Immersive Experiences

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Immersive Experience Publications

Five publications or news sources that regularly discuss immersive experiences are AVNetwork, CNET, Immerse, IBC, and Science Direct.


  • AV Network is an online provider of audiovisual news and digital trends.
  • In the last year, AVNetwork published at least 10 articles related to immersive experiences.


  • CNET is a provider of news, tech product reviews, and videos.
  • This company publishes various articles about immersive experiences each month.


  • Immerse is an online publisher that covers topics like artificial intelligence, technology, networked activism, nonfiction games, and others.
  • This site published several articles about immersive experiences in the last years.


  • The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is an influential event held each year for professionals engaged in electronic media. It is also a news and media provider.
  • Almost every month, IBC publishes many articles regarding immersive experiences.


  • ScienceDirect is a source of physical sciences, engineering, life sciences, health, and social sciences publications.
  • Each year, ScienceDirect publishes multiple articles related to immersive experiences.

Research Strategy:

To provide publications or news sources that regularly discuss immersive experiences, we searched through publications databases like the MIT Libraries, which helped us identify sources that have recently published articles regarding immersive experiences. We picked those publications that had multiple articles on the subject and were more focused on industry-related topics. Additionally, we avoid including those that were more focused on fashion or entertainment.