellent results. The program promoters also want participants to know that the necessary tools for the brightest and most driven individuals to reach their full career potential will be offered to them by the company.

In addition to these internships, a number of hiring strategies were put in place by AB InBev in India during the last five years to attract talent and retain future company leaders. These were: summer internship and talent programs, online career portals, job portals, Campus Connect, head-hunting, employee referrals, and social and professional networking.

For reference, please review the listed campaigns in Divya Bhurangi's LinkedIn profile, who was in charge of Talent Attraction and Campus Hiring from September 2017 to March 2018.

Global Management Trainee Program

This intensive 10-month rotational training program immerses driven and high-achieving university graduates in the company's vision and strategy by getting them involved in many functional areas of the company.


The Global Management Trainee Program is designed to provide a cross-functional understanding of AB InBev's business by encouraging participants' leadership skills and setting them up for rapid career growth.


Participants travel and work from the different brewery locations and offices, interacting and networking with the company's most influential leaders, mentors and supporters. They learn about Marketing, Supply Chain organization and Sales by partaking in hands-on assignments. Some entry-level positions that program graduates take on can be district sales manager, group manager, and brand associate, to name a few.

Global MBA Program

Unlike the Global Management Trainee Program, the Global MBA Program is designed as an entry to AB InBev. It is a 1-year-long program in which recent, high-potential MBA graduates are given the chance to learn and quickly grow in their chosen career paths. It is meant to hire talent with the long-term potential to develop within different geographical and functional areas in the company.

They also offer a reduced, 10 to 12-week summer internship versions of the program.


This program is designed to provide participants with a kick start to an exciting career path in AB InBev, sending the message that opportunities for growth and movement within the company are as attainable as their ambition and performance allows.


The program involves having participants travel to the company's offices in New York to network and learn from high-level executives, go in two "Deep Dives" across the locations where AB InBev operates to learn the ins and outs of different areas of the business such as Marketing, Sales, and Supply, as well as partake in an "Innovation Challenge" where their entrepreneurial drive is evaluated.

Through the Global MBA Program, participants that have their Capstone projects approved can take over roles like global finance manager, experiential marketing manager, and innovation manager, among others.


The two main EVP campaigns held by AB InBev in the past 5 years were the Global MBA Program and the Global Management Trainee Program. The first is designed for aspiring candidates and the latter is offered to entry-level newly hired employees.

Both internships were designed to ignite leadership skills in their participants, teach them the ins and outs of the business, challenge them, and encourage them as they grow within the company. The key message that they send out to participants is that AB InBev is an innovating and exciting place to work where they will be able to grow and develop their careers to full potential.

Other hiring strategies used by the company in the last 5 years were summer internship and talent programs, online job and career portals, Campus Connect, social and professional networking, head-hunting, and employee referrals.

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AB InBev EVP Campaigns Australia

As one of the world's largest beer companies, Ab InBev is involved in a variety of EVP campaigns in Europe and the United States, but this does not appear to be the case in Australia. Sources such as the company website, press releases, trusted media articles, reliable blogs, industry reports, and reports specific to advertising and marketing did not reveal any information on EVP campaigns in Australia. With this being the case, it is clear that these campaigns are absent in Australia. Despite this fact, our findings indicate that Ab InBev employs extensive marketing techniques to construct its image as a desirable workplace and ethical corporation.

In lieu of Australian EVP campaigns, I have decided instead to focus on these marketing tactics and company practices employed by Ab InBev, which may serve to elevate the company's image as a desirable employer and ethical corporation. Based on the sources provided, these tactics include social media campaigns that advertise a good image for the company, public showcasing of the company's success, effective responses to negative PR, and an active talent acquisition team.


Like its European counterpart, AB InBev Australia has capitalized on social media campaigns to widen its recruitment base and make the brand appear more appealing and socially responsible. Their campaign "How to drink properly" partnered up with Drinkwise to address inappropriate and excessive drinking behaviors in young adults. The company openly advertises its commitment to a better word via the reduction of greenhouse gases, improved water efficiency, and the implementation of technology that reduces natural gas use. These initiatives, which cater to a newer generation of environment-conscious young adults, improve the company's image and may consequently contribute to the perception of the AB InBev as a desirable workplace for a growing portion of people concerned with ethical consumption.


Through online media, AB InBev boasts its growth and success in the international market. The company lists its 1947 employees, a market share of 47%, and number 1 position on the market as "key facts" on its website. Ab InBev's annual report also boasts its 5.1% revenue growth, 191 global beer awards, and 500 brands worldwide in large, colorful font. The annual report praises the company's ambitious, passionate employees, emphasizing their teamwork and commitment. The images of smiling employees and outstanding financial statistics provide a positive image of AB InBev and may serve to incentivize employment at the company. AB InBev is transparent with its numbers and provides a public report on its quarterly revenue, profit, taxes, and other financial statistics on its website. This image of transparency further contributes to the company's positive employer branding.


As a large corporation, AB InBev has received considerable backlash from craft brewers and supporters of small businesses. The Brewer's Association launched the "Take Craft Back" campaign, accusing large companies such as AB InBev of trying to monopolize craft beer. The Brewer's Association also announced that it would try to buy out AB InBev by crowdsourcing $213 billion.

However, Ab InBev responded lightheartedly to this campaign and assured the press that Ab InBev would direct its focus on "giving back to communities" rather than engaging in squabbles with craft brewers. This again may reinforce Ab InBev's image as a benign corporation set on creating a better world through social and environmental outreach, which in turn may give prospective recruits the impression that the company is committed to fair treatment of its employees. IRi figures were also cited, indicating that the 10 craft breweries bought out by AB InBev have grown in popularity and sales volume by 26% as of their acquisition, showcasing the company's success once again.


At AB InBev Australia, an entire team is dedicated to talent acquisition, demonstrating the company's commitment to its employees. The talent manager, for example, is a registered Organizational Psychologist with qualifications in both psychology and marketing. This position specializes in facilitating employee engagement, succession planning, organizational reviews, appraisals, and retention management. The allocation of such a specialized role may be encouraging to prospective recruits, as someone is available to improve employee satisfaction via employee engagement. For those job seekers active on LinkedIn, viewing talent acquisition team member profiles may encourage them to join Ab InBev.


While Ab InBev's lacks EVP campaigns in Australia, sources indicate that considerable resources are funneled into marketing aimed at improving the company's public image as an ethical corporation, and advertising its international success. Furthermore, the allocation of an entire team to talent acquisition and management demonstrate the company's commitment to fostering new talent and retaining long-term employees. While these activities may primarily be aimed at improving the company's bottom line, they may serve a secondary function in incentivizing new recruits to join the company. By promoting a positive image that gives prospective recruits the impression that Ab InBev is a socially aware and environmentally-conscious company that cares about the personal growth and satisfaction of its employees, the company attracts a growing number of young adults who may otherwise be mistrustful of large corporations.
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AB InBev EVP Campaigns China

While there is no preexisting information to fully answer your question, we've used the available data to pull together related information of EVP campaigns that AB InBev has done in China. In 2016, Anheuser-Busch InBev APAC, a subsidiary of AB InBev operating in China, launched a 'Lunch & Learn' initiative to increase employee engagement and awareness.

Below, you will find an outline of our research methodology to better understand why the information you've requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our useful findings.


To get information on EVP campaigns that AB InBev has done in China, we started by searching press releases, media publications, and news articles for the requested information. No relevant information was found. We then searched AB InBev websites and official social media pages for publications or reports on any EVP campaign they have done. No information of such was available. We went further to check for employee engagement HR policies but was unable to locate any China-specific cases, no such information exists.

After exhaustive research, we concluded that the likely reasons for the non-availability of the requested information are either a lack of documented campaigns, or campaigns were not made available to the public domain probably due to internal organization policies.

However, we searched employee reviews from trusted sources for useful information related to this request. We have used the available information to pull together few useful findings.

useful findings

In 2016, Anheuser-Busch InBev APAC, a subsidiary of AB InBev operating in China, launched a 'Lunch & Learn' initiative to increase employee engagement and awareness. However, objectives and details of this program were not available.

As a result of limited available information for this request, we used a 2014 publication. Though beyond Wonder standards of two years, it contains related information. In the publication, AB InBev partnered with Pinstripe & Ochre House to maintain their top-level talent attraction, and high-quality employer brand initiatives and program. In the partnership, Pinstripe & Ochre House devised strategies like onsite recruiters fluent in the local languages of designated geographical locations such as the UK and Germany. They also identified with specific students in target schools to stave off competitors. The effect of their partnership resulted in AB InBev recruiting over 550 employees yearly, active recruitment coverage of key European region market. Also, AB InBev enjoys continuous consultancy on trends in the hiring industry.

In a 2017 employer brand management European awards, AB InBev bagged silver honors in the Best use of social media in the management or promotion of the employer brand category for their partnership with MSLGROUP UK to launch a social media campaign aimed at improving recruitment. The campaign was successful as the "AB InBev’s graduate career's website" saw a significant increase in traffic. They also got a worthy mention in the Best communication of the employer brand to the internal audience category.

Globally, AB InBev receives good reviews from employee rating website. Some positive ratings from Glassdoor are:
a. 401k matching with two weeks paid vacation to begin.
b. Good pay and benefits.
c. The retirement program and health care are good.

There were specific reviews from AB InBev Chinese employees on Indeed. Few of them are:
a. An Assistant Data Analyst said "I worked in the Shanghai office and everyone was friendly, welcoming, and willing to help when I was stuck. I was an intern for two months and they got me involved in anything I thought was interesting".
b. A Business Analyst & Data Modeler said "Very good place to learn how to do and how not to do a project.
Did not get any work-life balance. Almost worked 12 hours a day and super stringer timelines with not understandable or limited technology understanding business managers".
c. An HRBP Manager said "We recommend on never completely satisfied, so we improve ourselves every day in both result and working methodology. We suggest everyone become the owner of a company, so we fight for ultimate goal and help each other. Our culture and management style help to create a healthy and teamwork environment. As HRBP, we focus on internal and external factors with a business perspective. Teamwork between Sales and Functional teams are smooth and successful".

What employees reportedly enjoy:
a. Party time open.
b. Good working environment.
c. Good learning.
d. Free lunches.
c. Free beer.

AB InBev is also rated high in employee career, healthcare, and financial benefits.


To wrap up, information on EVP campaigns that AB InBev has done in China are largely unavailable. However, we were able to find helpful information related to the requested campaign. Notably, AB InBev's launch of 'Lunch & Learn' program to increase employee engagement and awareness.